by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

î February 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            This short article has to do with the effect of motherŐs or fatherŐs love on a childŐs development, in terms of nutritional balancing science.

            We have observed that children with a very loving father, but not mother, tend to end up in slow oxidation much faster.  They also tend to have conditions such as asthma, which is becoming epidemic today.  They also tend to have more copper toxicity than others.  They also tend to have less energy in their lower energy centers, which means they may have lower vitality, at least earlier in life, and be less sexually oriented.  They also have less energy, physically, and perhaps more energy emotionally and spiritually.  These children may also have more grief, sadness, detachment, and perhaps more of other lung problems, though this is not clear at this time.

            Those children who had strong fathers may have the opposite situation, though this is not clear at this time.  The ideal would be a balance.


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