By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Many reproductive disorders have to do with problems in the testes and ovaries.  This short article discusses some of the most common biochemical imbalances that affect these glands.




Zinc is a critical mineral for the testes and ovaries.  Today, the level of zinc in the soil and in the food is much reduced compared to 100 years ago or longer.  This is the cause of many problems with the testes and ovaries.

Causes of zinc deficiency.  Today this is due to any combination of the following:

1. Congenital low zinc (born with low zinc due to low zinc in your mother).  This is almost universal, today.

2. Stress.  Zinc is depleted rapidly and vigorously when a person is under any stress at all.

3. Low zinc diets.  These include all vegetarian diets, and in fact any diet that is low in red meat.  Red meat is the highest food in zinc, and so avoiding red meat, as many people do, always causes low zinc.  It must be eaten at least twice weekly, and preferably a little more.  Vegan diets are the worst diets for zinc.  This is one of the main reasons I do not recommend vegetarian diets, ever.

4. Low zinc in the soil.  This is the worst problem today.  Zinc is simply depleted in the soils of most nations today, including the United States, Europe and most of Asia and Australia.

5. Use of hybrid crops and superphosphate fertilizers.  These produce much larger yields of food.  However, since zinc is not replaced much on the soil, the zinc content of this food is very low.  This applies to organic as well as non-organically grown food.


All these factors combine today to cause horrendously low zinc levels in most everyone.  This is why every person on a nutritional balancing program receives supplementary zinc.  It is simply impossible to get enough from today’s diets.  When zinc becomes low in the testes and ovaries, it is replaced in the testes and ovaries by other metals such as cadmium, copper, and perhaps aluminum and nickel. 

This is the direct cause of may problems today including low sex drive, impotence, reproductive problems in both men and women, misshapen body parts, especially the breasts in women, and perhaps other problems, as well.  To read much more about zinc, a very critical spiritual mineral, please read Zinc on this website.  Let us discuss this situation in more detail.




Another factor that is poisoning the reproductive organs and glands of millions of people around the world are toxic chemicals.  These are found mainly in pesticides, but also in medical drugs, vaccines, and industrial chemical contamination.

No one can escape all of these chemicals, which are also passed on from mother to child through the placenta.  This means that the children today are also being born with excessive amounts of dozens to highly toxic chemicals.

There is much anyone can do, however, to minimize exposure to these chemicals.  It begins with eating organic food, only, and drinking spring water rather than tap water, if one can afford it.  Minimizing the use of medical drugs and avoiding vaccination altogether is also most helpful.  For more on this topic, please read Toxic Chemicals on this website.




Cadmium is the most toxic of the poison metals.  It often accumulates in the testes and ovaries, causing a host of problems.  These include:

1. Low sex drive or low libido.

2. Low energy, even if the thyroid and adrenal glands are not too bad.

3. Pain in the testes and ovaries.

4. Smaller breasts in women, and a smaller set of testes in men.  The size of the penis is not affected, but the testes tend to be smaller.

5. Cancers of the testes and ovaries.

6. Low fertility in both men and women.


Sources of cadmium.  Cadmium is common in the environment.  In cities, it is in the air because it is used in the brake linings of cars.  This is inexcusable and unnecessary, and must be stopped.

Cadmium is abundant in cigarette smoke and in all marijuana.  This is one of the horrors of marijuana because the depletion of zinc is subtle.  However, as it is replaced by cadmium from marijuana, one’s energy goes down, one becomes irritable and negative, and health declines badly.  Please avoid all marijuana and do not listen to the medical reports that it is “harmless” or “better than alcohol”.  This is nonsense, although alcohol is not healthful, either.


Removing cadmium. Removing cadmium is not easy because it acts as a crutch to keep the tissue sodium level up. A nutritional balancing program is one of the few ways I know of really eliminate the bulk of a person’s cadmium.  It still requires a number of years on a program to do this. 

Chelation therapy with EDTA will remove a little cadmium, but not most of it, and it is not that safe. I do not think it is even possible to eliminate most of a person’s cadmium using chelation therapy, which mainly removes it from the arteries and surrounding superficial tissues.  Chelation drugs are not well absorbed, so their main impact is on the blood and the tissues adjacent to the blood such as the arteries, veins, capillaries and nearby tissues only.

Symptoms of cadmium removal from the testes and ovaries.  Often pain occurs during a cadmium elimination of this type.  The testes become extremely tender, for example, as if someone has kicked you in the testes.  The extreme tenderness may come and go for years, as more of the cadmium is removed.

In women, the pain of cadmium removal can be more acute, in my experience.  It can be a stabbing pain that can easily be mistaken for intestinal gas, diverticulitis, intestinal blockage or infection, or something else in that area of the body. 

Fortunately, in both men and women, the pain usually passes quickly, and is no cause for alarm.  Anyone following a nutritional balancing program may experience this kind of pain.  If you are on a nutritional balancing program and this type of pain arises, I suggest that you first contact your practitioner rather than just run to a doctor.  One reason for this is that doctors or emergency rooms will likely take x-rays, and it is best if this part of the body is not x-rayed.  With cadmium elimination, x-rays and all other tests will be negative or normal, and the pain will subside on its own.




Copper also builds up in the testes and ovaries when zinc deficiency is present.  This is true in everyone, today, to some degree.  Symptoms associated with this condition include:


1. Homosexual tendencies.  This is happening more and more today, due to copper buildup in the testes or ovaries.  It is occurring in children as well as adults, men as well as women.  It occurs because copper in the reproductive glands changes sexual hormone production in subtle ways.  This, in turn, affects the way the brain identifies or smells out the opposite sex.  The result is that those of the opposite sex are less attractive, while those of the same sex are more attractive.

This has nothing to do with genetics, as some doctors claim.  It has everything to do with zinc deficiency, often from birth or early childhood.  One of the main stressors making this worse is giving so many vaccines to children and adults.

2. Sexual drive is high, unlike with cadmium toxicity.

3. The body is often weakened, and more open to diseases, including HIV and AIDS.

4. Cancers of the testes or ovaries.

5. Premenstrual syndrome

6. Low sperm count and infertility in both men and women.

7. Copper toxicity can cause a more emotional personality, a more sensitive personality, more anger and violence, artistic tendencies and what is called on this website, the copper personality type.  To read much more about copper, please read Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this website.


Sources of copper.  Copper accumulation occurs in everyone today, thanks to weak adrenal glands.  Somehow, this affects the body’s ability to transport and remove copper.  Copper is abundant in vegetarian food such as beans, seeds, and nuts, in particular.  Using birth control pills or a copper IUD can drastically increase the copper level in the body.

A slow metabolic rate for any reason increases copper in the body.  Copper is found in some medical drugs, and sometimes in cookware and even jewelry.  Copper is also used to purify hot tubs, swimming pools, and even drinking water.  Copper water pipes are rarely a problem, however, because drinking water flows through the pipes rapidly.  Hard water is safer, in this regard.


Removing copper.  Copper is easier to remove from the body than cadmium.  Nutritional balancing science was specifically designed for this purpose by Dr. Paul Eck, an avid copper researcher.  It can still take months to a few years, but this is still much less time than is required to remove cadmium from the body.

Please beware that simple remedies to remove copper such as taking zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C or penicillamine (a copper chelating drug) are not nearly as permanent or effective as a complete nutritional balancing program, in my experience.




Nickel.  This is another very toxic metal that can accumulate in the testes and ovaries.  Symptoms can include:

1. Lower sex drive.

2. Extreme depression and suicidal thoughts.

3. A type of anger.

4. A peculiar attachment to others.

5. Some testicular and ovarian cancers.


Sources of nickel.  Nickel is used in the manufacture of all hydrogenated oils used in margarine, shortening, most peanut butter, candies, and many junky processed food items.

Rooibos tea is quite high in nickel and lead.  Nickel is also used to plate costume jewelry, and it will come off on one’s skin.  Metal-workers, especially steel workers, can develop nickel poisoning from their work if they handle steel a lot.


Nickel removal.  A nutritional balancing program will remove excess nickel from the body.  It usually takes a few years, but is not as difficult as removing cadmium, or even copper. Nickel usually shows up on hair tests as it comes out of the body through the skin and hair.  Often this will occur after only a few months on a nutritional balancing program.  In contrast, observing the elimination of cadmium or even copper may take six months to several years before elimination even begins.  Chelation is not too effective for nickel, I believe.


Aluminum.  This toxic metal also accumulates in the testes and ovaries of almost everyone, today.  Symptoms of aluminum overload are common today and include:

1. Dementias of all kinds.

2. Skin problems.

3. Depression, in some cases.

4. Reproductive problems in men, in particular.

5. Brain fog, which is really an early and mild form of dementia.  This is occurring in children as well as adults.  Half of our clients report some degree of brain fog or lack of mental clarity or memory loss!  Yet the medical and psychological professions hardly recognize it as a valid diagnosis or condition.


Aluminum sources.  Aluminum is extremely widespread in the environment.  It is used in anti-perspirants (the worst source in many cases), and it is added to most table salt.  All salt is already high in aluminum, and adding it to salt to make the salt flow better must be outlawed, as it is a major source of aluminum poisoning in the population.

Almost all municipal water companies add aluminum to our drinking water to reduce some dirt particles in the drinking water.  This must also be stopped at once, as it is a horror and not needed, either.  Other critical sources of aluminum are antiacid medications, aluminum cookware, aluminum foils, and baking powders.  Animals accumulate aluminum in most cases because it is used in the manufacture of pellet foods for dogs and other animals.


Aluminum removal.  Aluminum, fortunately, can be removed from the body, but it, too, takes a while.  Aluminum elimination on a hair mineral analysis when a person follows a complete nutritional balancing program may take months or up to several years to begin.  However, when it does occur, people report that they are smarter, with better memories, and better sexual functioning.




These are mostly common sense, but bear repeating.  They include:

1. Eat organic food.  This will reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, some toxic metals and genetically-modified food.  This is not enough, but it is an excellent first step. 

2. Reduce your exposure to all toxins.  This can be done without too much difficulty.  Do not use a lot of medical drugs, toxic chemicals in the home, toxic body care products including cosmetics, soaps, lotions, nail polish and much more.  Also, do not have your children vaccinated.  To read more about this, read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination on this site.  Be careful with everything you buy and use.  I wish this were not necessary, but it is at this time.

3. Eat a zinc-rich diet.  This means include red meat in your diet.  If you eat loads of cooked vegetables with it, you will not get cancer or heart disease from eating a little red meat.  It is not necessary to eat it more than a few times per week, in most cases.

4. Reduce stress, go to bed early, and get plenty of sleep.  This is to help conserve your zinc.

5. Take a nutritional supplement of about 20-30 mg of zinc daily.  This should be safe, although a complete nutritional balancing program is much better to figure out exactly how much zinc you require.  The amount needed will change as your body chemistry changes.

6. If you are even contemplating having children, start taking some zinc now, and continue throughout your pregnancy.  This is not enough to assure that your baby will be born with enough zinc, but it is a good start.  Do not assume that a pre-natal vitamin tablet contains enough zinc.  Most do not contain enough zinc.

7. Limit sexual intercourse with fluid loss to once a week or less.  This is most critical for men, who can lose significant zinc each time they ejaculate.  However, it is important for women and teens of both sexes, as well.

8. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  If you are concerned about the health of your testes and ovaries, then begin a complete nutritional balancing program only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  These are the only practitioners I can recommend at this time, unfortunately.  Other doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and other practitioners do not know how to remove the toxic metals and all the toxic chemicals well enough, and can make you worse.

If you are not ready or able to follow a complete program, begin today with the “free program”, which is not as good, but an excellent start.  It is found at the following link: The Free Nutritional Balancing Program.



All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not  for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


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