by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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- A four highs pattern, and usually a mild four highs AND

- A fairly balanced oxidation rate AND

- A fairly balanced and usually a good Na/K ratio AND

- Often a copper level of less than 1.2 AND

- Mercury toxicity (either a very low mercury level, indicating a poor eliminator of mercury, or an elevated mercury level) AND

- Often, the other trace mineral levels are fair to good.

- Often, cadmium is present but this may be revealed as a poor eliminator pattern with cadmium.

            This is a less common pattern found mainly in women.  It may be considered a type of mercury toxicity syndrome.




            Another name for this pattern is the fake master pattern.  It is so called because the person may seem to have their life in order, but it is not really true.




Mental qualities.  These are hard-driving business people, who are very sharp and smart.  Their elevated mercury and copper makes their mind work very fast.

They can drive themselves, so they make good business people who work long hours. Companies love them for this reason and look for them to hire them.

 They tend to be somewhat selfish, which companies also like because they can motivate these people with money and other benefits.

Remaining fairly balanced.  These individuals are tuned in enough to be able to keep their oxidation rate and sodium/potassium ratio fairly balanced.  To maintain these balances, they may work very hard or long hours, and often use exercise and perhaps recreational drugs, if needed.

Exercise.  Working out (exercising) is easy for them and they rather enjoy it.  The person is actually somewhat emotionally unstable and somewhat arrogant and pompous. 

Another name for the pattern.  We also call this pattern stilted pattern.  Stilted means puffed up or pompous.  It is like being on stilts, which are unsteady but keep you “up”.  These people are afraid of “falling down” in business and into a very slow oxidation situation.

Sexuality.  They tend to be sexual people, but not particularly sensual because they are not relaxed.

On the go.  These people tend to be always on the move in some way, mentally or physically, because they are delicately balanced and could “fall down” into slow oxidation.

Development program aspects.  These individuals are not easy to work with because they are delicately balanced in a four highs pattern. 

To leave this pattern, the oxidation rate must slow down.  However, this does not feel good to these individuals.  As a result, they will become very upset if they feel they are starting to have a “crash landing” into slow oxidation or worse, into a four lows pattern. 

In fact, they usually would not allow it.  If it starts to occur, they will likely go back to their stimulants (exercise, working long hours or drugs) in order to avoid a crash landing.

The goal, therefore, is to help them have a “soft landing” into slow oxidation, rather than a “crash landing”.  This may require closer monitoring of the program, such as retesting the hair every three or even every two months until the person is out of the four highs pattern.

They may also need some counseling to know that descending into a slow oxidation or a four lows pattern is good and needed, and not to try to stop it.

Diseases.  They are prone to muscular dystrophy, a copper and mercury imbalance.

The Development Science And Development Programs book (2019) by Dr. Wilson discusses this pattern on page 254 in the section on Four Highs Pattern.  The Four Highs article also discusses it.



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