By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people, including me, have had to recover from the effects of following a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Here are some highlights of the journey of recovery.


1. Recovery can be slow.  How long recovery will take depends upon how long you followed a vegetarian diet, and how strictly you followed it.

The reason that time is required to recover is that vegetarian and especially vegan diets cause subtle nutritional deficiencies that are not possible to correct quickly.  There is no magic pill, herb or diet that will restore these nutrients quickly.  They must come from food, in many cases, and this takes some time.  So please relax during the recovery process.


2. You may feel worse, at times, as your body becomes more yang.  All vegetarian and vegan diets are more yin.  Recovery involves making the body a lot more yang. 

However, this tends to bring up old traumas and other issues that need healing.  This is not always pleasant.  There is a specific feeling when the body becomes more yang.  It feels like a heaviness.  It passes, but is often uncomfortable.


3. DonŐt listen to the vegetarian proponents.  This is a trap that can slow you down of stop your recovery.  My experience is they often lie to promote their cause.


4. Do not do fasting or any extreme diet.  Instead, follow the nutritional balancing diets.  Include red meat twice a week, and be sure it is lamb, not beef or other red meat such as bison or something else.  Also, do not eat just two meals a day.  Eat at least three meals daily with a variety of cooked vegetables at three meals daily.


5. The nutritional balancing supplements are needed, and the procedures are also often needed, or most helpful.  Otherwise, your recovery will be slow or not happen well.



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