Table of Contents

preface 7

introduction 8




The Real Self 9

The False Self 10

Every Thought Is Powerful 12





I Am Free 15

I Am Sovereign 17

There Are No Victims 20

I Take Full Responsibility For My Life 23





Love Is What I Am 25

I Am The Extension Of The CreatorÕs Love

Into This World of Form 29

The CreatorÕs Desire Is That I Be Happy 31

I Love All Of Myself 33

I Am Either In Love Or In Fear 35

I Am Here To Bring Content

To The World Of Form 37

I Do Not Seek For Love 40





I Remain In The Present Moment 42

Past And Present Are Perfect 44

I Have Found. I Seek No More 46





All The World Is A Stage 49

No Seriousness Allowed 52

I Choose To Wake Up 54

My Habits Do Not Control Me 56

Thy Will Be Done 58

I Do Not Know What My Brother

Or Sister Needs 60

I Choose To Allow My Light To Shine 62





All Events Are Neutral 64

Forgiving Means Letting People Go 66

All Judgment Is Of Myself 69

My Issues Are Never Just Mine 71

I Need Do Nothing 73

I Choose To Be At Peace 75

I Allow, Rather Than Strive 77

I Live From My Heart 79

I Give From Fullness 82





Healing Has Already Occurred 84

Love Alone Heals 87

There Is No Failure 90

Guilt Is Always False 92

Fear Is Always False 94

Anger Is Fear That I Project 97

I Am Here To Celebrate 101

about the author 103





I am thankful for the grace that changed my mind. I have learned that thoughts matter most. Discovering my deepest thoughts and how they affect my life has been quite an adventure.
                  This book is dedicated to John Marc Hammer. He produced three wonderful series of tapes that inspired this book. From the Shanti Christo Foundation, these tapes are available. 
                  Many thanks to friends who offered feedback and support. For the cover design, I thank Beverly Allison and Sherry Hegedus.
                  To assist understanding basic mystical principles, this book was written. I explain them without the complexity that often accompanies esoteric texts.
                  May this small volume light your way as you discover what you truly are.



This books describes a reality that has been known for thousands of years. A joyous view of life, it is an antidote for suffering. Most peopleÕs reality is based on the idea that I am the body. Since it is subject to many kinds of problems, identifying as the body results in seeing a fearful world.
                  Another thought is possible. I am not the body, but something far greater. This thought results in the experience of a joyous world, a parallel reality that exists right here.
                  Shifting this basic thought requires undoing years of programming, so be patient with yourself. The author required several years of continuous reprogramming.
                  The ideas in this book need to be experienced as real, not just read and understood. Read them many times and be patient and persistent until inside you begin to feel their truth.



This book focuses on the question of who am I. A body-mind is what I believe I am. This is understandable, as it demands so much time and attention. However, this is not the real self. The body-mind is only a communication device.

The real self is a sparkling point of light. Invisible to the eyes, it is the greater part of myself. At times, it associates with physical bodies and discards them when no longer useful. Closely connected to the source of creation, the real self is a spark of the divine. Like a sunbeam to the sun or a wave to the ocean, it is an extension of the creatorÕs love.

From the perspective of the real self, most people suffer from amnesia. They invent new and often unhappy lives, having forgotten who and what they really are.

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