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This is a short article about one of the most amazing procedures in our world.  I will begin with a little background needed to understand it.  To really grasp the significance of a soul transmigration, you need to know:


1. The soul is real.  Some doubt this idea, but it is completely true.  It is described in the Bible, as well as inmany other books around the world.

2. Souls are extremely small and cannot be seen with any of our current viewing devices.  Neither light microscopes nor electron microscopes reveal their presence.  As a result, most scientists deny their existence.

3. All human, animal and plant bodies contain many souls.  They operate the bodies, which are very complex machines.  Even plant bodies require a lot of help, and souls, which are the basic unit of intelligent consciousness, do the work.

4. One soul is always in charge of all the souls inside a body.  It is called the entity soul.  Five other souls are very important, and are called the body souls.

5. As life events change, souls can change their minds about being inside a body.


With this short introduction, let us now discuss transmigration of the soul.




Soul transmigration is the delicate process by which the main soul inside of a body - the entity soul – leaves one body and moves on in its soul journey.  A different soul replaces the former one, and takes over the functioning of the body.

If you look up “soul transmigration” in books, many definitions differs from the one in the paragraph above.  The authors speak of successive lifetimes, and of an esoteric doctrine called metempsychosis, related to reincarnation.

This article is not about this phenomenon.  I am speaking of the deliberate replacement of an entity soul during its sojourn inside a human body.




Reasons for soul transmigration include:


1. The entity soul inside a body wishes to continue its journey inside a body, but this is impossible.  The body may be mortally wounded or seriously damaged.  The body may have an incurable disease.  Moving the entity soul into a new body is the only solution.


2. The entity soul inside a body may just want to leave.  At times, an entity soul decides it has had enough of this life.  Usually, life is not going well and the soul does not know how to fix it.  It simply does not want to be associated with that body any longer.

One answer is to commit suicide.  However, this destroys a perfectly good body, and is quite upsetting to those around it.  It also carries penalties for the entity soul. 

A much better alternative is to request a transmigration.  That soul leaves, and another, who wants to be in control of a body, takes over in its place.  This is allowed in most circumstances, and is much better for all parties.  Suicide, with its penalties, its horror, and its grief has been avoided.


3. The entity soul in a body may not deserve to continue in that body.  This may occur if the entity soul commits heinous crimes, for example, or even if the entity soul just misbehaves - lying, bullying, or otherwise harming itself or others around it.  This is occurring a lot today in our world.  Transmigration is secretly used to move the criminal souls out of bodies to bring more peace to our world.


4. An entity soul can voluntarily yield to a more advanced soul.  The advanced one takes control of the body to carry out an important task.  This is also occurring more commonly today.  When a task is identified, and the proper kind of body needed is found, a call goes out for volunteers.  If an entity soul inside a body responds, a transmigration is carried out.  The yielding soul is rewarded, and the task on earth is accomplished.

This situation is sometimes called a “walk in”. Essentially, the new soul “walks in”, as it were, and takes over a body.  In most cases, the person (the body) changes his or her attitudes, ideas and habits almost overnight, and begins to live in an different way. 

This type of transmigration is done in religious healing and prayer circles, at times.  For example, an alcoholic or a child molester attends a prayer meeting.  Several people pray and ask that the person be healed.  If it works, and it can work, overnight the alcohol habit is gone.  Not only is the person “cured”, but he or she often goes on to instruct others about how to quit their bad habits.  In fact, a new soul has taken over, and gives new orders to the body.  It is that simple. 

I do not mean to insult or demean anyone’s belief system.  However, it is important to know that such healings, which are now occurring daily in churches across America and elsewhere, often involve soul transmigration.

One may ask: “If a new soul takes over, would not the person lose the memory of his past.  Would he not forget who he is, where he lives, and everything else about his life?”

The answer is no.  All of our memories are not held by the entity soul.  They are distributed among many souls.  The body itself also has a large memory found in the brain cortex.  All of these memories remain intact.  Only the “director”, the entity soul, or the one in charge, changes in a soul transmigration. 




            Someone who understands soul transmigration is always in charge of the process.  He or she:


1. Must usually obtain permission of the soul that is in charge of the body for the process to take place.

2. Next, he or she makes sure the new soul is at an equal or higher level of maturity as the present entity soul.  This is usually necessary, though not in all cases.  It makes the transition much easier.

3. Now conditions are set up for the transmigration to take place.  Some peace and a quiet location are usually required.

4. The new entity soul is educated about the body to be occupied – its family, its friends, its abilities, and more.  This process usually takes several weeks or more.

5. The old entity soul discusses with the body souls in the human frame that a transmigration will occur.  This can be upsetting to some of the other souls inside the body.  Their leader is leaving, and a new unknown entity soul is taking control.  Therefore, this is a delicate part of the process. 

6. The one who is leaving introduces the new entity soul or leading soul to the other souls, particularly those that control major functions inside the body.  This is also a delicate process, because first impressions matter to souls.  It must be arranged to not offend the souls that live inside the body.

7. When all this is done, the departing entity soul places the body in a resting position.  At times, an “accident” is arranged so that others will not suspect what is to take place. 

8. Now the former leading soul leaves, or is removed by the person in charge.  The new leader steps in to guide the body. 

9. At times, the old entity soul hangs around for a few days or even more, to acquaint the new leader with the habits and routines of the body.  This depends on a number of factors, such as the health of the body, and its life situation.

10. The one in charge of the entire process usually looks in on the body for a few weeks afterwards, making sure that all is well.




A written description of a soul transmigration is found in one of the books by Lobsang Rampa.  I read it many years ago, so I do not recall which of his books contains it.

Lobsang Rampa grew up in the famous monastery in Llasa, Tibet.  There he trained to become a Tibetan physician.  He wrote about 20 books about his life.  They are one of the few accurate accounts of life as a Tibetan monk or llama during the early 20th century. 

Lobsang escaped from Tibet and headed for America when the communist Chinese devastated his community.  He was wounded badly as he crossed through war-torn Europe.  So a transmigration procedure was arranged so he could remain in a physical body and continue his writing. 

He took over the body of an English gentleman who no longer wished to remain on earth.  In this instance, an “accident” was arranged to make it look like the man had lost his mind.  When he “woke up” after the accident, he acted differently.  Lobsang discusses with humor what it was like having a wife, after years as a strictly celibate monk.  He also described with humor the differences between his old Tibetan body, and the sickly British one he now occupied.  Soon afterwards, he left home to continue writing books and teaching about life in old Tibet.




A funny movie about soul transmigration was the 1986 comedy, All Of Me, with big stars Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.  In the story, based on a real book, a wealthy, but dying woman (Lily) hires a bungling Oriental shaman.  She wants a transmigration of her soul to continue living on earth without constant pain. 

She (Lily) also finds a lovely young body that she wants to inhabit.  She lies to its owner to get her to be her employee.  Little does the young woman suspect that the real agenda is to steal her young and healthy body.

Things go quickly awry when the shaman bungles the transmigration process.  The soul of Lily mistakenly ends up sharing the body of her attorney, played excellently by Steve Martin.  In fact, Steve said it was one of his best performances.  They argue about most everything, in a typical Hollywood romantic encounter.

Meanwhile, the lovely young maiden figures out what is about to transpire.  She is furious, and decides to get rid of both Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.  After a few silly dramatic moments, however, everything turns out well.

This was one of Hollywood’s better films – well-acted and a very cute story.  It is most enjoyable and a way to easily learn about soul transmigration.


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