by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Many people work in offices.  Some enjoy them very much.  They are social gathering places, and they are very efficient for doing certain jobs.  Many people enjoy getting out of their home, driving the car to work, meeting and talking with new people, being members of a team, showing off their bodies or clothing, and participating in society in these ways.

            Working in offices have other advantages.  For example, they keep some people focused on their work by eliminating distractions that are around them at home, such as petting the cat, answering the doorbell and the phone, and others.  Business owners often like offices because they can keep a close eye on their employees and check their work quickly and easily.

            However, if one is following a nutritional balancing program, working in an office presents some important challenges that are quite difficult to overcome.




            Problems of working in an office include:


            1. Physical danger, mostly for women.  Working outside the home is one of the most common causes for rape.  One is exposed to many strangers who can follow you home or even attack you at the office.  Personal information about employees is often easy for a predator to obtain, even if there are safeguards in place.


2. Bad air.  The air in most offices is substandard.  Most buildings recycle the air to save money on heating and cooling.  As a result, the air not fresh enough, and its oxygen content is low.  One must breathe all one’s co-workers perfume, cologne, deodorants, synthetic clothing odors, and more – all day long.

In addition, the air in most offices passes through metal ducts that are often dusty, somewhat moldy and somewhat infected with bacteria and other pathogens.  Also, air that passes through metal ducts loses its natural and healthful negative ions.


3. Toxic chemicals.  The chemicals come from the paint, the carpeting, the pad underneath the carpeting, the copiers, the computers, the ceiling material, wall board, the fabric on the chairs, sofas and other furniture, and more.  Newer offices are sometimes worse, although older offices are more likely to have an accumulation of mold and other filth all over the furniture and every other surface.

The chemicals find their way into the air and are acquired through touch.


4. Not enough natural sunlight and too much artificial light.  Many times, the windows do not open and are tinted.  Even if they open, one usually does not sit in the sun and may not leave the office the whole day.

Instead, most often one sits under flickering fluorescent tubes that give off quite toxic ionizing radiation and an unbalanced spectrum of light.  Both are horrible for your health.


5. Toxic electromagnetic emissions.  These come mainly from computers, television screens and monitors.  However, they may come from dimmer switches, blowers, heating and cooling systems, elevator motors, wires running under the floor or in the wall, or other electrical devices. 

Often, the worst problem is all of the computer and other equipment in neighboring offices throughout the building that radiates its harmful pollution into your office.  You may be able to sit away from equipment in your office, but there is little you can do to isolate yourself from EMF pollution from other offices,


            6. Often, poor grounding.  This is a problem if one works on an upper level of a building.  One is “off the ground” all day long, and this is not as healthy.


7. Close proximity with other people.  Many people like the social aspects of offices.  They like having co-workers and perhaps visitors who come in off the street.

However, sensitive men and women will pick up harmful energies from all of these people.  All the women will get Prongs being around men, in particular.  Also, in most cases, they will fill their Wells with negative energies.  Men and women will pick up astral debris, also called the Hatred Body.

These are all stray energies that make one tired, ill and shorten one’s life.  They are not easy to get rid of, although coffee enemas help.  However, if one goes back to the office, the problem returns quickly, so it is a losing battle.


8. Noise, cold or heat.  Offices tend to be somewhat noisy, even if they are fairly quiet offices.  People talk on the telephone, talk with one another, move about, and operate equipment such as copiers, scanners, shredders and more.  This is always distracting and not that healthy for a sensitive person.  Noisy offices are even worse.

Offices may also be too cold, too hot or have other environmental problems that you cannot control.  One must often compromise with co-workers in these areas, which is not ideal.


9. Bad food.  Most of those who work in offices have unhealthy eating habits and are only too willing to share their donuts, candy, coffee, soda pop, and much more that is not healthful.  It is a constant temptation that is hard to resist.

This problem is even worse when there is an office party, or just when a co-worker or visitor shows up with a fresh pizza or ice cream and cake to celebrate a birthday or other occasion.  Some are better than others, but most do not support a nutritional balancing diet and lifestyle.


            10. Peer pressure to deviate from your nutritional balancing program or path. If you want to eat, dress and/or behave differently from your co-workers, they may pressure you intentionally or accidentally to change and go along with the group.  This can be difficult to resist. 

Not going along could mean loss of employment, or missing promotions and special assignments.  It might also cause outright ridicule, harassment and even physical danger.


11. Required travel. Some jobs require employees to go to seminars, trainings, retreats and other places for meetings, perhaps.  They may be unsafe, unpleasant, or require long hours on an airplane or in a vehicle.  They bring with them all the problems of Travel.


            12. Commuting problems.  These include the cost of running and maintaining your car, breathing pollutants on the highways, danger of accidents and breakdowns, the stress of driving, and the time required to go to and from work every day.


13. Out of control.  In many offices, the employees are under someone else’s control for the whole day.  This is somewhat unavoidable, but it is not ideal for one’s health and development.


14. Other.  Some jobs require women to wear short skirts or other sexy clothes.  Better-paying jobs may also require long hours, night shifts, and other inconveniences.






This is better, but still may have problems.  One may still be exposed to many people with the dangers that this entails.  Often, there are still problems with sunlight, air quality, toxic chemicals and electromagnetic stress from your office and from those around it.  One still has the commuting problems, as well.

However, this is usually much better in the sense that one is in better control of the environment, air quality, temperature and more.




The ideal solution is not to work in an office.  Work from home if you can, and if possible, be your own boss.  Learn how to set this up and how to manage your time and money to make it work. 

You may earn less money, but not necessarily.  It is often worth giving up some of the “benefits” of office work to work from home.

If your skills or situation require that you work in an office, use care in choosing your employment.  It is much better to earn a little less money, for example, and be in a better work environment than to earn more in a more toxic one.

Do not stay in a job where you do not trust the boss and the co-workers.  Do not stay in a job where you feel unsafe or very unhealthy at the end of the day.  Do not stay in a job if you feel you are not treated with total respect and honoring. 

This is for your safety, and for your health and development.  If it takes a while to find the right position, that is okay.  If there are few good offices to choose from, consider moving to a city or area where there are more jobs.

Unfortunately, in some places, there are few decent jobs and people must accept less than ideal working conditions.  Ask in prayer how to deal with this situation, and be creative!  There are often unusual solutions to the problems of work if you observe carefully, try things out and are open-minded.  In other words, do not assume that you need to live and work the same way as do most other people. 



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