by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The rays are a kind of radiance that shines outward from some people.  The rays always emanate from individuals, and the rays shine out into the world to improve it.

As one advances with development, one will radiate more and more on one or more of the rays.  Eventually, one radiates on all the rays to some degree.

The rays are very real.  They are not something imaginary or metaphorical.  They can be seen by those with enough clarity of vision to see them in the aura or energy field of a person.  They appear as rays shining outward from the head of the person, and they tend to always have a color.

Undeveloped people (most people) do not have these shining lights around them.  Over the age of 30, a few people begin to show them.  Anyone who follows a development program for at least one year or more will have some of one of the rays shining forth from the head area.  This is a way to know if someone is really following the program correctly.

The ray is not the same as the light around a person that is caused by good health.  The rays are much more special and require mental and physical development to occur.

Less than 1 percent of the earthÕs population has a ray around them at all.  This is about average for a planet like earth.  Christians tend to have the ray quality the most of any group on earth.  Other religions do not encourage the rays as much.

Which of the rays one displays depends upon the proclivities and desires of the person, and the state of health and the level of development, as well.  Here are the first seven of the rays:


1. The red ray.  This ray is grounding, above all.  It has to do with the earth and its inhabitants.  It is used to penetrate the earth and to heal the earth in many ways.  It is a ray of many women on earth and elsewhere.  Women are more oriented toward the earth and the land, which is the province of this ray.


2. The orange ray.  This ray has to do with man-woman relationships, above all.  However, it has to do with the relationships between male and female forces throughout the cosmos, as well.  It is another ray of many women on earth and elsewhere, as this is an area of particular interest to women more than to most men.


3. The yellow ray.  This ray has to do with power and control.  It is used to further the purposes of the masters of the earth and elsewhere.  It is usually more of interest to men, although there are more and more women taking an interest in this area of life.


4. The green ray.  This is the ray of healing, in particular.  Doctors, nurses, and many other types of healers such as chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, other body workers, nutritionists and others all deal with this ray.  It is a very important ray for the planet at this time.  Both men and women congregate in this ray today to help clean up the planet and its people.


5. The blue ray.  This ray has to do with expression in the world.  It is an important ray, and one favored by men over women, in most cases.  However, more women are taking an interest in this ray at this time in history.


6. The indigo ray.  This ray has to do with large projects in the world.  These include such things as forming nations, raising up entire populations of people or other creatures, and other large projects in the world.  It is traditionally more of interest to men, but there are more women taking an interest in this area today.


7. The violet ray.  This ray has to do with spirituality and bringing God and beauty and love to the physical world.  It is associated with both men and women, although women are doing a lot more in this area than in the past.  Many love this ray because there is such a need for it today.



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