by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2019, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


For each of the levels of teaching below, two things are required to master the level.  One is to learn a teaching or knowledge.  The other is to be able to practice and share the teaching with others at all times, no matter what the circumstances.  This is critical to be able to move on to the next level of teaching.




One’s education begins early in life with basic skills such as learning to read and write, learning to concentrate and focus on learning, and more. 

The first seven levels below are the next step.  They may be called intermediate level teachings.  The ones that follow are more advanced, and may be called university and graduate level skills.




These are the prerequisites for your university level education and beyond:


1. Learn to speed read.  This does not mean you need a course, but you must be able to read fast and pick up the meaning or comprehension rapidly.  If you cannot do this, you will not be able to handle this website, and the books required for the advanced teachings.

Also, learn how to manage your time wisely.  This is very important for everyone.  If you cannot do this, you will literally waste your life.  Always keep busy unless you are resting.  Do not slip into idleness, and always make your time count by doing things that are helpful and valuable for you and for others.

Idleness kills people, literally and figuratively.  They get in with the wrong crowd, they use drugs or alcohol, they have sex when it is not wise, and they die young.  They often get into car accidents and they get diseases, too.  So use your time wisely, always.  At one level, all you have on earth is your time.

Also, learn how to think.  I know this sounds corny, but most people do not think clearly.  One reason is they have brain fog and need a development program.  But another reason is they don’t know how to think from a logical starting point and to follow through with the logic.  To learn this, read Basic Logical Thinking on this website.


2. Learn to take sides, and always side with the good people.  Always be ready to take sides, and never with the ones who are bullying, laughing at others expense, or taking advantage of others.  Also, never take sides with people who are breaking the law, using drugs or alcohol, or having a lot of sex.

Learn to take sides, and step in and stop fights, if you can.  If you cannot stop it, call the police or call someone fast before someone gets hurt.  Don’t get hurt yourself, of course.

Learn to take sides against adults or children who are abusing others, harming others in the name of God or anything else, such as cults.  But be careful, of course.  There is no need to antagonize or threaten or bully people.

Just report what is going on to the right authorities, and shelter those who are in need, but never compromise yourself or take chances with your own safety.  This is important to learn and not always so easy.  For more, read Lying on this site.


3. Learn to eat well.  This is the most basic aspect of a development program.  For details, read Food For Daily Use and, if needed, the other articles about the development diet.


4. Learn a healthy lifestyle.  Lifestyle means your habits, in a word.  It includes your diet, but it also includes rest and sleep habits, cleanliness, exercise and activity routines.  It also includes your “mental diet”, which is what you watch, read and listen to on your Ipod, radio or television.  It also includes with whom you associate, such as your friends, and what you do with them.

It also includes other habits.  Good ones are to follow a development program in its entirety, saying prayers each day, helping someone each day, and improving yourself a little each day. 

Bad habits may include being idle, wasting time on Facebook, and hopefully you don’t use drugs and don’t engage in wasteful sex or masturbation.  These just waste your substance, both men and women.  In fact, many other habits waste your time, such as shopping a lot, driving the car a lot, gambling, surfing the internet, listening to music a lot, and going to movies that are stupid, just sexy and disgusting, or violent.

Learning a healthful lifestyle and good habits can take some time, especially if your family did not practice good habits.  For example, just spending time with the wrong kind of friends will pollute your mind badly.  So don’t do it.  It is not “fun”, even if it seems to be at the time.  For more, read The Healthy Lifestyle on this site.


5. Learn to live as a soul.  This sounds funny, but it is the truth.  We are all souls that inhabit bodies.  We are not just bodies living in space.  The soul is here to learn things, to experience life, to control the body, and not to let the body control your feelings and thoughts.  The soul is here to learn about others, and to get along with other people, not to just be alone, but not to run with the crowd, either.  The soul is loving and sweet, never angry and resentful and mean.  This is the truth about your soul.  For much more, please read The Soul Life on this website.


6. Learn about loving relationships.  Unfortunately, too many people on earth are not in the best of families.  I hope you have good friends.  A friend is someone who is always looking out for you.  It is not someone who just comes over any time you want, and does anything you want to do, especially sexually or illegal activities, or drugs or alcohol. 

A friend always has your best interests at heart, and will tell you if you are not dressed well, if you smell bad, if you are not acting faithfully to your beliefs, and much more.  A friend will not let you drink and drive, for example.  He or she will throw the car keys in the river, if that is what it takes.  He or she will not let you go out with the wrong people.

He or she will never let you smoke marijuana or use any other intoxicating substance.  This is what I mean by loving relationships.  They are somewhat rare on planet earth, but they exist and we all need them and should look for them and experience them so we understand friendship.  For more, read the entire section of articles entitled Family And Relationships on this website.


7. Put all the six skills above in perspective, which means to balance your life.  This means balancing good time management, taking sides, excellent nutrition, a healthful lifestyle, living the soul life, and good relationships – and even more.  It is about integrating all of these and doing them all at the same time, all day and all night, too.

This is not that easy for many people.  Many people become fixated, preoccupied, idle, unbalanced, burned out, bored, or too involved with someone or something - even their dog.  As a result, their life goes out of balance or out of integrity.  Integrity is a wonderful word for this level of basic skill.  For much more on this topic, please read Integrity on this site.




1. LOVE OR CARING.  This is the first level of advanced teachings on earth.  Jesus taught about this, as do all the advanced religions on earth.  It is about loving oneself, loving one’s neighbors, and doing no harm to anyone for any reason.  It is a very basic teaching.  If one cannot master this teaching, one cannot go on to the more interesting and exciting material because that one is a danger to himself or herself, and to everyone else.

Loving others is not always easy.  It is not about giving others what they want, for example.  Women learn this quickly, usually, because men want sex and it just makes the girls dirty inside and it makes them hate all men, if they are not careful with their emotions.  The men lie about “loving” the girls, when they haven’t a clue what that means.

Loving also sometimes means tough love.  This is very important, and it is a theme of this lesson.  So learn about tough love.  Read books about it and study it carefully.  It is not well understood at all. 

Tough love has to do with giving people what they need, not what they want.  It has to do with giving people the truth, instead of lying to them so they will like you, so they will buy your products, or so they will not harm you in some way.  Sometimes, it is about telling the truth just for its own sake, however.

Tough love is also about handling others with gentleness and care, but not spoiling or indulging them.  This is indeed a difficult place to begin your education, but a critical one.  Articles about this topic on this website are The Love Tetra, The Service Life and Love And Will on this site.


2. GOOD AND EVIL.  This is a difficult lesson.  It involves learning about what is really good and what is not.  Many times, these are not what you think.  For example, this website explains why capitalism and free markets are very good, while socialism, communism, Islam, and social democracies are not good at all.

A very good place to start learning about good and evil is to learn the Twelve Commandments.  These are the Ten Commandments Of Moses found in the Old Testament Of The Bible, plus the two new ones found in the article on this website entitled The Twelve Commandments – Ten Of Moses And Two New Ones.

This topic also includes learning about the Russians and their KGB operatives around the world.  This is not pleasant, and includes the articles about rape, and other horrendous crimes committed by these people.

This topic also includes learning about efforts from other planets to influence this planet.  The name of this topic is not currently on the site, but it will be – exopolitics.  It is a very important topic, in fact.  The universe is not populated by all good people.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Some are wonderful, while others are not good at all.  For more on this topic, please read Is There Life On Other Planets on this site.


3. NUTRITION AND HEALTH.  This one is familiar to readers of this website.  However, there are a few cautions.  First, the diets recommended on this website are very different from those on other “health” website.  I do not recommend eating any fruits at all, or any fruit juices.  I also do not recommend any sweet things at all such as rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup or even stevia, if possible.  Do without the sweets, if possible.

I also recommend spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water – and no other types of drinking water.  This is very important!

I also recommend loads of cooked, and not raw vegetables with every meal!  This is critical today.  Anyone who does not eat this way is not as healthy!  I don’t care if you don’t like them.  Eat them anyway, and put your favorite topping on them to make them palatable.

I also do not recommend the nightshade vegetables – tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant or peppers – although a little dried cayenne is okay.  I also do not recommend any wheat or soy.  Many articles on this website explain this in more detail.


4. DEVELOPMENT SCIENCE.  This is the main  theme of this website.  It is universal science, although that term may sound arrogant.  If it changes, which occasionally occurs, it is only because of refinements that become known.  To read more, go to the Development sections of this website.

Of particular importance is the idea of retracing, at this point.  One reason I emphasize it is its great importance.  Another is that it is not well known or understood among the people, or  their doctors – even the holistic and naturopathic doctors.  Another reason is that if you begin a development program, retracing will occur and it is important to be prepared. 

You will go back and “clean up your messes” at physical, mental, emotional and even in your spiritual focus and orientation.  So it is important to learn about it, how it works, and how not to project your anger, fear, or anxiety onto your family and your friends.

You will also need to learn how to handle the doctors who will tell you that you are dying and must take drugs or operations, when really you are just retracing and not really sick at all!


5. BECOMING A COMPOSITE SOUL.  This is a very esoteric subject, but very important for all of us.  For this topic, please read Composite Souls on this site.


6. AGELESS.  This topic is about extending your life, eventually to as long as you wish.  It is explained in several articles such as Life Extension With Development, Down Healing, and others.


7. CULMINATION AND REVIEW OF THE FIRST SIX TOPICS.  This does not mean to study them again, although you can, of course.  It means to integrate them into your life now and today and forever.  It means to go out and live this way.  It means to interact with others, sharing what you have learned and healing and teaching them the truth about life and love and friendship and healing.

This is not an easy task in your world.  You will be called crazy, stupid, insane and even “dark”, evil or “unchristian”, when none of these are true.  You may even be harmed, although you are to live wisely and never take chances with your health or your safety.  That is part of the lesson of this topic, in fact.  You must learn how to live the truth in this reality, in your sector of space, and among those who say they know everything and you know nothing because you don’t have advanced degrees, or their aura is better than yours, or they are the rulers and you are just a child or just an ordinary person.

So this is, indeed, a difficult lesson for everyone, but a very important one.  You must take into account the GOOD AND EVIL lesson at all times, because if you insult the wrong person, even by accident, you could be locked up for life.  You must be, as the Bible says “Wise as the serpent, yet harmless as the dove”.  It is a big challenge, especially on earth where chaos often reigns supreme and goodness is persecuted. 

You are not to become a martyr, so stop anything that will get you in trouble unless you are very wise about it.  Watch who gets in trouble and why, and don’t follow in their footsteps.  Watch and learn from those who seem to evade the trouble and the false authorities, and do what they do.  This website can help, but there is a lot to learn in this lesson.


8. LOVE, BUT HIGHER LOVE AND TOUGHER LOVE.  This is similar to level #1 above.  However, it is tougher.  The reason it is tougher is that you are now at a higher level of teaching, so you know more, and you know that what seems like love is not really love at all, in so many cases.  Here are some examples:

Your mother suggests that you play a sport with friends.  You know that it is not really a good way to spend your time, but you go along because it is fun.  This is not the most loving thing to do.  The real answer is to say to your mother, “Mom, this is too much exercise and with development I don’t need this much exercise.  Please can I do something else?”

Another example is when your mother says, “Come in for dinner, please.”  You may come immediately, but you may linger outside for a while because it is more fun.  This is not right.  So these are a few simple examples.  Love at this level is obedient, calm, not self-centered, not self-serving, and clear and truthful.  This is a higher love (and we will go even higher, later, so be ready).


9. TOUGH LOVE WITH THE STRANGERS, ASSOCIATES AND OTHERS – NOT FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  This lesson is also difficult because, like #2 above (please refer back to it), this is not easy, at times, especially on planets where they will put you in prison if you violate laws or even if you just irritate or anger the authorities.

This lesson, just like #2 above, has to do with how to behave around the false authorities, the arrogant people, the know-it-alls, the fakes, the mean and cruel people, and other rogue types of people.

It is not easy to do this, but you must appear to go along and appear to cooperate and do exactly as they say, while not losing your inner direction and will and desire to set things straight.  This is especially hard for women, especially if they are forced to have sex, or molested or hurt in some way that hurts a lot.  It is easy for them, in particular, to just roll over and say, “Stop!  I will do what you want.  Just stop hurting me.” 

In fact, it is hard for some men to believe that they would do this.  That is because men do not understand that women are much more sensitive and pain really hurts them and sex really embarrasses them beyond what you can believe.  So have compassion on the women, but both men and women in this situation must go along, seemingly, but they also must keep their inner direction and integrity in spite of threats and even torture, and then they need to report things properly, taking precautions to stay safe.


10. MENTAL NUTRITION.  This is an aspect of nutrition that is overlooked on earth, particularly.  Some call it one’s “mental diet”.  It refers to anything that you take in with your eyes, ears, or by contact.  It is what you hear, what you see, and what you do that affects your mind and your thinking.

This is a big topic.  A number of articles on the website discuss topics such as Creative Thinking, Christian Thinking, Steps To Action, Letting Go and more.


11. NEWER ASPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT. This lesson is similar to #4 below, except these procedures are not needed by everyone.  They include the kelp wrap, the peroxide and ozone baths, other ozone treatments, vaginal coffee implants for women, and penis coffee implants for men.

Others include netti pot coffee in the nose, coffee in the ears for tooth and brain problems, and holding coffee in the mouth for 20 minutes for throat, gum, and tooth problems, etc.  Still others include the vibration table and skin brushing.


12. BECOMING A LARGER COMPOSITE SOUL (greater than 10 levels – 9 levels plus the twin level).  This is a continuation of lesson #5.  It involves continuing to find friends and join with them to become a more powerful light being.  This is necessary if you want to progress in your learning.  Otherwise, the souls cannot handle the advanced courses.  So do not delay on this task.  Spend some time each day thinking about your friends, and asking them to come forward and join with you.

A good question is if two people have the same friends, with which one should they join?  The answer is that this rarely happens.  However, if it happens, then the friend must decide which one to join with.


13. MORE ROY MEDITATION.  This is a continuation of lesson #6 above.  Now it is necessary to continue pushing down hard for at least 1 hour each day.  There is a trick, however, to shorten the time.  It moves more etheric energy downward through the body.

This trick is to do the neck pull.  You may be ready for this at this time.  The neck pull will shorten the amount of time you must push down every day to about half an hour per day.  However, you must do it correctly or it is a dangerous procedure.  Here is the procedure:


A. Always do this procedure either sitting or lying down on your back.  Never try it in any other position. 

B. Be sure you are looking straight ahead, and not to the side.  This is critical to avoid injuring your neck. 

C. Do toe breathing.  This means inhale through your toes and your feet, and exhale down through your toes and feet.

D. As you inhale, push your shoulders down. 

E. You may also have to pull your jaw forward and out a little, especially if your posture is not good.

F. Now extend your neck. It sort of flattens the curve of your spine at the neck.  If you do this right, all of a sudden, there will be a popping sound in your neck, or sometimes in your upper back or rarely in your temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ.

G. This is the neck pull.  Now you can gently hold your breath a little while and then exhale gently.

H. Remember, always do this gently, as you can hurt your neck if you are rough with it.


Doing the neck pull as you push down is helpful, but you still must practice the exercise at least half an hour every single day in order to progress toward the next lessons.


14. CULMINATION AND CONTACT.  This is an important stage in your education.  If you are really at this point and have completed all the earlier lessons, you will be contacted by someone who is more advanced than you are from a different world, often, and told many things.  This is a form of guidance, although it is not formal guidance.  Instead, it is called a contact.  In fact, many people have had this.  They may call it a revelation from God, or a visitation by an angel, or a psychic experience, or a UFO abduction, or a religious encounter, or something like that.

This occurs partly as a reward for all your efforts.  It also occurs to prepare you for the next set of lessons, which may require some adjustments on your part so that you will progress.  At this point, many of you still have some bad habits, for example.  These have to go or you will not progress.

Other people are still not eating well enough, or not taking their heat lamp sauna baths, which everyone needs.  Many are not doing enough coffee enemas.  Depending upon how clean their diets are, these may not be need in all cases, but they help everyone and will speed up your progress a lot!


15. LOVE AND GIVING. WORKING RELENTLESSLY.  This is a very important lesson.  God works relentlessly, except on the Sabbath or seventh day, seventh week, seventh month and seventh year.  You need to learn to do the same.  That is the essential lesson of this step.

This may sound easy, but it is not.  Most people are used to working 9 AM to 5 PM, or less these days.  Many people have become somewhat lazy, in fact, as society becomes wealthier and less work is required of them just to survive.  So this is not an easy lesson.

Some complaining about this lesson is okay, but it just wastes time and energy.  Remember the lesson.  You must work continuously, basically (other than time for meals, bathing, brushing teeth, sleeping, resting, and going to the bathroom).  A little relaxation time is okay, too, but not much.

This lesson is about learning the value of time, and the value of work.  It also has to do with giving of yourself in love.  Now there are many related lessons.

A. Give from fullness, not emptiness.  This means that you give because you know you are healthy, you are knowledgeable, and you are in love with the world.  If you give your time out of resentment, anger, disgust, boredom or martyrdom (you feel compelled to give so you can win brownie points in heaven, or something like that), then it does not count.  You have to start over and do it right.  That is a firm rule.  This is discussed in the article The Real Self on this site, and in the little book and CD of the same title.

B. Learn how to work long hours without burnout.  This is a very important lesson.  Learn to work “easy” or gently.  There is no need to forge ahead so fast and furious that you are exhausted in an hour.  That is not how to work.  But working continuously will teach you that.

C. Selflessness.  This is the greatest lesson of this step in your education.  Working all the time means little time for you to be selfish in your pursuits.  If you are married, you might want to spend more time with your honey, but it won’t be possible.  She can work along with you, but at this time, you may not just sit and hold hands and look into her eyes.  You are done with that kind of romance!  Now it is about helping and giving in service to others.  Don’t worry, though, you will reap the rewards.

D. Ignoring the demands of the body, to a degree.  Many times we don’t feel like working more.  We feel weary, down, as they say.  “Enough is enough, I’m done for today”, people say.  Well, that is because the body mechanism is not used to working so hard.  The souls are somewhat lazy and they want to just rest and jump in the swimming pool, perhaps, or turn on the music and space out.  There is a time for this, but not in this lesson.  Later on, you may learn how to “vege out” or “space out” to recover your strength, but not in this lesson.

E. The Sabbath is observed to recover.  More will be said about the Sabbath later.  The Jewish Sabbath is the correct one, by the way.  It begins Friday at sundown, and continues through Saturday at sundown.  This will be found to be the most relaxing time of the week. 

F. The seventh week and the seventh month are less important, but they, too, are times of rest and recuperation.  You can take a vacation at those times, if you like, but not at others.  To do all this correctly, you must get a Jewish calendar, and follow their months, not ours.


16. LOVE OTHERS IN THE WORLD.  This is a very hard lesson for children to do.  The lesson is similar to #2 and #9 above.  However, it is more about giving to others in service, a theme of your whole education.  The reason it is hard for children is that they cannot be roaming around out in the world, too much.  What they can do is get on the net or web and help in this manner.  However, if their parents find that they are just fooling around, playing, as it were, then it does not count and they must start over with this lesson.

How does one help others on the net or the web?  There are many ways:

A. Go to the “Volunteer Sites”.

B. Go to an “old person’s volunteer site” and volunteer to help old people with reading, perhaps, or something else you can do with your computer like drawing, explaining, teaching nutrition, teaching anything you have learned in these lessons, or something else they need.

C. Go to a “children’s volunteer Sites” and volunteer your time every day to help autistic children, or damaged children, or slow-learning children, or sad children, or sick children.  This is a big field, and there are lots of these sites, just dying to have you spend some time chatting, playing games (fun), being a pen pal (that means writing back and forth about all kinds of things), or just helping out in some other ways.  Some day you might meet the child you are helping, but don’t count on that.  It is not about that.  It is about getting out of yourself a little more and helping another.

Of course, you must use all that you have learned so far about love, tough love, watching out for the fake authorities who push people around, and so on and so on.  So this is not an easy assignment.

Also, you will be much more knowledgeable than the person you help, so you will have to tone it down, keep it simple, back to basics, kindergarten level, at times, with your helpee (the person you help).  This is a big part of the lesson.


17. ADVANCED THINKING – THIS WORK.  This is another very important lesson.  This one is about a mode of thinking that will be unfamiliar to most of you.  It is called the four steps to action.  For much more about this, read the article on this website called Four Steps To Action.


18. MORE ON DEVELOPMENT SCIENCE – MAINLY IN THE MENTAL REALM.  This entire series of lessons, and all of the rest of them, is about mental activity.  So this lesson has to do with joining your mental activities to development science.

This science has a large mental component, although we do not emphasize it.  This is because it is more advanced.  Here are some examples:

A. The entire set of John Marc Hammer tapes or CDs.

B. The entire concept of correspondence.

C. The entire concept of divine interventions in healing.

D. The entire concept of biological transmutation (this will occupy you for the rest of your life, if you do it right – start reading about it)

E. The entire concept of transmigration of souls (another large topic).

F. The entire topic of general systems theory, cybernetics, placeholders, preferred minerals, and much more.


19. BECOME A COMPOSITE SOUL WITH MORE THAN 20 LEVELS (19 and a twin level).  This continues your growth as a composite soul.  It is a real trip!  You just get smarter and smarter, wiser and wiser, and harder and harder to damage badly.  This cannot be overestimated in its importance to your further studies.

If you don’t recall what this is, go back to lesson # 5.  You are fast becoming a light being and a light worker on your planet.  To do so, you must become much smarter, wiser, kinder, more loving and less prone to damage and disaster.  This is the only way to do all this.  Your development program helps, but this is advanced development at its best.  You are now qualified as a “walking Christ”, which just means you are a wise person who is willing to help out, and not selfish, stupid, arrogant or lazy.


20. MORE PUSHING DOWN AND MORE NECK PULLS.  This lesson is here mainly as a refresher course, to remind you that you must do this exercise daily.  If you stop for any reason, the effort you have put in is wasted, and the entire process of development or really “soul evolution” stops.

Notice that you are developing yourself in a few ways described below. All of these overlap somewhat.  This just means that each one helps all the others.  The different ways you are developing yourself are:


A. A better lifestyle, diet and your personalized development program develops you physically, often in amazing ways.

B. Pushing down develops your upper subtle bodies, your dantiens, your energy centers, and more.  This is quite essential.

C. Joining, or becoming a composite soul, develops the mind, mainly, and makes you much stronger, happier and more capable in many ways.

D. Individual instruction may be needed to clear all of your levels of being, which number above 5000.  This is a sophisticated system of judging people.  It has to do with how your body and soul are created and maintained.  This is associated with the idea of fractals and holography, which are more advanced sciences.  If your levels need clearing, a teacher from another realm may intervene to help you, as this, too, is very important.


21. CULMINATION - DEEPER LOVING ALL THE TIME, AND THE TEACHINGS IN THE JOHN MARC HAMMER TAPES, CDs, BOOKS AND VIDEOS, AND IN BOOKS SUCH AS A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  This is an amazing teaching that is detailed in these teaching materials.  A Course In Miracles is not as complete as the John Marc Hammer material, though it is very good in some ways.

We cannot say enough good things about this teaching.  It has been misused, misinterpreted and in some cases ruined by people who do not want it on the planet, but it is still very good. 

I suggest the little book, The Real Self, as a summary of the teachings, but it is not complete enough and does not explain enough by itself.  One must refer to the original teachings, which are repetitive in the extreme, but for a reason.  The reason is they are new teachings for most people, so they are strange and unfamiliar.

Note that this teaching is a whole system of thought.  They call it so – thought reversal.  Just taking one piece at a time is needed for learning purposes, but this is not enough.  Indeed, you must learn the whole thing to really appreciate the depth and power of this teaching. 

This is somewhat like development, the pushing down exercise, and even Western free enterprise capitalism.  These are really complex systems of thought and action.  Just learning little pieces of them mechanically or through memorization will not give you enough insight to appreciate them.  You will need all your composite souls, in fact, to appreciate the Jeshua material in this lesson!



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