by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Some clients complain that during a nutritional balancing program, they become very sensitive to certain foods such as fast food, electromagnetic fields, perfumes and colognes, sounds, or something else.  This usually passes, but can be annoying.




Two clients reported that when they went off their diet and ate fast food, it caused severe diarrhea.

A client reported that suddenly she could not tolerate spicy food any more.  It caused stomach pain and diarrhea.  This passed after about a year and now she tolerates most types of food.

Another client reported extreme electromagnetic stress after several years on the program.  He could not even ride in a car.  Fortunately, this passed after a few weeks.

Another client reported extreme sensitivity to the deodorant odor that a workman was wearing who came to his home.  He had to leave the house until the odor dissipated.  This problem passed after a year or so.




1. General.  A general answer is that the body goes through phases when it does not want to handle extra stressors such as eating junk food or being in a room with a lot of electromagnetic pollution.

An analogy is that if one is remodeling one’s house, there may be days when the house cannot be used for entertaining, or cooking food, or something else.  This occurs because construction or remodeling is at a particular phase when any intrusion would upset things.


2. Clean can mean sensitive.  A cleaner body should be more sensitive to introducing toxins into it.  This is healthy and can save your life. 

An analogy is that if your car is filthy, throwing some mud on it will hardly be noticeable.  However, if you clean your car, throwing mud on it will be very obvious and objectionable.


3. Retracing a biochemical pattern.  During a nutritional balancing program, one may retrace a particular biochemical pattern or situation such as weak adrenals that cause extra sensitivity to a food or other item.


4. Retracing a trauma.  During a nutritional balancing program, one may retrace an emotional or physical trauma that may also increase your sensitivity to something.  The food, odor or other item may trigger a memory, for example, that is unpleasant.  Once the trauma is cleared, this will go away.




Options to try are:

1.  Do more of the pushing down exercise and other detoxification procedures to make the sensitivity pass more quickly.

2. Take fewer doses of supplements per day.  That slows down the healing process and reduces sensitivity, in a few cases.

3. Put up with it, knowing that it is usually temporary.



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