By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I donŐt like to criticize physicians, most of whom are doing their very best to serve their patients.  However, among the medical specialties, one that does a lot of damage is pediatrics.  Problems with this specialty are:


1. Advocating and administering vaccinations.  Vaccines have many problems, and more are recommended today than ever before.

Beware!  If a medical doctor does not advocate and perform vaccinations, he or she will lose their medical license.  So you will not get the truth about vaccines from them.

Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and stray viruses, among other toxins.  To read much more about vaccines, please read Vaccination – An Abomination on this website.  I also strongly recommend watching the DVD called Are Vaccines Safe? By Mary Tocco.


2. Overuse of medical drugs.  There are rare occasions when drugs are needed for most babies and children.  However, nutrition and natural remedies would often work as well or better with much less toxicity and other side effects on the children.

The worst abuse is with antibiotics.  These are quite toxic, and remain in the body for years.  They often cause digestive problems, liver problems and even mental and emotional upset in children.

More and more children are now also given anti-depressants, tranquilizers, ADD drugs and more.  They may be needed on rare occasions, but only after nutrition and natural remedies have been tried first.


3. Minimizing the role of nutrition in the health of babies and children.  As a nutrition consultant, I am appalled at the way many babies and children eat.  For example:

Children should never be allowed to have sugar, wheat, fruit, fruit juices, candy, cookies, white flour, fast food, and other poor quality and refined food that is too often fed to children today.


4. Advocating fluoride pills or fluoride treatments at the dentist.  Fluoride is a deadly chemical, and not needed to prevent tooth decay if a child eats correctly. 

Fluoride interferes with the functioning of the thyroid gland, and is known to reduce the IQ.  It also weakens the bones, and does little to prevent tooth decay.  For much more details on this subject, please read Fluoridation on this website.


5. Allowing and even advocating that mothers may stop breastfeeding when their baby is 6 months or even 1 year of age.

We find that breast feeding is excellent and, ideally, should continue for about three years.  Stopping sooner deprives the child of the best nutrition possible, in most cases. 



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