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            Some may think this article is crazy, but it is not.  The newer type of ‘SMART’ electric meters that are being installed everywhere are not safe.  The power companies love these meters because they save the power company money.  They do this because they do not require a technician to read the meter every month.

Instead, these meters contain a radio transmitter that sends a signal to a receiver at a central office or to a vehicle that drives around the neighborhood.  The system is quite automated, so that the power company can know quickly how much power each consumer is using at all times.  They can adjust their machinery accordingly, responding rapidly to power demands due to the season, weather, and other variables.  It is definitely a technological advance over the old meters that are just electro-mechanical measuring devices, that require a technician to read the numbers once a month to know how much power is being used.




The problems include:

1. A powerful radio transmitter on the wall of your home.  The smart meter is installed often just on the other side of a wall of your home, and may be near the bedroom or other places you spend a lot of time.  Even if it is not aimed at your bedroom, radio transmitters tend to transmit in all directions.  This means you are being blasted with radio signals continuously.

Some people feel the radio frequency emissions from the smart meter radio transmitters very definitely.  They  causing symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, and other things.  People with lung problems seem to feel it more, although I do not know why this is so.


2. Multiple units.  If one smart meter were the only radio transmitter near you, it would not be so bad.  However, in almost all cases, many similar transmitters are blasting you all day and all night.  This definitely compounds the problems.  Other sources of electromagnetic “smog” or pollution include:

a. Nearby smart meters.  In most area, houses are close together and the meters in the surrounding homes are affecting you as well.

b. Wifi.  Many people already have wifi, which is usually a less powerful radio transmitter, but nevertheless is another transmitter.  These are found in modems, routers, computers, printers, projectors, newer TV sets, loud speakers, headphones, and the list goes on.  One wifi unit is usually not a problem, but many homes have half a dozen or more of them.  The electrical problems from them are cumulative, so the more that are present, the worse the problem is.

c. Cell phones.  Other wireless devices include cell phones that many people are using for all their telephone needs.

d. Other.  Computer screens, flat screen televisions and other ‘screens’ or electronic devices that emit various types of EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies.  Automobiles are increasingly using them, too, for various devices from navigation systems to toll-collecting devices in some areas.

No one seems to be paying attention to how many of these devices we are exposed to.  This is definitely making some people ill, if not everyone.  I know this because we are receiving more and more complaints, as is our government.  However, they are so far not telling the pubic, and definitely not doing much about it.  That is the reason for this alert.


3. Weaponization of the smart electric meters.  This is an even worse problem with some smart meters and cell phone towers.  According to reliable sources, the transmitters in the phone towers and the smart electric meters are being fitted with devices that transmit specific signals or frequencies that are known to be harmful to human beings. 

In some areas, for example, many more cell phone towers are being erected than are needed.  This is very suspicious.  If a community objects, they can be sued by the phone companies, so most do not object.  This is a form of cyber or psychotronic warfare and nothing less.

This form of warfare is not discussed much in the media or anywhere.  However, it has been used by governments and others for at least 100 years.  Researchers found that while some radio, microwave and other frequencies are beneficial for our bodies, others are definitely harmful.  It did not take long for the military and other spy agencies to construct weapons that emit these frequencies. 

The devices are tiny, and can be easily concealed in any radio transmitter found in a telephone, router, computer, printer, or smart meter.  This is a large subject.  I wrote a short article about it entitled psychotronic warfare on this website.




            A number of things can be done:

1. Do not use any more wireless devices than is absolutely needed.  I know this is difficult because everyone loves the fact that these devices do not require cumbersome wires.


2. Get rid of your smart meter.  This is possible in most states.  You may have to pay a fee, but it is worth it.


3. If you suspect too many cell phone towers in your area, join with others to object.  More and more, citizens are joining together to object to the random placement of cell phone towers.  Eventually, all the towers need to come down and the system replaced with a different one that does not ‘pollute’ electromagnetically.  This is possible, but it may take years.


4. Be careful when you buy automobiles and everything else that they are not loaded with wireless gadgets that just expose you to more EMFs.


5. You can protect yourself with copper plates placed between you and a smart meter.  It may not be perfect, but is better than nothing.  The copper must be ¼” thick or thicker.  If you cannot find copper plate, then use several layers of thinner copper, at least 2 feet by 2 feet square on the wall inside where a smart meter is placed.


6. Definitely turn off all wireless devices near where you sleep, and preferably all over the house.


7. Try to work in an electrically ‘clean’ environment, although this is getting harder and harder to find.


8. Apartments are even worse than private houses, since so many people are living close together.


9. Take an interest in cyber and psychotronic warfare and realize it is real and it is going on  in America and around the world.  It is a serious problem that gets worse every year.


10. Grounding yourself, using so-called Earthing technology, helps some people with EMF sensitivity.


11. Wearing silk clothing, and the use of pendants and special cloth designed to repel harmful EMFs help some people, as well.  However, the effects are quite variable.  A good website is http://www.emfdoctors.com.


12. Join or form a group of citizens to look into EMF problems.  This is how important it is.


For more information, please see the article entitled EMFs on this site.




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