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            This is the name of the project to restore the United States to her former glory and purpose.  The project is named after Judge Antonin Scalia, one of the few recent American Supreme Court justices who understood fully the US Constitution and its implications.


Purpose.  To restore the United States to its former greatness as the world’s first constitutional republic.  This involves teaching people all over the world about the American experiment with self-governance, and what has been done to destroy it, especially what was done after about 1830.  This is an enormous task, but the work has begun and is proceeding.

            In fact, the Great Fraud has been going on since close to the founding of America.  However, the really egregious violations of the Constitution began in the 1830s with the Slaughter House Supreme Court cases, so that is the starting point for the Scalia project.




            Scalia focuses on at least ten areas in which the US Constitution has been violated:

1. Citizenship.  This area is one of the worst.  The American people are supposed to be sovereign state citizens.  Instead, they have been reduced to persons and residents thanks to the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution and other tricks.  These names amount to a second-class citizenship with many fewer rights.

2. Debasement of the money.  This is also an enormous fraud perpetrated on the American people, most recently by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  This law is thoroughly unconstitutional as it takes control of the money away from the citizens of the USA and gives it to a private group of bankers, who control it to this day.  The law has been used to basically steal the wealth of the American people.

3. The 16th Amendment – the Income Tax Amendment – was never properly ratified.  It is thus illegal.

4. Implementing regulations should not have the force of law because they are not statutes passed by a legislature.  They are nothing but rules made up by unelected bureaucrats to carry out various laws passed by Congress.  However, they are assumed to be “the law” when they are not.  Today, there are thousands of these regulations governing every area of American life.  A citizen has very little recourse when regulations are unfair, unjust or just stupid, and this is wrong.

5. Juries:  American juries are supposed to judge not only innocence and guilt, but also to judge the constitutionality of the laws themselves.  This is called the power of jury nullification.

Jury nullification is a very important power of the jury.  Otherwise, the government can pass any wicked law it chooses, with very little recourse by the people.  However, very few judges, if any, today inform jurors of this important role and power of the jury. 

6. The requirement for a marriage license and the requirement for a birth certificate are both illegal.  Both of these phony “licenses” are, in fact, adhesion contracts violate.  This means they are easy to get into but carry a lot of importance and may be difficult to get out of.

They are clearly an overstepping of government power and violate certain constitutional rights of citizenship.

7. Proper deeds to property and real titles to automobiles must be given to citizens when they own property or automobiles.  Right now a person who owns a home is only given a warranty deed instead of full title to his land and home.  The actual title is retained by the government. 

As a result, citizens do not have full rights to that home.  The proof of this is the government can take the home away if the citizen does not pay his property taxes.  This is not constitutional.

            Also, when one buys a car today one is given a certificate of title, rather than the actual title or deed of ownership.  The state retains the true title of your car.

As a result, the government really owns your car and can steal it (impound it) if you don’t pay your registration fee, or in other circumstances.

Also, all citizens should be free to use all public roads, which are public property.  Laws that restrict use of the roads to those who have drivers licenses and have paid registration fees are all illegal and need to be changed.

 8. All occupational licensing laws, such as those licensing doctors, nurses, cosmetologists, laboratories, real estate brokers, contractors, accountants and attorneys are unconstitutional.  They restrict the right to contract freely and other parts of the US and the state constitutions.  They are based upon a false legal doctrine called the police powers.

While few realize it, the occupational licensing laws have destroyed the integrity of professions such as medicine and law, and harmed millions of people.

For example, licensed attorneys should not be required to try cases in court.   Anyone should be able to defend another person in court, not just a licensed attorney.  Also, attorneys should not be able to throw people off juries of whom they disapprove.

In the medical field, licenses should not be required to give out medications, run laboratory tests, review laboratory tests, work in clinics and hospitals, take high-paying research jobs, and to accept health insurance.

9. All forced or mandated government welfare programs in America are illegal.  The American government can set up welfare programs, but they must be voluntary.  They have no power to force all Americans to participate in programs such as Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman’s Compensation and a host of other programs.

Some people do not realize that it is these programs that are bankrupting the United States today.  The USA has the highest debt level of any modern nation, and the former president, Mr. Obama, added more debt than all other administrations combined.  Debt is ruinous to any nation, and this is well-understood and well-planned by those who would destroy America.

10. Other.  Asset forfeiture laws, and many other laws are unconstitutional, and need to be abolished.


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