by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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      I find it difficult to comprehend how nutritional balancing works so well.  One possible way is to view it from the perspective of IT or information technology.  This term is, to a degree, a more modern word for cybernetics.  The latter is defined as the science of communication and control in complex, self-regulating systems such as man and some of our modern machines.  Before beginning this discussion, I must introduce some modern radio concepts.




      Some readers know that some electrical devices use wires to transmit electrical impulses.  Examples are the telephone wires, loudspeaker wires, and the house wiring.  However, wires in a special arrangement can also function to transmit radio signals.  Here the wires are acting more like a wave guide.  The wires act more like a radio antenna, even though they look just like a set of wires in a telephone or other device, and they can be used in that way, as well.


What is a wave guide?  A wave guide is an enclosed metal tube, plastic optical tube, or other similar structure that will conduct radio, electrical or other types of waves along its length.  This is a rough definition, but will do for our purposes.


Coaxial cable or coax.  One example, that will be helpful to understand is called coaxial cable.  The name derives from the fact that it contains two conductors that have the same center or axis – hence the word co-axial.

To make the cable requires that one begin with a central wire, and around it is placed an insulator.  The insulator can be a vacuum, air, plastic, rubber or something else that does not conduct electricity.

A second wire is braided and wound around that insulator, and around that is often another insulator for protection from the elements such as water, or dirt. 

This configuration will conduct regular electricity.  However, it can also act as a conduit for radio waves, basically, and keeps them moving swiftly and cleanly through the cable to their destination.  So it looks similar to other cables and wires, but it does more than they do because it can also conduct radio or other types of waves along its length.




Advantages of coax.  This system offers many advantages:

1. It can transmit a tremendous amount of data – much more than regular wires.

2. Power losses are minimal because the signal stays inside the cable and does not propagate everywhere.

3. Distortion is also less because signal strength is maintained better.

4. It can be made flexible without losing its capabilities.

5. It is quite inexpensive to manufacture.

6. Many cables can be placed and tied together without mixing up the signals because the signals stay inside each cable. 

7. It does not fill the air with millions of stray electrical impulses, as do regular radio and microwave transmissions from satellites, television towers and radios.  As a result, coaxial cable is now used across the world to move data, voice, pictures and everything else from place to place.


You may ask, what does this have to do with nutritional balancing science?  The answer is - everything.




      What I have learned is that nutritional balancing works, in part, because the body uses the coaxial phenomenon described in the paragraphs above.  That is, our nerves are not simply like standard electrical wires with a conductor inside and an insulator outside.  This type of wire cannot transmit much data at all.

      Instead, scientists are discovering that our nerves operate much more like a fiber optic wave guide or cable, or the coaxial cable found in your cable TV setup.  This not only allows for the transmission of much more information, but it allows the nerves to be bundled together safely without any cross-transmission that would cause distortion of the signal or so-called noise on the line.

      In addition, our nerves propagate in many ways, on many frequencies, similar to what can be done in coaxial cables.  Coax can be made to operate in a wide range of frequencies.  A good description of all this is found at the Wikipedia page if you type in “coaxial cable”.  It is rather technical, but so is this technology, in fact.

      The reason this is important is that the entire system of coax in the body depends upon minerals.  We have found that restoring this coax system is a great secret of nutritional balancing, and it does not occur regularly by the use of medical drugs, holistic medical techniques, herbs, random vitamins and minerals, essential oils and other holistic methods.  However, for some reason, it does occur on a nutritional balancing program.

      This may also explain why there is a great improvement in brain functioning when a person follows a nutritional balancing program.  It is not simply correcting nutrient deficiencies in the brain, or simply the removal of toxic substances from the brain and spinal cord.  It is also the restoration of the wave guides or coaxial cable system of the brain.




      Nerve transmission depends upon many nutrients.  However, it is interesting that copper, an excellent conductor, is required to make the myelin sheath that coats our nerves.  We think of the myelin sheath as the insulator on the nerves.  However, if it contains and requires certain forms of copper, which it does, then perhaps it is a coaxial layer that surrounds the nerves or neurons, assisting with the wave guide phenomenon.


      This article will be expanded as we learn more about coaxial nerve transmission…



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