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A very interesting question in the world of physics is What Is Time?  This has puzzled physicists for years because scientific experiments prove that time is not that simple.

For example, perceptions of time vary.  Sometimes time passes amazingly fast, but in other situations, time drags slowly.  This is the puzzle.




Time is due to the nature of space. There is an energy that moves through space at a set pace or speed.  As we encounter this energy, we become aware of what is called time.

This means that space acts as a kind of medium or carrier for an energy that moves along in outer space at a set pace.  As human beings interact or are impacted by this energy, one becomes aware of time.

A personŐs perception of time depends on the speed he or she is traveling through space.  In other words, time is an interaction between the speed that a person is moving through space, and the speed of the ether that is also moving through space.




Does the time energy in space move in all directions, or just in one direction?  It only moves in one direction, from North to South.

This requires some explanation.  North and South are not just directions on planet earth.  Space is polarized, as well.  That is, there is a North and a South in space.  Scientists have discovered this, but are perplexed by it, and donŐt talk about it too much.

There are instruments with which one can figure out in which direction one is moving.  However, these are rather sophisticated and not available to most people.


Does time speed up or slow down depending on which direction a person moves?

Yes.  If you move in the same direction as the energy is flowing (North to South), time will slow down.  If you move in the opposite direction that the energy is flowing (South To North), time will speed up.

A simple analogy that is used to illustrate this idea is walking with the wind or against the wind.  If you walk with the wind at your back, it often seems you are not walking as fast.  This is like time moving slower.

On the other hand, if you walk directly into the wind, it can seem like you are walking faster because it takes more work to do so.  This is like time speeding up.


Does this have to do with the solar wind?  Yes.  This is another name for this mysterious energy that flows from North to South throughout space, and which causes the sensation we call time.


What if one is moving perpendicular to the flow of the energy?  Then time remains the same.  It does not increase or decrease, no matter how fast you are moving.


What if one is moving in another direction, not quite North or South, and not quite perpendicular to these directions?  Then time may increase or decrease to some degree.


IsnŐt time just a rhythm, like the swinging of a pendulum back and forth, counting the divisions of time such as the seconds, the minutes and the hours?  This is what many people think, but it is not true according to the Ether Theory.

If time were just a swinging pendulum, or the radioactive decay of a metal, then if you travel fast in space time would be the same everywhere you go.  However, it does not work that way.

If you wear a mechanical or a quartz electrical wrist watch out in space and travel North, for example, which is opposite of the flow of the mysterious energy, then time will speed up.  The wrist watch will actually run faster and a little more time will elapse than if you go at the same speed and the same distance but traveling South.

(By the way, if you bring a cell phone into space and check the time as you travel North, time will not elapse faster.  This is because a cell phone does not measure time.  It only reports the time.  To read the time, the phone must be hooked up to a clock somewhere else.)


Why does time seem to go by faster when one is enjoying a situation?  This is psychological.  Our bodies are geared to react to the passing of time.  If one is distracted or enjoying oneself, one simply loses track of time and so it seems to pass more quickly.  The only way to actually speed up or slow down time is if one moves faster or slower in relation to the flow of the ether.  This can occur if one is moving quickly through space.

It is also possible to affect the flow of ether in an area of space, or even on a planet, using an electronic device.  These are often used as weapons to confuse people.  They can make time pass more slowly, apparently, or can make time seem to pass more quickly if they are set differently.



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