By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This is a recently-discovered pattern (2016).  Yet it appears to be quite common when we have looked for it.



1. Always a four lows pattern.

2. Four lows often persists on the first retest and may take a number of tests to resolve.

3. Often a moderate or low four lows.

4. Potassium is often 4 mg% or less.

5. The Na/K ratio is often normal or elevated.

6. This combination indicates a lot of sympathetic dominance – at least 3 or 4 patterns.

7. In the past, there was a slow oxidation pattern with sympathetic dominance.


            In whom does it occur.  So far, it occur in adults, in both women and men.


            Physical symptoms.  Those with this pattern do not necessarily have a lot of physical symptoms, and are not exhausted, as are others with a four lows pattern.


            Meaning.  The four lows pattern, in these cases, is due to a very negative attitude about life.  In acupuncture, it is a hatred pattern. 

The attitude.  Usually, the person is full of hatred for life and for other people.  The person does not feel like a victim, but rather is angry and has low energy.  It is a withdrawal from life pattern.  The attitude is that “life stinks” .

            I do not know if it is always connected with serious trauma, but it appears not so.


Correction.  A nutritional balancing program is helpful, but correction can be slow.  The women have to “work through their anger”, usually slowly.

Several people with this pattern reported feeling uncomfortable when taking tarragon, and did not take it for this reason.  I believe this is because taking tarragon brought up their negative feelings and attitudes.



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