Three Ways To Extend Life

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


This article compares three strategies for extending human life.  They are:


1. Development.  Development is an all-natural method of life extension that requires:

A. The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.

B. Remineralizing, renourishing and detoxifying the body properly.

C. Making the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology (not in traditional Chinese medical terminology.  They are somewhat different.)

D. Delicate balancing of the body to increase its adaptive energy.

Development is the goal of a nutritional balancing program, and is discussed extensively on this website.


2. Anti-Aging Medicine.  This is the application of holistic healing methods such as chelation, hormone replacement therapy, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathy, intravenous vitamins and minerals and more to extend life.  It is sometimes called functional medicine.


3. Transhumanism.  This is a movement in the biotech community that seeks to extend human life using newer technologies such as nanotechnology, cloning, drugs, and more.




These three approaches have the following differences:


1. Degree of naturalness.  Development is totally natural.  It requires detoxifying and healing the body at the deepest level.

Anti-aging medicine is somewhat natural and uses many natural substances such as vitamins, minerals and herbs.  However, it also employs some drugs, at times, and toxic substances such as hormones.

Transhumanism is the least natural of the three anti-aging ideas.  It accepts the use of implanted electrodes, computers, nanorobots and other manufactured products.


2. Cost.  Development requires little cost, other than hair mineral tests every few months, eating high quality food, and taking about $160.00 USD of supplements monthly.  The annual cost is about $2000.00 to $3000.00 USD per year.

Anti-aging medicine uses many tests and supplements. It may employ other procedures, including surgery, possibly.  Cost is therefore higher – up to $20,000.00 per year.

Transhumanism uses some very costly cryogenic, genetic, robotic technologies that currently cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Hopefully, these costs will diminish over time.


3. Effectiveness.  Development has a long and proven track record, particularly in the East on earth.  It works, and is quite simple provided the conditions can be met to cause it to occur.  It is not well known or understood well in the Western nations, but this website is spreading knowledge about it.

Anti-aging medicine is quite new and definitely a research science.  While there are some studies reporting its ability to extend life a little bit, it remains a new and largely untested science.

Transhumanism is even more “visionary” and less practical at this time.  It is more about concepts such as cloning and artificial intelligence.  There are few instances in which it has shown actual ability to extend human life.  There are some experiments with animals, but few with human beings.


4. Nature of the technology.  Development depends upon technology that is built-in or inherent in every human body.  However, it also employs rather simple technologies such as the pushing down exercise, use of foods, vitamins, minerals, coffee enemas and red heat lamp saunas in order to activate the in-born technologies of life extension.

Anti-aging medicine does not use as much of the in-born technology of a human being.  Instead, it depends upon modern biochemical testing, modern nutritional products, and some synthetic chemicals such as chelating agents.

Transhumanism also does not recognize or take advantage of much in-born human technology.  It depends more upon mechanical and electrical methods to lengthen the lifespan.  Most of these are mainly theoretical, at this time.


5. Use of foods, and nutritional supplements.  All three of the life extending methods possibly make use of food and supplements.  The differences are:

Development involves a very precise and very specific system of diet and supplementation based upon a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral test.  The goal is to balance certain mineral ratios, make the body more yang, and remineralize it.

Anti-aging uses anti-oxidants and perhaps a number of other nutrients.  At this time, each doctor does it differently.  The problem is that all supplements are very yin, and will make the body more yin.

Transhumanism does not focus nearly as much on food and nutrients, though they might be included to some degree.




Development.  For details, read the section of articles on this website about it.  Here is the link to the Read Articles page.


Anti-aging medicine.  For details, go to


Transhumanism.  For details, go to a number of websites such as



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