By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

November 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            We are often asked why we include articles about controversial subjects on this website.  Some believe it only detracts from the otherwise scientific nutrition and health articles.  However, we also receive many positive comments about these articles.  They stimulate thought and can answer questions that have concerned some readers for years.

The unusual topics include souls, life support, the rogues, telepathy, teleportation, professional rape, yin and yang, development, down energy, down sex, the 7 system, the aura, the dantiens, etheric energy, angels, elves, fine matter bodies, the nature of space, and politics.

            These are included in a primarily health website to increase the awareness of readers about many subjects that are either not taught much on earth, or are not taught at all.

            The information comes from a number of years of reading widely, and from connecting with guides or Holy Spirit.  The latter sources very much want people to be aware that there is more knowledge than what is taught or presented in school, in the universities, on television, on the internet or elsewhere.




            The best attitude is to keep an open mind.  You can skip any articles that you find too unusual.

However, there is a unity to the material on this website.  That is, it fits together very nicely, you will see.  However, you will only understand this if you keep an open mind about it.

            For example, the presence of the rogues explains the very poor nutrition on planet earth and why the medical profession does not teach excellent nutrition to all their patients.

            The ether theory explains many phenomena about physics and space.

            The reality of the soul explains a lot about human, animal and plant behavior.

            Development is an ancient concept, but it is not taught to the public on earth.  Once you understand it, you can understand how nutritional balancing really works, why the diet and other parts of the programs are the way they are, and why they are effective.



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