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            A progression.  Rocking progression is a rare hair mineral pattern only observable when viewing 3 or more successive hair mineral analysis retests.  This is technically called a hair analysis progression because it involves more than 2 hair mineral tests viewed at one time.


Criteria for this progression. 


1. On successive tests, the oxidation rate shifts from faster to slower and back again to faster, and so on.  The oxidation rate may shift from actual slow oxidation to actual fast oxidation, but not necessarily.  In other words, it might shift from very slow to mild slow, and then back to very slow, for example.

2. A visual progression.  Visually, on a graph from Analytical Research Labs or ARL, the first four numbers appear as though the person is rocking back and forth between faster and slower oxidation, and hence the name, rocking pattern.

3. A bowl and three lows patterns.  These are often present with the rocking progression.

4. There are several types of rockers:

A) Gentle rockers are more often men.  In these cases, the chart is often a three lows pattern, often almost a 4 lows pattern.  A mild bowl pattern is often present that shifts from a mild fast bowl to a mild slow bowl pattern, and back again on successive tests.

B) Wild rockers may be men or women.  In these cases, the oxidation rate shifts in a more extreme way, often between extremely slow and slightly fast oxidation.  In these cases, the sodium/potassium ratio is usually normal or elevated, especially when the oxidation rate is very slow.

            C) Babies and children.  Some children will rock back and forth between very fast oxidation and mild fast oxidation.




            A soul healing pattern.  Healing occurs at different levels of a person’s body, mind and soul.  The rocking progression is a soul-level healing pattern.  This means that the main “action” or activity is at the soul level.  Generally, that action is the updating and upgrading of the following minerals at a soul level, rather than just a body level:


1. Lithium

2. Chromium

3. Rubidium

4. Others, such as manganese, at times.


Marriage.  At a mental and physical level, rocking pattern often has to do with resolving issues having to do with marriage.


The rocking action of the minerals – from faster to slower and back to faster oxidation, is very special.  Like the activity of a rocking chair, it seems to calm the body and in this way it allows deep healing to take place.  Rocking is an excellent pattern, although it may not cause significant symptomatic changes and the hair test may also not reflect too much apparent change.

An amigo dump.  With a rocking pattern, at times on successive hair mineral tests, you will see the elimination of an amigo or two.  For this reason, this pattern can be termed an amigo dump or amigo elimination.  Eliminating the amigos and replacing them with better forms of minerals such as chromium, lithium, rubidium and others is an important step in healing for most everyone, at one point or another.  This is what is occurring with the rocking progression.




The rocking progression is rare, and is only seen in those who are faithfully following a nutritional balancing program - at least following the diet and the supplement program.  It also seems that one must be fairly well nourished, and have a fairly stable lifestyle in order for the rocking pattern to occur.




Rocking is fortunately rare, because setting up the supplement program is not easy.  The problem is that the person’s oxidation rate keeps changing from fast to slow and back again, over and over.  

We suggest a program that includes the basic supplements, and the person may have to change the Metabolic Pak from time to time, as needed.  If confusion occurs, then the person needs to have their practitioner check with us to figure out what is going on.




Rocking always involves intervention by advanced beings.  While this may seem unusual, several patterns such as four lows are also intervention patterns.



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