By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Syntropy means working together.  Entropy means scattered, random, or disintegrated.  These are two very important words to add to your vocabulary.  This article explores them in some depth.




Life is about working together.  All of our body cells must work together to keep us alive and healthy.  If they do not, the body dies – and rather quickly.  We see this with some diseases, such as infections and cancers. 

In these instances, the infecting cells or cancer cells to not work with the rest of the body.  Instead, they “do their own thing”.  It is often lethal for the body.  The only way the body can survive is to kill them off.

Another problem is that the infecting cells, such as bacteria or fungi, perhaps, secrete toxins that make things even worse for the body.  This must also be stopped.

These secretions, called endotoxins and exotoxins, are a type of entropy or randomness.  Actually, they are not random.  The bacteria, virus or perhaps a parasite often know what to secrete to make the body weaker.  It tries to set up its “alternative reality” in this way.  However, for the body it is entropic, meaning it is very destructive.




Everything!  Caring is syntropy on the human level.  (Syntropy can also be on the level of bacteria, or even just particles in space.  It can exist at any level of existence, even planets in space working together.)

Back to caring.  To care for others means to try to help them.  It means to work together with them to help them to be healthier, happier, more secure, safer, or whatever else they may need.  That is the definition of caring.




 In contrast, selfishness always is related to entropy.  Selfishness is when you mainly care about yourself, and perhaps about a few friends or family members.  However, you are mainly self-centered or ego-centered.

The effect of selfishness is always entropic, or causing entropy - decay and disintegration.  This is most important to realize, especially when you are thinking of being selfish.

Being selfish always means you are destructive.  This is also very important to know.  You are not working with others to assist them, and this, by itself, is destructive of society.

Capitalism is interesting because it is thought to be selfish.  However, the only way to get ahead in a capitalist society is to help others by satisfying a need they have.  When you do this, they pay you and you become wealthy.  So capitalism is really not about selfishness, and those who say it is are wrong.

What really appeals to the selfish nature is to take handouts and entitlements from the government.  This is pure selfishness.  You are not helping anyone at all when you do this, such as going on disability because really you don’t want to work.  That is pure selfishness, not capitalism!



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