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Ormus minerals are minerals that are in a very special atomic state.  The word ormus means orbitally-rearranged monatomic elements in a high spin state (m-state).  In particular, research has focused on a small group of elements that include gold, iridium, rhodium and a few others. 




            Ormus minerals may help balance all of the minerals, and may help remove some, but not all of the toxic metals.  They may also help remove some toxic chemicals, as well.  Dr. Paul Eck was not aware of ormus minerals, as far as I know. 

We do not like the ormus mineral products that are sold, except for the products below.  These are:


1. Sea salt.  Not all sea salt contains some ormus minerals, but many of them do.   Getting some ormus minerals is one reason to use natural sea salt, not refined table salt.  Kelp is salty, and may contain some ormus minerals, as well.


2. Many brands of spring water.  This is one reason we suggest drinking natural spring water.


3. Animal glandulars sometimes contain some ormus minerals.  For example, GB-3 is a combination of pancreatin and ox bile, and may contain a little ormus minerals.


4. Some garlic concentrates including Kyolic aged garlic, Endomet brand garlic, and Arizona Natural garlic.  Most other brands are not as good for this purpose.  Garlic is one of the “optional products” on most nutritional balancing programs.  Do not take it if you are in a four lows pattern.  Otherwise, most people can add it to a nutritional balancing program.  It is not necessary, but sometimes helpful to kill yeast in the body, to lower blood pressure, and as a general tonic.


5. Blood root.  This common herb is part of the formula called Black Salve.  It is very helpful to remove skin cancers and some pre-cancerous skin lesions and internal lesions.  For more on this topic, please read Black Salve on this website.


6. A cilantro extract by Herb Pharm.  Ormus minerals are not found in most other brands of cilantro products.  Cilantro is occasionally used in nutritional balancing, but only if needed.


            Once again, you will find websites that discuss ORMUS minerals that offer various products containing them.  The only products we suggest are the ones above.  The others are too yin, or are slightly toxic, or not acceptable for development programs for some other reason.



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