Nutritional Balancing & Hair Mineral Analysis (2010 edition)

Updated January 2019



Page 27.   Diet Changes.  DO NOT EAT SALMON, AND DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER.  The only recommended fish are 3-4 cans of sardines weekly, due to high mercury in all other fish.  The only recommended water is spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.  Distilled water is too yin and mineral-deficient.

Also, eat only up to 8 eggs per week for men and up to 6 eggs per week for women.

Also, limit meat to twice daily maximum, and servings should be only 4-5 ounces for adults.  Limit protein to twice daily, in general.

In addition, the diets have undergone major change.  For the most updated information, please read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, and Forbidden Food.

Page 47.  TMG or trimethylglycine.  Most adults can benefit from this supplement.  It is excellent to assist with toxic metal removal.  The dosage is 1000 mg daily for adult women, up to 3000 mg for adult men, and proportionately less for children.  Read about it on the website at Trimethylglycine and Methylation.

Page 92.  The section on Vitality is not updated.  For updated information, please see the article on the website entitled Vitality.

Page 138.  Degrees of fast oxidation.  A better method to assess this is to use the following criteria:

Ca/K >1.5 = Mild fast oxidizer

Ca/K 0.4-1.5 = Moderate fast oxidizer

Ca/K <0.4 = Extreme fast oxidizer

Page 140.  Definition of slow oxidation according to Dr. Paul Eck.  A better method of assessing mild, moderate and extreme slow oxidation is to use the following criteria:

Ca/K < 30 = Mild slow oxidizer

Ca/K 30-100 = Moderate slow oxidizer

Ca/K > 100 = Extreme slow oxidizer

Page 141.  In the paragraph entitled Mild, moderate and extreme mixed oxidation, remove the italicized words fast and slow from the formulas and they are otherwise fairly correct.

Page 142.  In the paragraph entitled The degree of balanced mixed oxidation, the mathematical formulas are not quite correct.  I prefer to use the simple methods described in the book.

Page 155.  Lead is not below calcium on the periodic table of the elements, but does replace it in the bones and perhaps elsewhere in the body.  

Page 207.  Ideal mineral levels.  Newer research has necessitated a few changes in these levels.  Please go to Mineral Levels in Human Hair for the new ideals, ranges, toxicity level and poor eliminator levels.

Page 244. Initial patterns: Remove Four Highs.

Calcium (Ca): Calcium shell is at 165 mg% for women and 155 mg% for men.

Phosphorus (P): Acceptable=13–16 mg%

high = above 16 mg%

low = 11-12 mg%

            Toxic metals:

Lead (Pb) = above 0.06 mg%

Mercury (Hg) = above 0.035 mg%

Arsenic (As) = above 0.008 mg%

Nickel (Ni) = above 0.019 mg%

Aluminum (Al) = above 0.04 mg%

Other Minerals:

              high chromium = above 0.012 mg%

            high cobalt = above 0.02 mg%

high molybdenum = above 0.02 mg%

high lithium = above 0.02 mg%

Page 245.  I cannot recommend using Trace Elements, Inc. for hair testing at this time.  The accuracy of the testing does not seem to be as good, lately.  Also, the graphs no longer list the ideal values and their computerized programs are not good enough.

Page 258. Sodium/potassium ratio chart.  The good range for the Na/K ratio is now 2.5 to about 4.  Greater than 4 is elevated.  Greater than 6 or so is definitely high.

Page 262. Double Inflammation or Double High Ratio Pattern.  Definition. It should say: a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 9.5 and a sodium/potassium ratio greater than about 6.

Page 279. Near the bottom.  At the bullet for Supplementation.  It should read “everyone with a low sodium/potassium ratio needs copper supplements”.

Pages 489 and 490. An additional cause for a four lows pattern is a baby or child may assist an adult who is in four lows by going into four lows themselves.  This is unusual, but appears to occur.

Page 503. Add: #6. Trimethylglycine.  The new dosage is 1000 mg daily for women and up to 3000 mg daily for men.

Page 504.  #3. Delete Ova-adren.   This product is no longer available.

Page 504.  For Severe depression.  Hi-B is no longer available and we do not use vitamin C any more.  Extra Megapan can be given and is helpful.

Page 505. For Copper toxicity.  We do not give taurine or ICMN any more.  ICMN is no longer available.

Also, for Alcoholism, do not give taurine.

Also, for Seizures, do not give taurine or ICMN.  These are not that helpful.

Also, for Pregnancy, always give one Megapan tablet if it is not already part of the program.  Give iron only if needed for anemia.

Also, for Insomnia, ICMN is no longer available.

Page 514, 515 and 516. The Roy Masters Exercise is now called the Pushing Down Mental Exercise.  It is the modified version.  For details on this change, please read The Pushing Down Exercise.

Page 518. Nutritional balancing programs can be combined with medical drug therapy, if needed.

Page 629. Nickel is found mainly in rooibos tea, also called red tea or rui tea.  It is a very toxic product.  Also, the ideal hair nickel level appears to be between 0.015 and 0.019 mg%.

Page 649. Applied Kinesiology.  The section does not make it clear that I do not recommend using applied kinesiology to set up nutrition programs.  It does not work well at all.



1. New sympathetic dominance indicator.  An additional indicator for sympathetic dominance pattern is a 3 highs or 4 highs pattern, along with an elevated sodium/potassium ratio.

2.  Poor eliminator pattern.  This is a very important new hair analysis pattern.  Very low toxic metal levels indicate that the body cannot eliminate the metal, and so it builds up inside the body.  This is explained in a new article on the website entitled Poor Eliminator Pattern.

3. Toxic potassium.  Important new topic.  Please read Toxic Potassium to learn about it.

4. New hair analysis patterns.  At least 20 new hair patterns have been found in the past few years.  To read about them, go to the Read Articles page and then scroll down to Hair Analysis Patterns.

5. The 7 System.  This is a very important concept.  To learn about it, please read The 7 System section of articles at WWW.DRLWILSON.COM.

6. Newer nutritional balancing procedures.  These are the Vaginal Coffee Implants, Kelp Wraps and Peroxide And Ozone Baths.

7. Page 263. Celebration, Or The Hill Pattern.  Newer research indicates that the criteria should be changed slightly to a calcium/magnesium ratio less than 4.5 and a sodium/potassium ratio greater than 4.5.

8. Page 24.  Add: Take baths only twice per week because more exposure to water in a bath will make the body too yin.

9. Additional topics. The following articles at WWW.DRLWILSON.COM are just a few of more than several hundred newer articles that discuss additional material:


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