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            I am told there is a project called The Scalia Project to restore the United States to true constitutional rule, and then to spread the ideas to other nations.  It is like a rebooting of the nation.

The project sounds wonderful.  I am told it includes basically a secret constitutional government in the United States. 

However, I have absolutely no proof of it at this time, so I will not write much about it.  I am also told that the secrecy is coming to an end, which would be nice.  I will write more if and when I have proof of its existence.  The following are some of the reasons why such a project is needed.




            Anyone who studies American history and the United States constitution knows that the United States has drifted quite far away from its founding constitutional principles.  Examples of this are:

- Citizenship.  The original American Citizenship is a State Citizenship and a sovereign citizenship.  However, after the Civil War, the 14th Amendment gave the freed slaves an inferior national citizenship. 

Since then, all Americans have been transferred into this inferior citizenship.  In the laws, the people of America are now called residents and subjects of the government instead of sovereign Citizens.  This is completely different and the people have lost many rights.  One can challenge this in court, but most judges and juries are misinformed and challenging the intentional confusion is difficult.

- Voting.  The constitution says that electors will vote.  This entire system has been dismantled today.  Therefore, all the elections are fraudulent in America.

- Money.  The constitution says that Congress shall have the power to coin and regulate the money.  However, since 1912, American money has been issued and controlled by a private corporation, the Federal Reserve.  This is in direct violation of the US Constitution and has led to terrible inflation, the great depression and stealing the wealth of the people.

- Occupational licensing.  Occupational licenses abound, in violation of the right to contract freely and the right to associate freely.  The rationale for all these licenses is a thoroughly concocted and un-American legal doctrine called the police powers.

This is the same doctrine that is being used to illegally confine people to their homes during the recent Chinese virus and to shut down their businesses.  These actions violate the takings clause of the constitution (the government may not take private property unless the owners receive due compensation (not a business loan) and there must be due process.  The recent actions also violate freedom of speech (commercial speech can be viewed as an implied right to do business) and violates the freedom to assemble (First Amendment).

- No more limited government.  The U.S. National Constitution establishes limits on the power of the national government.  It also spells out the duties and responsibilities of the national government and says the rest is up to the States and the people (Tenth Amerndment).

Today, the national government has completely overstepped and taken on powers it is not supposed to have.  For example, it is not supposed to be involved in education, health care, welfare programs, housing, medical research such as the National Institutes of Health, and much more.

One way this has occurred is by confusing the two jobs of the Congress.  The US Congress is supposed to have quite limited power over the 50 States.  However, the Constitution also gives Congress a lot of power over the territories and possessions of the United States, such as Puerto Rico. 

These two jobs have been intentionally and thoroughly confused.  Many of our laws such as the government regulatory agencies – Food And Drug Administration, Internal Revenue Service and many others – really do not apply to the States, but the people are told they do apply.  It is a nasty trick.

- Fake property deeds.  Americans are no longer given the correct deeds to their property, in violation of the State and National Constitutions.  Instead, they are given warranty deeds and the government keeps (and controls) your property.  Proof of this is that they can confiscate your property if you don’t pay your property taxes.

- Fake auto titles.  Americans are no longer given the title or deed to their automobiles.  Instead, they are given a “certificate of title” when they buy a car.  The government keeps the real title, so the government really owns the car.  Proof of this is they can prevent you from using your car if you don’t register it properly and for other reasons.

- Owning the people.  Birth certificates and marriage licenses are set up so that your children are the property of the government.  They no longer belong to their parents.  Proof of this is that if someone reports that you are mistreating your children, even if it is not true, the government can come in and take away your children. 

If you are wise, do not get a marriage license and do not get birth certificates for your child.  Incidentally, birth certificates are part of the Department Of Commerce, meaning that your children are considered objects or products.

 - Fake income tax.  I am told that the Income Tax Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (16th Amendment) was never properly ratified.  However, the government acts as though it was ratified, puts people in jail for not paying the tax, and so on. 

I also have read and believe that the income tax also only applies in the territories and possessions of the United States, but not in the 50 states.  However, this is also ignored completely.

- Violating the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment to the US Constitution and similar clauses in all of the State Constitutions state that the government may not pass any laws that interfere with the right to own and bear firearms.  However, states have passed hundreds of laws restricting gun sales, gun use, background checks, registration laws, and more.

Also, the Citizens are not allowed to buy the newer weapons such as rail guns and laser weapons.  These are much more powerful. Even the police can’t get them and they are needed to defend against today’s high-tech criminals.

- Killing babies (We won’t use the word abortion because it is a euphemism that sounds clean and tidy, which of course is a lie.) 

At its founding, America adopted the English Common Law code of behavior.  This is the context of the US Constitution – an extremely important concept.

For example, you will not find in the U.S. Constitution any laws prohibiting murder, robbery or rape.  The reason is that this is already in the English Common Law, upon which American law is founded.  The founders of America did not need to repeat these laws.

The English Common Law prohibits killing babies.  It is very clear.  However, in 1973, the US Supreme Court literally concocted a new “right” to kill your baby.

Making up new rights is not the job of the courts of America.  This is the job of the legislature.  When judges make up rights and make law it is called “legislating from the bench” or “judicial activism”.  It is absolutely improper and illegal.

The job of the courts is to check to see if a law is in accordance with American law, not to make up new laws.

Judges that make up new laws are violating a very critical doctrine in American law called the separation of powers.  This important legal doctrine states that there will be three equal and separate branches of government in America.  These are:

- The legislative branch or Congress that makes the laws.

- The executive branch that enforces the laws.  (This is the president and his helpers)

- The judicial branch or courts that judge whether the laws are in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

If one of the branches of government takes over the function of another one, the nation is well on its way to dictatorship.  Also, judges that legislate from the bench violate their oath of office, which is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.  These judges should immediately be removed from office, but this is not being done in the United States today.

- Legalizing homosexuality and homosexual marriage.  The English Common Law prohibits homosexuality for many reasons.  It weakens the family unit, the basis for society.  It also spreads disease and more.  There exists over 1000 years of legal precedents and case law to back this up, with plenty of explanation.  However, in the past five years, the U.S. Supreme Court totally ignored all this case law and made up a new “right” to homosexual marriage.  Once again, making new laws is not the job of the courts and is thus unconstitutional.

- Rule by regulations, rather than laws.  In America today, most of the “laws” are not laws at all.  They are regulations made up by government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and about 45 other regulatory agencies.  This is totally illegal in America.  The laws are supposed to be made by the Congress or legislatures, not by unelected bureaucrats in government agencies. 

Once again, this is a serious violation of the doctrine of separation of powers.  Regulatory agencies combine the legislative, executive and judicial power into one agency.  The entire US Congress is to blame for this problem and they have all violated their oath of office in this way.

- Executive orders.  All recent American presidents have issued executive orders, a practice that is in clear violation of the US Constitution.  Issuing such orders is legislating without the consent of the people.  Legislation is the job of the Congress, not the job of the president.  His job is to execute the laws.

- Treason.  Treason means deliberately collaborating with the enemies of the United States, with the intent to destroy the nation.  For example, the current behavior of the Democratic Party in objecting to protecting the southern border of America is clearly treasonous.  Everyone knows that thousands of people pour over this border every year in a manner that is totally illegal and quite dangerous because they bring drugs, disease, and more.

The current president of the United States wants to stop the crisis and the Democrats continue to block his efforts to build a wall and put in place other safeguards.  This is treason, which is punishable by death. 

The former Democratic Party president, Mr. Obama, went even further and blocked efforts by states such as Arizona and Texas to protect their own borders.  This is also treason.  Yet no one does anything about this serious crime.

The Democrats are much worse in this regard.  However, some Republicans also participate and all who are involved from both parties should be removed from office, but nothing is being done about this.

- The mass media.  The mass media in the United States (and around the world) print lies every day.   This is called fraud because these companies are supposed to print the truth.  If they print an opinion, it should be so labeled and this is not being done.

These companies should immediately be sued and put out of existence.  Radio and television media such as CNN, MSNBC, NPR and others should immediately lose their broadcast license because they too are committing fraud, slander and other crimes.  However, no one is doing this to our knowledge.


The Scalia Project supposedly is a way to fix all these problems and is a parallel secret government that exists right now, holds elections, has its own three branches of government, and has even held a constitutional convention to clarify and rectify problems in the Constitutions.  I am told that the problems began around 1830 and that many aspects of American life are fraudulent after this time.  I hope it is real, but I have no proof at this time (November 2019). 



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