By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Ann Wigmore lived in Boston, Massachusetts and spent the last part of her life promoting the system of eating known as raw food, vegetarian and vegan.  She also added the use of fermented wheat and eating a lot of sprouts of wheat, and other bean and seed sprouts.  She also heavily promoted the use of wheat grass juice for cancer, and the use of wheat grass juice enemas, as well.

I visited Ann Wigmore’s center in Boston and studied with her.  She helped many people improve their health, so I was interested in her methods.  The following are impressions I received of her work:


1. Fresh wheat grass juice. This is an excellent supplement in a dose of one to two ounces.  In general, I prefer carrot juice on a regular basis, as it is more yang, but wheat grass juice once or twice a week is good.  (Carrots are a root, which is more yang.  Wheat grass is a sprout, which is much more yin.)

2. The Optimal Health Institute.  Ann Wigmore’s work has been seriously distorted by the Optimal Health Institute in San Diego.  They say they are continuing her work, but they are giving much too much seaweed, for example, which gives people severe mercury poisoning.

3. The raw food, vegan diet.   This is very deficient and is best avoided by everyone.  Ann Wigmore, who supposedly followed her own advice, did not live too long.  This is my experience with most people who follow a strict vegetarian regimen.

4. Wheat grass enemas.  I do not recommend wheat grass enemas.  We prefer the coffee enemas, which are far more yang.  Coffee also has some very special properties that are not present in other substances such as wheat grass.  For more on this, please read Coffee Enemas on this site.

Wheat grass enemas are not needed with a nutritional balancing program, so far.  They are nourishing, and are okay once in a while, such as once a month, but not important.



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