by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This article concerns a cause of illness in America and around the world that is somewhat complex.  It is fatigue and other physical, mental and even spiritual illness due to incorrect belief systems.  This causes illness for many reasons. I will divide these reasons into physically-related reasons and spiritually-related reasons.




Direct harm.  This occurs because incorrect or better-stated, false attitudes or beliefs cause:

1. Bad decisions.  This can cause accidents, bad marriages, bad jobs, wrong college educations and so much more.  Bad decisions due to improper beliefs cause gambling debts, for instance and other family and home wrecking decisions.

2. Bad subliminal messages.  This means that a person with incorrect attitudes not only makes poorer decisions.  They also send out improper messages on a subtle level of body language, dress, gestures, facial expressions, nuances of speech, slips of speech and more.  This, too, reacts badly in one’s environment and causes one to attract the wrong men or women, to be denied good jobs and much more.


Indirect Harm.  This may include many smaller, but no less stressful events and situations, including:

1. Fatigue due to battling all of one’s poor decisions and subtle mixed messages and wrong messages one is sending out.

2. Stress to the adrenal, thyroid and all other body organs and systems due to the same cause.  This causes many vicious cycles, since as the body breaks down one’s cognitive abilities decline, causing more bad decisions and so on.

3. Psychological damage includes lowered elf-esteem, depression, anxiety and even panic attacks as the person realizes or comes to believe they can only fail and make poor decisions.  They do not realize the source of the problem is in their attitudes and beliefs.




1. The soul tires of the wrong attitude for other reasons.  These include but are not limited to such things as the strain on the mind to justify one’s behavior and reticence of the person to change at all.  This puts a severe strain that is often reflected in the hair analysis of  a person, for example.  Eventually it leads to the four low electrolyte pattern and death.

Whereas, if the beliefs and attitudes are in line with spiritual and moral truths, then the person’s life is easier and the soul can do so much more in a lifetime. This is actually the most important reason why attitudes and beliefs should be corrected. 

When the attitudes are too far off the mark, the person often gets cancer, heart attacks and other illnesses or fatal injuries that end the life prematurely.  This is all too common today and is a symptom of incorrect attitudes and beliefs in large measure, though it is certainly not the only reason for this problem.

This is unfortunate because it is largely a waste of the lifetime.  The purpose of life is to progress spiritually.  Often, poor attitudes and incorrect beliefs such as prejudices against whites, blacks, Hispanics and so on cause this terrible waste of a lifetime even if the person “achieves great things” in other areas of life. 

Now let us discuss some basic moral and spiritual truths to guide your life.  Some will be very familiar, though they are not popular today.  Others may be brand new, so to speak, though they are timeless as well.




1. God or higher truth exists.  When we say this, we do not mean a man with a beard sitting on a throne.  That is one representation and there are others.  It means, however, that there is a force greater than ourselves in this world.  It means we are not in charge, ultimately, and that we live or die at the pleasure of greater forces than our ego selves. 

For purposes of comparison, we will give the incorrect belief system.  In this case, it is called “secular humanism” or just secularism.  It is the most common “religion “ in the world today, although it is a false one.

 It is the idea that people matter more than God.  It is also the idea that God is somehow dead, or an outdated concept only practiced by ignorant people, or something along those lines. 

It can also mean that only the physical world is real.  If you cannot touch it, measure it and perhaps regulate it, then it is not important or perhaps it does not exist.


2. God, or higher truth, is merciful or just.  This is the truth, though it is often not apparent while living on the earth.  Therefore it must be taken on faith.  It would be excellent if every injustice were righted immediately or even within a year or so.  However, it can take years.  So this must be an article of faith.

Another way to see this is that God is merciful.  This means that the divine power, whatever it is, is not partial or prejudiced in favor of one group or another.  God is merciful is in the bible of all religions, but most people do not believe this.  Otherwise they would relax far more than they do.


3. God or the Creator is all-present, all-knowing and all-seeing.  This one would stop all the secrecy, hiding information, hiding money that one has stolen and more.  It would open up society to transparency that is so important for honesty and justice to prevail. 

Most legal trials are to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth.  This is such a waste of time and money.  Soon this will change as the aura will be seen on some people as being that of lying and deception.  In others, it will be seen to be honest and forthright.  This will end the need for lie detectors that can be beat if one trains oneself enough.


4. God or the truth is all one and all love.  This means that the one power is all there is .  There is no devil except the absence of the ascension of the god force.  There is no “dark side of the force”, in other words.  This was the only problem with the Star Wars Trilogy, which was excellent otherwise for teaching many good lessons to young people and old as well. 

In other words, what is called the ‘devil’ is really when one turns away from the litght.  The only force is love, is another way to say it.  Hate is just an absence of diminishment of love.  That is all.

This one will be hard for some Christians and certain other people who believe in evil and dark forces.  We assure you, however, it is the truth.  There is only light and love in your world.  However, it is often “qualified”, the word used in some spiritual books.  This means it is altered, blocked, pruned and otherwise diminished to such a degree that it is hardly recognizable. 

When this happens, the lower forces of greed, fear, anger, revenge, lust and more take over, basically.  That is what you call the devil or evil or dark force.


5. God or truth is all-serving.  God or the force is always in service.  This is the hardest one for modern entitlement-mnded mankind.  It means that this life is about service and devotion to a higher cause.  It does not mean we all should be forced to serve in the army or the peace corps or something like that.

One can serve as a mother or father, as a business person, a doctor, a lawyer and more.  It is the fact of service, however, that  makdes the difference.  When bankers cheat each other and the public, they have stopped being of service and are just parasites. 

When doctors order unnecessary tests and give toxic drugs because they are afraid of the consequences for their license, they have stopped being of service. 

When lawyers make money instead of serving justice, they have forgotten service.  A real criminal should have a terrible time finding a lawyer and may have to go with a state-appointed public defender, for example. 

All of use are being called to serve in some capacity, but few really do it.  They work for money, for power, for prestigue, for other types of gain such as sexual favors and more.  This is not service, no matter how it looks to the public who cannot see the interior motives of the person.




Some people do not know things and know they do not know.  This is often called ignorance.  While it is not a good thing, it is the normal or shall we say, usual state of mankind.

However, many people think they know something, when in fact they do not know that much.  This is arrogance.

            Arrogance is also rampant in the world.  Once again, a more proper attitude, found in many spiritual books including the bible, is that mankind knows very little.  Only God knows it all.  This would be a most positive attitude to have as it would cause a person to be open to learning. 

Few, really, on earth are open to learning.  This sounds like a radical statement.   Mot think they understand the world they live in and that they at least have access to the answers they seek.  This, of course, is far from the truth.

The truth is they do not know and should be depending on God or intuition or other sources for knowledge.  Chidlren are taught that teachers know the answers.  Otherwise why sit at their feet all day for 12 or more years, at least? 

The truth is, a good teacher will tell students that each must find the answers for himself.  Many feel the government has all the answers, as that is what they are told day in and day out on the news.  This is another lie that causes nations to decline. 

The government is often the stupidest agency around beause it is insulated from the people by distance and position.  The truth is, the people always have more specialized knowledge about their own affairs than any government bureaucrats.  This is the basis for free market capitalism, as system that works quite well if left alone. 

It is not the system in place in America or elsewhere, however.  That system is best called welfare capitalism or democratic capitalism, which are far cries from the system discussed by Adam Smith that is so advanced it is not understood even today.

The founders of America put it into place, but could not resist tampering with it early on to “fix” certain apparent inequalities and it has never been allows to flourish in America or elsewhere.

So arrogance and ignorance are two attitudes that are common today.  Ignorance is acceptable and opens one to learning.  Arrogance closes one to learning and is largely due to parental influences, emotional traumas and a public school system that is haywire, to say the least.


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