by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Patterns associated with emotional outbursts are sometimes also called explosions.  Hair mineral patterns associated with emotional outburst are the following.  One can have several of these at once, which would accentuate an explosion pattern:


1. An increase in the sodium/potassium ratio.  This is especially true if the sodium/potassium ratio goes from very low (0.4 or 0.5) to high (5 or greater).


2. An increase in the oxidation rate.  This is more pronounced if the person moves from slow to fast oxidation, or if the increase in the oxidation rate is large (for example, if the calcium/potassium ratio goes from 100 to 2).


3. A calcium shell changing to no calcium shell on a retest.


4. Coming out of a four lows pattern.  This is moreso if a person moves into fast oxidation, or into a three or four highs pattern.


5. A release of toxic potassium.  This is indicated on a retest hair mineral analysis as a rise in the potassium level and/or a decrease in the sodium/potassium ratio.

Toxic potassium is a Ňchild mineralÓ that tends to attach a person to his parents.  When it comes out, a person tends to feel much more independent and this can cause an emotional outburst.


Sodium.  These patterns are positive, but can be very upsetting. There is usually a significant increase in the sodium level or a major ratio involving sodium.  Dr. Eck called sodium the volatility element.

These outbursts are a release of pent up and often repressed emotions that can cause dangerous and unpredictable behavior.

At times, the increase in sodium is accompanied by a release to toxic metals.  This is very positive, as well.  Also, the phosphorus level may increase, another positive indicator.


Part of a retracing sequence.  The sequence requires viewing three or perhaps even four hair tests. 

The sequence often begins with the sodium/potassium ratio decreasing.  If the retracing or trauma is severe, the sodium/potassium ratio may decrease down to 0.3 or 0.4.  There is a trauma point in this range.  This is a point where the person becomes stuck in the trauma.  There is another trauma point around and Na/K ratio of 0.9 to 1.0, but it is less severe.

The next step in the sequence is the explosion, or jump in the sodium/potassium ratio from very low to elevated.  This is when the emotional outbursts usually occur.


More common in men.  We are not sure why, but the outbursts tend to be more common in men.


Related to trauma.  In these cases, which are fortunately uncommon, often there was early childhood trauma of some kind, and the emotional outburst is part of the process of resolving and undoing the trauma.  The person must get used to living without the trauma, which may be more difficult than one might imagine, especially if one has lived with the trauma for many years.

In these cases, counseling can be helpful.  In a few cases, temporary use of sedative psychiatric medication may be needed to control behavior until the person stabilizes.


Case history.  B.D., age 25, had a history of anxiety for many years.  After about 1 year on a development program, he suddenly became enraged and screamed and threw kitchen objects at his mother after she made a minor comment about his appearance.

She became very alarmed and had her son committed to a mental institution, as she had no idea what was going on.  He was put on psychiatric medication and was slowly weaned off the medication over a period of about one year.  He then resumed his development program and is doing very well on it.

A hair test done at this time revealed a rise in the sodium/potassium ratio from about 0.4 to over 10!  This is an enormous increase and very rare.  It means the young manŐs energy level increased drastically, and emotions that were suppressed or chronic, such as hostility, emerged into the open as extreme anger and rage.

The oxidation rate also increased.  When these occurred, his nutritional supplement regimen was incorrect and may have further fueled a problem.


Psychological understanding.  In psychological understanding, this is considered very positive, and it turned out to be extremely positive.  However, temporarily, it caused an emotional outburst.



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