by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Calcium and magnesium are among the most deficient elements in today’s population, especially adults.  This is due mainly to diets of refined foods, overall lower mineral levels in modern foods, improper eating habits that interfere with nutrition, digestive difficulties in a majority of adults and many children today, and perhaps consuming soda pop or soy products that actually bind and remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the intestines, reducing available mineral levels even further.  This is why Paramin is given to everyone today.


            Calcium. In particular, certain factors have decimated the calcium levels in people’s bodies.  The most important reason for widespread calcium deficiency is that pasteurized and homogenized dairy products do not supply calcium in a highly bioavailable form.  Raw and certified dairy products are hard to find, and indeed illegal in most American states, although this is an insane and fairly recent law.  

            Indeed, raw dairy was a staple in America, especially for babies and children for over 200 years.  More recently, large dairies pushed for laws to outlaw it because certified raw dairy products require healthier dairy cows. 

            Pasteurization allows inferior milk to be “cleaned up”, so it can be sold.  With this method, farmers don’t have to work as hard to keep the cows healthy and the milk clean.         Certain large dairy interest prefer things this way, so they had the laws passed, putting their competition, the higher quality dairy farmers, out of business.  It is time to change this law.

            In the meantime, most people now need extra calcium bioavailable calcium.  Other sources are okay, such as some vegetables such as carrots, especially 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily.  However, most people do not eat enough vegetables, nuts, seeds and bones such as are found in sardines, other small fish, and cooked meat bones.


            Magnesium deficiencies even worse.  This is due mainly to lower magnesium in many natural foods due to newer strains of crops and industrial farming methods, and to living on refined grains, mainly, that have had most of their magnesium stripped away.  White bread, white rice and white sugar have all had a large amount of magnesium stripped from them. 

            Few other sources besides whole grains supply enough, or people do not eat enough of them.  They include such foods as nuts and seeds, which are also harder to digest and the magnesium may be less bioavailable.  As a result, almost everyone is deficient in high-quality magnesium today.

            Sadly, many calcium supplements sold in the health food and supermarkets do not contain any or at least enough magnesium.  This is shameful, in view of the need for bioavailable magnesium today.




            The Endomet Laboratories Paramin product contains 250 mg of elemental calcium from calcium chelate and calcium citrate.  It also contains 150 mg of elemental magnesium in each tablet from magnesium chelate and magnesium citrate.     It also has 0.5 mg of boron and 133 IU of vitamin D.  At one time it contained Parathyroid glandular substance, which explains the name of the product.  This, however, was removed some years ago.


Fillers, binders and other aspects of this product. We get excellent results with Paramin, which is not true of the use of many other calcium and magnesium products, unfortunately.

I look for toxicity from any ingredients and have not found any, as yet.  Paramin contains some magnesium stearate, which I checked on the web after reading Dr. Mercola's information.  I also called the company that manufactures Paramin.  They informed me that their magnesium stearate does not contain hydrogenated oils, as many web sites claim it does.

            Mineral chelates and citrates are made by "cooking” the minerals with amino acids from rice protein to form easily absorbable forms of the minerals.  Paramin works well with no side effects or toxicity that I have been able to identify, even in people who have taken it consistently for many years.  




            Paramin is a most useful product for many reasons.  Fast oxidizers eliminate and thus lose excessive calcium and magnesium in the urine as part of the fight or flight response.

            Paramin is used to help replenish calcium and magnesium, and to help reduce sympathetic nervous system activity in fast oxidizers.  The vitamin D in Paramin is also helpful for fast oxidizers as it assists calcium absorption and retention.

            Paramin is also most helpful in many people to balance the autonomic nervous system.  It has a calming effect that inhibits the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Both fast and slow oxidizers today usually have overworked their sympathetic nervous systems.  Paramin helps slow down what is called sympathetic dominance, or the tendency to overuse the sympathetic nervous system. 




            Although calcium and magnesium were not originally given to slow oxidizers, research has shown that Paramin is also most helpful for many slow oxidizers.

            When the hair tissue calcium level is high relative to sodium and potassium, one loses calcium into the tissues.  It precipitates into the tissues because low sodium and potassium levels cause calcium to come out of solution in the blood. 

            Sodium and potassium are required to solubilize or maintain calcium in a soluble or ionized form in the blood.  When sodium and potassium are deficient due to weak adrenal and/or thyroid activity, some calcium drops out of solution and precipitates into the tissues including the hair.

            As calcium leaves the blood and precipitates into the tissues, calcium may be withdrawn from the bones to replace the calcium lost from the blood.  If this continues for years, one develops osteoporosis.  For this reason, Paramin is now given to all slow oxidizers as well as fast oxidizers.  Dr. Eck added this, as it was not originally the case.  However, it is extremely useful for slow oxidizers to retard the progression of bone loss, to relieve anxiety and irritability, improve sleep and relax the muscles and nerves.




            Paramin can also help balance the pH of the body.  Calcium and magnesium are extremely alkaline-forming minerals.  They buffer acids and help convert lactic acid to calcium lactate.  This is needed most when the body is in a more acidic condition.  An acidic condition occurs most commonly when the oxidation rate is most unbalanced - which is also when more Paramin is recommended.




            Paramin helps promote sleep and rest.  More Paramin may be given at supper, bedtime or in the middle of the night if one awakes often to help one rest. 

            More may also be given at any time of the day to assist with feelings of anxiety, nervousness, tachycardia, premenstrual syndrome, muscle cramps or irritability.  It is safe and can be most effective for these purposes.




            The greatest amount of Paramin is recommended for those with a four low electrolyte pattern.  Dr. Paul Eck discovered that these individuals require extra Paramin to “put the adrenals to bed”.  Note that excessive Paramin during the day can cause sleepiness in some cases.  In that case, we give more of it in the noon and evening doses to make up for giving less in the morning to reduce tiredness feelings.  For much more information about this pattern, click on Four Lows.




            In order for any calcium/magnesium product to work well, it must be given with adequate vitamin D.  also, adequate digestion and stomach acidity is useful to help chelate calcium in the stomach to assist its absorption.  Fortunately, the Endmet product, while somewhat expensive, is already chelated and for this reason appears to be well-utilized.

            We have observed that some other calcium supplements that may cost less do not work as well.  It is too early to tell if this applies to many of these products, but please use caution if you desire to substitute a lower cost calcium/magnesium supplement for Paramin for this reason.



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