By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

August 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure of any disease or health condition.


            A powerful way to solve most problems such as marriage issues, career, business, problems with children and other issues is to:

- Stay on your development program.

- Do more of the Pushing Down Exercise.




            The development program, and especially the pushing down exercise, does all of the following to help solve problems:


1. Make your body more yang.  This might not seem too important.  However, it is critical for solving problems.  Yang means focused, clear, healthy and much more centered and grounded.


2. Cause you to be more emotionally detached.  This is also critical.  It means you will see the truth more easily and more clearly.  It also helps you make better decisions when you are not emotionally involved with others.


3. Gets rid of your old traumas and issues.  These often get in the way of good decisions.

For example, you may feel sorry for someone when this is not appropriate.  The reason you do this is you are still feeling sorry for yourself due to something from your past.

As you eliminate these issues from your past, you will no longer act from your wounds and imbalances.  You will find yourself acting much more decisively and effectively.


4. Increased awareness.  This is related to the factors above, and is an overall effect of the pushing down exercise and of a development program, which heals your brain and body.  Increasing your awareness helps you to see aspects of a situation that were not clear, for example, and this can bring resolution of problems. 


5. Less anger.  Often, having a problem causes anger.  This can get in the way of finding the best solution to the problem.  The pushing down exercise, and the whole development program, help diffuse and get rid of anger, which is a secondary adrenal reaction of the body.  This will help clarify what needs to be done.


6. Bringing in more of God.  This might also be expressed as operating from a higher level of thought.  The pushing down exercise fundamentally transforms you from an effect to a cause, from an ego self to a servant of God, and in other ways, as well.  All this can help clarify situations greatly, and this, in turn, automatically brings solutions to problems of all kinds.




            Doing more of the development program, and especially more of the pushing down exercise, may be called an bio-energetic way to approach problems.

            Contrast this with cognitive solutions, which means trying to think things through to a logical conclusion.  There is nothing wrong with this method.  However, often it is better to move to a different level of thinking and awareness altogether.  Then the problem solves itself without needing much analysis.




            With the bio-energetic method, results may come in unusual ways.  Solutions are often more creative and even strange.

Therefore, if you use this method, do not make up your mind beforehand about what you believe the answer should be.  As much as you can, leave the details up to the universe or God. 


So when a problem arises, be sure you are following your development program properly and do not become distracted or dissuaded from the program.  Also, do more of the pushing down exercise – at least one hour daily and preferably 2 or more hours daily.



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