By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

October 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Observations on several thousand clients are:


1. Mild cases of tuberculosis are somewhat common in the American and European population.  The people do not have obvious symptoms, and it is not visible on a chest x-ray.


2. Skin testing is variable.  According to the medical literature, skin tests will be positive even if a person was just exposed to tuberculosis.  This may be true, or perhaps the test is positive because the person has a mild case of the disease.


            3. The condition may be contagious.


            4. A complete nutritional balancing program will eliminate the disease.  This is much better than a long course of antibiotics, which makes the body much more toxic.

Complete elimination of tuberculosis may require up to 10 years on a nutritional balancing program, depending on how chronic and serious is the condition.


5. A common symptom when retracing tuberculosis with a nutritional balancing program is night sweats.  This is a classic symptom associated with tuberculosis.



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