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Dr. Paul Eck researched the mineral manganese and found that in animal experiments, animals fed a diet low in manganese lost their maternal instinct and did not care for their young.

I do not know if the same experiments have been done among human beings.  However, most people in the industrial nations are not getting nearly enough bioavailable manganese in their diets.  This may be a cause for the decline in marriage and in two-parent households in the industrially-advanced nations.




The reasons are:

- Poor-quality farming methods or N-P-K agriculture

- Eating refined foods such as refined salt, white or refined flour and white or refined sugar that have had their manganese stripped away.

- Eating foods that are basically chemicals and do not contain much manganese, such as soda pop,

- Drinking reverse osmosis water, which has had its natural manganese removed.

- Bad eating habits that reduce the absorption of nutrients from food.  These include eating in your car, eating on the run, eating in a hurry, not chewing well and eating in noisy environments.

- Impaired digestion that reduces nutrient absorption in the intestines.  This is due to nutritional deficiencies, toxic metals excess, toxic chemicals in the environment, illnesses and more.




At the same time as there has been a large decrease in bioavailable manganese in our diets, our cities, in particular, are now flooded with a toxic form of manganese, MnO6.  This toxic chemical has been added to the gasoline since around 1974.  It goes right through the car engines and is dumped into the air.

Toxic manganese competes for absorption with bioavailable forms.  As a result, it worsens manganese deficiency in the population.

It has another evil effect.  It make the level of manganese in the human bodies appear normal on tests, including blood and hair mineral tests.  Therefore, people think their manganese level is fine.  However, in reality, their bodies are filled with toxic manganese and not healthy manganese.

An amigo.  The manganese found in gasoline is an oxide, which on this website is called an “amigo”.  This just means that it is an oxide form.  We use the word amigo because three minerals, in particular, are often found together in this form – iron, manganese and aluminum.  All of them are extremely common and extremely bad for your health.  For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.




NO.  It is completely unnecessary for the automobile engines.  The manganese is technically an anti-knock agent to make the engines running more smoothly.  However, there are safer ways to make the engines run smoothly.  Adding poisons to the gasoline is mainly a way to poison the people of earth. 

Before 1974, lead was added to gasoline.  That horrible practice was stopped, and today’s gasoline is called unleaded for this reason.  However, the substitute – manganese – is a horror, as well, and it needs to be stopped.




Perhaps this is the reason that in 1970, for example, 10% of babies in the United States were born out of wedlock.  Today that number is 40%. 

Some of this change has to do with the decline of Judeo-Christian religious values in America.  However, some of it may also be due to widespread manganese deficiency in the food supply coupled with high levels of toxic manganese in the air.




Vehicles are used to poison the people of earth in other ways:

Cadmium.  Automobile, train, bus and aircraft brake linings still contain cadmium, the most toxic metal on earth.  (The safe level of cadmium is lower than that of any other toxc metal.)  Cadmium is not needed to make brake linings and much safer materials exist.

Brakes can also operate on a magnetic principle.  This would require no brake linings at all.

Platinum or palladium.  The catalytic converters required on all cars spew some platinum or palladium into the air, two other highly toxic metals.  This is also completely unnecessary if water injection and more ethanol were used to clean up the fuel.

Lowering the oxygen content of the air.  Cars, buses and aircraft all eat up oxygen and reduce the oxygen content of the air nearby.  This is important problem in cities where there are millions of these vehicles.

Most gasoline now contains 10% ethanol, which does not deplete oxygen.  However, there are much better motor fuels.  Cars can be run on water, for example.  They don’t even need this and can be run on etheric energy.  In either case, there would be no pollution and no depletion of oxygen at all.  For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternative Energy.

Also, the cars could be far more efficient than they are today with some simple changes in the regulations - rules that are specifically designed to stifle better automobile designs.  For details about the insane car regulations we have today, read The Regulatory State.  To understand hybrid cares, read Hybrid Cars.



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