by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is a newly discovered pattern for us (January 2020).  We have found one case of it, so far.  However, it is known in advanced acupuncture where it is called winding pattern.  Advanced acupunturists tell us it is an uncommon pattern.




Winding pattern is a visual retest pattern in which the first 8 or so mineral readings look like a sine wave or an S lying on its side.

There are two possible configurations:  Connecting the tops of the bar graphs on an ARL calibrated chart, the S shape can go down first (a high Ca/Mg ratio) and then go upward, and then go downward (such as a high manganese/zinc ratio).

The other possibility is that the S shape can go upward first (a low Ca/mg ratio) and then the graphs trend lower until the end goes upward (such as a low manganese/zinc ratio).

So far, we have only seen the first type of winding pattern.




            The case we reviewed also revealed an everything coming out pattern.  This is an excellent pattern.

Also, magnesium decreased sharply.  We think this indicates magnesium retention as the body replaced toxic metals with magnesium.

Also, the person retraced a criminal pattern – a keyhole pattern on the first four minerals.

The pattern is also a combination of a bowl on the first four numbers and a hill or close to a hill on the second four numbers.




            Winding pattern appears to be a trauma retracing pattern.  The body has to “wind around” a trauma in order to heal.  We believe it is a very positive pattern.

            In the case we reviewed, there was an intervention in which the person got back a guide creature.



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