by Lawrence Wilson

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            The other day we listened to two recordings of Cuban music.  One was Afro-Cuban jazz and one was baroque music composed in Cuba.  We were surprised to find this music because most socialist and communist dictatorships ban most music in case it gives people the idea to rise up and revolt against their government.

            So we checked further.  It turns out the reason the Cuban dictatorship allows the music is because it is sold to other nations and brings in a lot of desperately needed money.

You see, before the communists took over, Cuba had many flourishing industries such as the sugar cane industry, fruit-growing, tobacco and others.  The communist regime destroyed them because they were privately owned and operated for profit.  This is capitalism, the enemy of their system.

They need cash, however, so today the Cuban regime allows musical entrepreneurs to make and sell compact discs.  It is a return to free-market capitalism.

All communist and socialist governments do the same thing.  They rant against free markets and capitalism, but when they need money they turn to the best way to produce quality goods and services – free market capitalism.

In reality, the tyrants donŐt like capitalism because they canŐt control it.  But by unleashing the creativity of the individual, free markets benefit humanity far more than the failed economies of the socialist and communist dictatorships.



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