by Joan Watts

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A vaccine disaster.  Right after her second birthday, my daughter Iris had several vaccines.  Within a few weeks she stopped speaking, started banging her head for hours at a time, and often had an upset stomach. Colds and flus would last for up to a month.  She also had sleep difficulties and decreased eye contact.

The need for supplements. We put Iris on a nutritional balancing program and were very motivated to do everything right.  The most difficult part of the program to implement was giving supplements.  I crushed them up and put them into cooked vegetables, nut butters, or yogurt.

However, Iris hated the taste of the supplements to the point of just spitting out her breakfast.  It became a battle of wills.  I would make sometimes three meals in the same morning to try to get in the supplements.

Frustration.  I was extremely frustrated and upset that I was not able to get in all of the supplements.  I drove myself crazy, along with the rest of my family. My husband pointed out that Iris was, indeed, getting some of the supplements and to stop driving myself crazy.

I finally figured out some ways to get her to take supplements, and I calmed down and just made one meal.  If she didnŐt get all the supplements in, I just knew that she would get more in the next meal.  These are helpful and listed in the section below.

Do not give up.  My daughter is now almost 12.  All of her symptoms are completely gone, and she is an extremely bright and healthy child!   A few days ago she told me that I forgot to give her GB-3 (one of the supplements that she absolutely hated for years).

The most important message to take from this article is Do not give up. Just try to mentally work with yourself that a little bit every day is going to help and itŐs better than nothing.  It will pay off.

One of my family members got a hair test for his son. He was having seizures, learning disabilities, mood swings and other behavioral disorders. They tried the supplements once and he did not like them. They never tried the supplements again. He is now in his teens and still has all of the symptoms he had back when he was seven years old.



Image result for picture of a mortar and pestle

Buy a pill crusher or a mortar and pestle (see picture above). These can be purchased in any kitchen supply store. I prefer a longer handle to crush the supplements. The smaller handles I found were harder to use.


The best: Mix crushed supplements into cooked vegetables, nut butter, cream, salad dressing, yogurt, or other foods that are part of the nutritional balancing diet plan.

Next best:  Put crushed up supplements in your childŐs favorite soup or sauce such as tomato sauce, apple sauce, or a white sauce of some sort.  Nut butters can also be made into a sauce by adding a little water.

Third best. Put crushed up supplements in a teaspoon of honey or something naturally sweet to help them take the supplements.  I used organic chocolate syrup.  I mixed the supplements into the chocolate syrup and added a little raw milk and mix together for chocolate milk. You do have to mix the supplements into the syrup before putting in the milk.

You know your child better than anyone else. If you are struggling to give supplements to your child just know that you are not alone, and there is an easy solution but you just havenŐt figured it out yet. Just try to figure out what type of food your child will eat with the supplements. Please keep your child on the program as best as you can as this program will make life changing improvements for the better.  Remember, do not give up!



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