(because he or she is on a development program)

by Us, The Superchildren

© January 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


              This is an article for parents whose children are on a development program.  It is needed because these children are definitely different.

Time required.  After a child begins a development program, it can take a year or two for the qualities below to show up, so be patient!

Some of us are in fairly good health to begin with, but many of us are not.  We will have to retrace and heal for a year or more before we become super children.




Animals.  Most of us love pets, especially dogs.  We heal them and they heal us.  A few of us donŐt like them, however, so ask and pay attention to us on this important topic.


Attention.  Yes, we want your undivided attention, and we know this is not always possible.


Capable.  We can do a lot of things that adults do, although we are still children and we love to play, as well.


Competence.  We are often quite capable and competent for our age.  Please remember this and donŐt treat us like babies all the time.  If we have eliminated our toxic potassium, and perhaps our other Child Minerals, we want more independence.  Please accept this and like it.


Development program.  Parents must keep us on the development diet and program.  A good way to make this easy is by doing it yourselves to set the example.  At least, do the Ňfree programÓ if you cannot afford the whole program.


Guidance.  We need plenty of parental guidance.  Do not shirk your responsibility to control, inform and guide us at all times!.  Especially keep us away from all temptations and all evil people, doctors and other dangerous places and situations.


Headstrong. We are rather stubborn or headstrong because we have some energy, unlike many other children today.  We often do not know what to do with our energy.  Please help us get over this flaw in our personalities.


Healing reactions.  We will go through healing reactions, even as babies! And even if the birth and all was perfect.  Many of us retrace soul problems from before this life began.  Parents, you must understand this and stop worrying about it.  This means that a fever of 102 or 103 F. is nothing to be concerned about!  It is just burning off toxins of old infections.  No Tylenol, please!  A bath that you add cool water to feels great, however.

We need lots of rest, and if we have finished with breastfeeding, we want to live on chicken soup for a few days, and in some cases skip our vitamins for a few days.  

DonŐt panic.  Call your development Helper first.  Be careful about calling regular or holistic or naturopathic doctors, who usually donŐt understand, give drugs and poke us needlessly.


Home schooling.  DonŐt even think about public school for us.  Most charter school are not much better.  In some nations they force us to go to school.  Try to move out of these nations until they change their laws. 

School is mostly sick, today.  The children are sick, the curriculum is sick and the teachers are sick.  Home schooling and home school groups is the future, and the future is now.


Intelligence. We tend to be very smart once we get our brain going.  This is unlike most other children, so do not compare us, please.  They may be better at football or sewing or even writing, for a while.  No problem.  Do not compare us.  That is quite evil.

We have important work to do cleaning up this planet and it takes a lot of our time.  See Work below.


Intensity.  We need humor because we can get intense and too serious, at times.  We just see and feel a lot more than average children, and we donŐt always know what to do with it.


Involvement.  We want to be consulted on everything related to us.  So try to include us in all your family decisions, even where to live and what car to buy.  We know or can find out more than you think.  Right now, stay away fro ALL detergents, for example.  They all contain a poison.  See the top of the Home Page for details.


Junk food.  We often like junk food because it is rigged to be sweet and smell good.  Do not leave it around and definitely do not allow us to have it.  Explain the reasons, however. 

This means you, parents, must be strong, though not arbitrary or cruel.  And it helps to be clever and patient, too. 

You may need to negotiate with us – we eat the food and you give us something we want (but not junk food).  You might offer a trip to the zoo or another special outing, for example, but not junk food like an ice cream treat.  That is not the program!


Maturity.  We tend to be more mature than the other kids who are our age.  However, some of us are so busy with our mission to clean up the planet, for selfish and other reasons, that we are not focused on maturing.  So just beware of all this.


Medical care.  NO VACCINES.  That cannot be said enough.  Put it in writing before you give birth to us, for example.  Tell the doctors they will be sued for millions of dollars if there are any mistakes in this area.  We cannot emphasize this enough.

We also do not want medical drugs, or other poisons.  Please keep us away from the doctors, including the natural doctors.  Call Dr. Wilson if there is a problem.


Other kids.  We sometimes do not like being with the ŇkidsÓ our own age.  Those kids are not mature enough, and act silly and stupid.


Safety. We still have to be very careful not to harm ourselves, by accident.  So plenty of safety rules are needed for us.


Understanding others.  We do not understand other children too well, and may fight with them when they act stupid or ugly.  Please help us understand why they act stupid and donŐt think well.


Work.  We are helping clean up the planet.  It is a pile of work and we do it all day and all night.  We are not just sitting around, eating and pooping.  We are working.  So leave us alone most of the time when you donŐt have something for us to do.

We may act strangely, at times.  DonŐt worry about it and donŐt call the doctor of the psychologist.  Usually, it will pass.

Even those of us who are autistic are working day and night to fix the planet.  Just correct the body and the autism will disappear in most cases.  Do not bring the autistic children to the DAN doctors, whose programs are not as good as a development program.



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