by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


From the perspective of development, most people waste a tremendous amount of time.  They may be learning skills, earning money, making and keeping friends, and/or making their home and body more comfortable.  However, they do not develop and for this reason, they miss out on this wonderful adventure.

A generalization is that in order to succeed quickly on the path of development, all or most of one’s activities need to revolve around a development program.  The reasons for this are that the path is long.  Also, at first, progress is slow for most people.  Many interruptions or distractions can stop progress altogether or slow it significantly.

This does not mean one must do the program all day.  However, the more one makes it the central theme of one’s life, the faster one will tend to move.  If that does not occur, and we can check this for our clients, then one is not following the program correctly.

To some degree, helpful versus harmful activities depend upon one’s family situation, financial situation, health condition, the stage of development, one’s interests and possibly one’s location.  For this reason, the following are only guidelines for how to stay on track for rapid development.




- Destructive activities such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, no physical activity or too much exercise, regular sex, (down sex is fine, however) or other things that wear out the body.

- Entertaining or holding on to negative emotions such as anger, fear, grief, or worry.  These spin the second energy incorrectly and use up a lot of energy.  Suppression of all emotions is also not helpful.  Becoming emotional by listening or playing music, watching dramas on television or at the movies, watching too much television news and other such activities are also not helpful.

- Holding on to incorrect attitudes and beliefs.  This may seem unusual.  However, entertaining and holding on to wrong ideas about politics or anything else moves one out of integrity, although one may not realize it.

- Too much socializing or social isolation.  A little socializing is okay.  However, one will develop faster on one’s own, in general, rather than if one spends time with others, even marriage partners.

Problems of spending time with others are that their energy always interferes with yours, to a degree.  Also, they usually distract you from doing the program, although there are exceptions.  Even talking is a distraction, in large part.

- Improper work situations.  These include working in the wrong area, boredom at work, working with people who do not respect you or think as you do, dangerous jobs or working long hours that interfere with doing the program.

- Intellectual activities that mainly waste energy.  These often include a lot of shopping, lots of driving, most sports, and most time spent watching television and movies.  Others may include tinkering or puttering around the house, reading many books, surfing the internet, listening to music or radio, and most movies and other entertainment.

- Travel.  Travel is hard on development because it is usually more difficult to eat correctly and do the procedures while traveling.  Also, if one travels on trains, planes or buses, one is with others and exposed to their energy, their germs, stray EMF fields.

Travel is helpful if the distance is short, the trip is relaxing or productive in some way, and the accommodations allow or encourage one to follow the program.  We hope someday that vacation packages will be offered with these goals in mind.




One method is to deeply embrace the contents of this website.  This means doing more than just eating properly, taking your supplements and doing the detoxification procedures.

By reading the articles on this site and practicing what the articles recommend, one will tend to do well.  This means NOT spending much time traveling, socializing, surfing the internet and reading other people’s material or being involved with organizations not affiliated with this program.

In addition, guidance may be helpful in some situations.  However, guidance is not that simple because each person and situation is different.  Three ways to be guided are:

- Guidance from a trusted friend. A friend, parent or other adult may be able to see better than you can the ways in which you spend time that are not productive.

- Guidance from a gifted counselor or coach.  The only problem is there are few of these counselors around. 

- As one develops, at some point one will receive personal instruction from guides.  This can be very helpful.  However, one must always used common sense with personal guidance, as it can be false guidance.



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