by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

January 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Some health authorities suggest eating organ meats because they are rich in some nutrients.  This may include some of the Weston Price advocates, and others such as the Paleo Diet advocates.  Organ meats may include kidney, liver, stomach, pancreas, brain and others.


Recommended organ meats.  These are:

1. Sardines.  The heads have been removed, but they provide a little organ meat.  It does not cause problems.

2. Pancreatin, a pancreas extract used in the GB-3 product, also does not cause problems and is very helpful.

3. Thyroid and adrenal glandular substance found in a few supplements are also helpful and cause no problems.


Eating more organ meats, however, do cause problems, including:


1. Metal and chemical toxicity.  The earth is far more toxic today than when Weston Price lived 100 years ago.  Therefore, advice from an older time period can be very dangerous today.  Organ meats tend to concentrate toxins, which include Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals.  Today when you eat organ meats, you are taking in excessive toxins, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary.


2. Toxic forms of etheric energy.  This website discusses a nutritional concept called the Etheric Energy content of foods.  In general, one wants to eat foods high in this subtle form of energy.  This includes some meat, eggs, and cooked vegetables, mainly.

Organ meats are high in etheric energy, but it is in a toxic form that is best avoided.  While eating organ meat can have a stimulating effect for this reason, and due to its high toxic metal content, especially cadmium, it is not good for overall health.


3. Not as much nerve tissue as muscle meats.  Muscle meats contain many more nerves than most organ meats because muscles are very rich in nerve endings.  Today, this is a great benefit and this is another reason I suggest muscle meat, not organ meats.


4. Parasite problems tend to be worse in organ meats.  Parasites such as liver flukes and others are quite common.  Some are killed by cooking, but others are harder to kill.


For all these reasons, please do not eat organ meats other than sardines.



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