By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Some people believe that the world is completely run by evil people and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  This article explores this topic.


If one believes that the world is basically evil, a question arises as to whether one should tolerate it or commit suicide to get out of it.  Another possibility is perhaps to move to another place where things are better.

A related question is whether to continue to strive to do good in the world, or to just give up and join with the liars and deceivers.   Some say we need to move closer to God as a response.




              An interesting point of view is that of the Jeshua teaching.  This teaching is explained in the book, The Real Self, on this site.  The same is presented in an audio program on this site, as well.

            The teaching is that you may believe whatever you wish.  However, whatever you choose to believe, it will manifest in your life.  That is how powerful are our thoughts.

            Many say they think only positive, loving thoughts.  However, in fact, in between the loving thoughts, many people unconsciously think negative thoughts.

In other words, thinking is creative.  If we believe in evil and evil doers, they will show up.  We have the power to create them (and by implication, to uncreate them.) 

If my life or food or something else is all mixed up, it is because I have brought this into manifestation with my thoughts.

If you are a soul with a body, you thought it into existence.  If you are unhappy with it, you can change it by changing your thinking.

If we do not like our creations, we have the power to uncreate them.

This is a power teaching.  All power is ours.

The task is becoming aware of and then learning to control our thoughts.  This will then produce a better life and a much better world.

This can sound egotistical or arrogant, but the question is whether it is the truth, and the teaching say yes, it is.


            The teaching goes on to say that it is all a dream or a kind of play or drama.  William Shakespeare wrote that “all the world is a stage”.  This creation is space, time, bodies, good people, evil people, cold, heat, food, etc. …

This creation is all a dream and will end some day.  Creation will end, just as it began.  So it is best to just relax and enjoy the play as much as you can.  If you don’t like your role or part, you can change it.  The main way to do this is to change your thinking.


The teaching is that we are creators and nothing less.  We are perfect, but we are confused so we create poorly or in a confused way and that is the world we see around us.  The world is just a feedback system showing us what we are thinking.


The question then arises: How can we become aware of thoughts so that we can change them and control them?  

            Answers include:


– Feedback from the world.  Note what is around you and occurring.  It does tell us how to change to a degree – try something else.  If what you are doing is not producing the results you want, dress differently, eat differently, act differently.

- Read and study.  You can change through knowing more.

- Do the Roy Masters exercise.  Be aware of your right hand one finger at a time.  It slows thoughts so you can see them and become aware of them.

– Do the Pushing Down Exercise – this will also slow down the mind and show you your thoughts as you struggle to concentrate on the exercise.

- Ask for help in changing your thoughts.  This can be done with prayer, or seeking counseling.  One can pray “Please help me change my thoughts”.

- Do work in the world.  It also will show you about your thoughts.

- Follow a development program.  This heals the brain in a deep way and we know this changes people’s thoughts.



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