by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó September 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This article concerns what to do when a problem develops during the development program. 




1. Body chemistry has shifted and you need an updated program.

              Symptoms:  These can be practically anything.  Generally, one begins to feel unwell. 

Old symptoms from the past may return.  In some instances, new symptoms may occur such as fatigue, anxiety, hair falling out, digestive problems or others.

What to do:

1. Stop the metabolic pack and the glandular products (Thyro-complex or Endo-dren), and stop Limcomin or Zinc.

2. Contact your Helper and ask that Dr. Wilson review your program, in case an update is needed.

3. If three months or more has passed since your last hair mineral retest, you can send in a new hair sample.  This will take more time, but is more accurate.

2. You are not following the program correctly, especially the diet.  This causes extreme problems, at times.  Some people believe they can just take the supplements, without following the diet high in cooked vegetables.  This does not work!

Development is a dietary program.  Cooked vegetables taste wonderful when cooked properly, such as by pressure-cooking.  We have not found a substitute for eating the correct diet with loads of cooked vegetables.

Symptoms.  The body cannot detoxify properly.  Symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, weight gain, anxiety and others may occur.

What to do.  Follow the diet!  If you do not want to follow the diet, then reduce your supplements to at most one dose per day.  If you really do not want to follow the development diet, the program is not for you.


3. You are having a healing reaction or retracing.  This is common on the development program.

Symptoms: These can be almost anything, depending upon past illnesses, infections and traumas, and depending upon a person’s toxic metals, toxic chemicals or other imbalances.

What to do:

1. Become familiar with the article, Retracing And Healing Reactions.

2. One can do extra coffee enemas, sauna sessions and reflexology sessions to see if this helps resolve the symptoms.

3. If the symptom(s) do not improve within two or three days, please stop all the supplements and contact your Helper.  Describe the symptoms and ask that Dr. Wilson review the situation and make recommendations.

4. Do not make things worse by worrying or panicking.  98 or 99% of the time, symptoms during a development program are either retracing, a need for an updated program, or you are not following the program correctly.  They are not the appearance of a disease and you will be okay.


4. Retracing a physical, emotional or even a spiritual trauma.  This is also common.  At times, one knows about the trauma.  However, many times, one does not remember traumas that occurred early in life, for example.

              Symptoms.  The most common symptom is anxiety.  Other symptoms are fears, anger, sadness, or crying.  You may have bad dreams or memories may surface that are very unpleasant.

              At times, even if the trauma was emotional, symptoms can be physical in nature such as stomach pain, other digestive problems, tension in the body, shaking, headaches, nausea or other bodily symptoms.

            What to do.  Do the same as for #2 (Healing Reactions) above.


            5. Sensitivity to a food or supplement.  This is much less common, but occasionally occurs.

            Symptoms.  You will not feel as well after taking supplements or after eating a particular food.  You may have digestive upset, headache, fatigue, other aches and pains, or some other symptom.

              What to do. 

1. Try by yourself to identify the particular food or nutrient that is causing the problem.  At times, this is easy.  At other times it is not so simple.  Experiment a little with foods, for example.

2. Ask your Helper to check with Dr. Wilson, and say you suspect a reaction to a food or supplement.


6. A flare-up of an illness that is not related to the development program.  This is quite rare. 

Symptoms.  There could be an aggravation of symptoms related to a condition such as arthritis, diabetes or some other health condition.

What to do.  It is usually best to contact your Helper and ask that Dr. Wilson review your program and make suggestions.




            The uneven nature of the healing and development process.  Unfortunately, the healing process is uneven, meaning that it comes in fits and starts, and at times can be unsettling for this reason. 

The barge analogy.  A crude analogy is that healing and development is similar to unloading a barge such as a garbage scow that is loaded with garbage!  It is piled high, so much that the deck of barge is just above the water line.

When one attempts to remove some of the load on one side, the barge tilts to the other side and may “take on water”. 

In a similar way, removing toxins from the body and healing old infections can temporarily unbalance the body.  This is the cause of symptoms.

Fortunately, the souls are usually smarter than a garbage scow.  The body usually self-corrects quickly so these shifts or unevenness of the process are very rarely dangerous, even if they are unpleasant. 


            The heavy toxic load of most people today.  Most all bodies today are loaded with toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals.  Babies are born with them because their mothers’ bodies have too much.    

This causes or can aggravate a tendency for a healing reaction to occur. The body is not as capable of handling extra stress.

This is particularly a problem when one is starting out on a development program.  As one progresses, the body’s toxic load lessens.  Then the body is more able to respond to stress of all kinds. 

Staying with the program is like emptying the garbage from the barge so that it floats higher in the water and is less likely to “take on water”.


            The extreme nutritional depletion of many people today causing low vitality levels.  All healing depends upon boosting one’s vitality.  This same vitality is also used to handle all healing processes, toxic metal eliminations, healing of infections, and so on.

When vitality is low, as it is today in many people, the healing process can stall, although in general, the body’s wisdom as to when to proceed with metal elimination and healing of infections, wounds and other traumas is superb. 

Development works closely with this teleological process, or the process of healing intent of the body.  This is a key to the safety of the development program compared to many other medical and holistic methods.


            Poorly functioning eliminative organs.  A key to removing toxic metals, toxic chemicals and biological toxins such as bacteria, is to have adequately functioning eliminative organs.  This is not the case today with most people. 

In fact, the colon, the liver, the kidneys are often among the most diseased organs of the body!  The skin is another eliminative organ that is usually congested and toxic. 

This is due to years of bathing in chlorine, fluoride, residues of chemicals, metals and pharmaceutical drugs.  Putting toxic lotions, creams, deodorants, cologne makes this worse.  Detergent residues on your clothing add to the problem.

            As a result, when the body tries to eliminate toxins, the process does not work well.  Toxic substances back up in the blood causing symptoms.


            Leaving one’s comfort zone in a number of ways.  This is an important psychological and even physical reason for problems on the development program.

Many people are simply unaware of how ill, how malnourished and how toxic they are.  As the body begins to heal itself, reactions that are really beneficial are perceived as scary and somehow bad, when the opposite is the truth. 

These include not only physical symptoms such as headaches, rashes, heart palpitations and so on, but also negative thoughts, nightmares, fears and anxieties that were formerly buried and are now coming forth to be exposed and released.






Each situation can require different solutions.  However, the first step is always to ask some questions:


1. How well was the person doing the development program and for how long?  For example, is the person doing the diet, the lifestyle, the drinking water (enough water and the right type), the extra detoxification procedures and the pulling down exercise?

Often we find that a person is not drinking enough water, not eating enough vegetables, not sleeping or resting enough, and so on.


2.  Is the person doing other supplements, other procedures, or other medications?  This is another cause for problems.  Most supplements are not compatible with the development program.  We know about them and there is a good reason we do not recommend them.  This includes most herbs, homeopathy, intravenous vitamins, and most nutritional supplements.

They can easily negate or upset the delicate balance of the program and need to be stopped.

At times, drug medication must be reduced as the body no longer needs it as much.  For example, continuing on high blood pressure medication when it is not needed will cause the blood pressure to go too low, causing fainting and dizziness, at times.  Continuing with anti-diabetic medication when the blood sugar is normal may cause low blood sugar symptoms such as weakness and faintness, mental confusion and even blackouts.


3. Is the person using supplement brands we recommend, or have they substituted other brands of supplements?  Certain substitutions tend to be okaysuch as zinc, and perhaps a digestive aid, although few are as powerful as GB-3. 

However, sadly, many brands of supplements are not as effective as ones we recommend.  People think they are saving a few dollars with their favorite brand of supplements, but they are not deriving as much benefit from the program as a result.


4. Were there other circumstances at the time when the problem arose?  For example, could the cause of the problem be an extra stress such as a problem at work, school or at home?


For more on troubleshooting development programs, read Why Do Some People Feel Worse On The Development Program?



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