By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Opening the seventh energy center and keeping it wide open is one of the most important things anyone can do for their health, their psychological well-being, and their survival.  This short article details a few methods that work well to balance, grow and open the seventh energy center.

I will discuss the methods first, with commentary afterwards.




1. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  This is critical today because all of the bodies are malnourished to toxic.  This may sound like a false generalization, but other than a few people living in primitive cultures on special diets, most of the bodies are malnourished due to nutritionally inferior food, which includes all of it.

The reasons for this include the use of superphosphate fertilizers in the past 100 years of so, the use of pesticides, stress, refined foods in the diet, and toxic metals and chemicals in the environment.  Other reasons are radiation in the environment, too much electromagnetic stress from cell phone towers, automobile electronics, use of vaccines and medical drugs, and perhaps other insults to the body.


2. Strive for integrity.  This is not easy.  Integrity means that all parts of your life fit together perfectly or in an integrated manner.  It means the way you treat people is always the same, no matter who they are, and you treat yourself the same, as well.

Integrity actually requires quite a strong will, a willingness to do whatever it takes to stay balanced and centered, and not to be too influenced by the forces and people around you.  This is no easy feat for most people.

Integrity is related to honesty, but is not the same.  Honesty is discussed below.  The seventh center has much to do with integrity.  For more on this topic, please read Integrity on this site.


3. Always seek for the truth.  This is also not easy because the truth is often painful, depressing, deflating for the ego, embarrassing, humiliating, and sometimes downright nasty.   However, a healthy seventh energy center has everything to do with truth-seeking.

Truth is the vertical axis of a person and the connection with the Holy Spirit of Christian thought.

Seeking the truth means being willing to change your opinions, for example, and to change your friends, your work, and other things as truth is revealed about them.


4. Openness.  This means the willingness to speak openly about most every topic.  There should be no taboos or “sacred cows” that cannot be discussed.  This is another difficult task for most people.  Most people just would rather not talk about their religion, their politics, their traumas, and other personal matters.  Yet the willingness to speak about all things is very helpful to develop the seventh energy center.

Willingness does not mean that one just shouts it all from the rooftops, as some people are wont to do.  In fact, this is not a good or safe idea at all.  Willingness means you agree to discuss openly whatever is needed at the time.


5. Helpfulness.  This means doing whatever needs to be done.  It is a businessman’s attitude and an entrepreneurial attitude, in this respect.  It means you are willing to “just get in the ditch and dig”.  You are not too fussy, and you are willing to help, whatever that means.

This is another excellent trait and behavior that develops the seventh center quickly.  It means that one is humble, and willing to lend a hand.  One is not “above it all”, but rather is willing to get a little dirty, take the plunge, if needed, and just help out.

Many people are not willing to do this, even if they are paid to do so.  They simply do not want to “dirty their hands” with many tasks.  They will do their job, but they will not chip in and help others in unusual or often mundane ways.  So keep this trait in mind, because it is helpful for the seventh center.


6. Prioritize wisely.  This is also most helpful for the seventh energy center.  It means you are willing and able to separate the essential from the less essential, and can separate both of these from the harmful things in life.  This is the essence of the ability to prioritize.




It is the uppermost physical energy center on the body.  It is located at the crown of the head, and is funnel-shaped.  Its origin is in the pineal gland, which is in the center of the brain, more or less.

From the pineal gland point, it expands upward and slightly backward, in most people.  It emerges from the head in the area of the crown of the head.  This is somewhat behind the top of the head.




When an energy center opens, two or more changes occur.  These are:


1. The energy center grows in size.  When not opened, this center is about one or two inches above the head, and about one inch wide.  As the center opens, it becomes much larger and much wider, as well.

2. The center glows more brightly.  This cannot be seen by most people, but some people do see or sense the aura or glow of the energy centers on people.  As the center opens, it glows more brightly and the color or appearance is clearer and cleaner looking.

3. In addition to the two changes above, as the center opens it may change color from a murky purple to a milder indigo or violet color, and then to a whitish color.

4. Those who can see the energy center also report that it spins right to left as it grows, and there is an outward movement from the body upward into the sky, as well. 

Women who are not developed have an inward motion of this energy center, and this is important for them to shift.  The methods in this article will help this to occur quickly.




This energy center aligns a person with his or her “high self”, or spiritual part of oneself.    It is also the connection with the Holy Spirit of Christianity.  It is very important today because an open seventh center helps a person not to be swayed by negativity, falsehood, deception and lies.  This is its main importance.

An open seventh center also preserves physical life.  As this center shuts down with age, usually the physical life of the person comes to a close.




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