By Dr. Lawrence Wilson and Lara

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Definition:  A showoff is a person, or even an animal, that wants to impress others, or attract attention to the self.  He or she may do this through dress, behavior, mannerisms, words, efforts, or some other method.

A showoff has a boastful, arrogant, flaunting quality to his or her behavior, dress, mannerisms or actions.

Showoffs are always superficial, arrogant, opportunistic, narcissistic, egotistical, unaware, vampires, deluded, manipulative, and in a few cases, ignorant.  This article is for them.       


Showoffs are everywhere, and we can all be one, at times.  So this article is for everyone, not just the obvious showoffs.




This means that all of the time, anyone with a body is communicating something.  The only question is “What do you want to communicate?”

The showoff may communicate many things, but in addition, always communicates that he or she is “better than others”, “deserves your attention”, “something special” or, as some say, “really hot”.  This is one way to understand a showoff.




Most men who are showoffs are smart, often good-looking, and some are brilliant or excellent actors.  Some are sports stars, music stars, politicians, doctors, attorneys, or in some other occupation or position in which they can attract attention to themselves.




Most female showoffs are teenagers or younger women.  Some are pretty, or attractive in some other way such as having nice breasts, nice legs, or curvy hips.  A few are scientists or journalists, or have some other talent.  Some are also actresses, music stars, or even female sports stars.

Mating behavior.  Women who are attractive in some way often end up showing off.  Some of this is standard mating behavior – an attempt to attract the opposite sex for a marriage and to have children.  This is programmed into women, and it is a good thing if it helps reproduce the species.  Where it goes wrong is when the woman is already married or not really interested in a husband.  She just decides that “since I have it, why not flaunt it”.  Here it turns ugly, and we must discuss it, ladies!

Here are the effects of just showing off the pretty female body:

1. It makes all other women angry, jealous and worried about losing their husbands.  This is very nasty, in fact.  So please do not do this, ladies!

2. It excites the men sexually.  They give up a little life energy to the showoff.  Also, it tears them away from their wives and girlfriends, a little.  They become less grounded and less centered as a result of having to deal with the showoff women all around them.

This is a cruel and nasty thing to do to men, although many young teens and other young women, do not really understand this effect.  They often know that they are competing with other women for the attention of men.  However, they don’t realize that “putting out the scent” is not a good thing for men.  A little is fine to attract a husband, but that is all, ladies!  Some men don’t like showoff women for this reason.  Most can control themselves, but a few will become violent toward any girl who shows off.  So if you are smart, stay away from showoffs - and don’t do it yourself.



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