By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Here are things to think about if you are considering renting an office space:


Location.  You will pay more for a fancy location.  Usually, a plain location is fine.  Especially when starting out, it is usually best to keep things simple and inexpensive.

Make sure it is safe.  For women, it is definitely best if there are other people nearby and preferably in the same suite.

When looking, smell around and make sure you are not sharing the ventilation system with a smelly business such as a chemicals, printing or copying company or something else smelly.

Check the bathroom facilities to make sure they are kept clean if they are shared.

Also, listen for annoying noises that some offices have, such as powerful blowers or fans nearby.  Also, check parking to make sure it is convenient for your clients.

We like a place with windows that open, if you can find it.  An office with light-colored walls and carpeting or better, tile or linoleum, is much better than one with dark-colored walls and flooring.  The light colors reveal dirt and filth, and reflect peopleŐs energy better instead of absorbing it.  This is similar to the reason to wear light-colored clothing.


Size.  You will pay more for a larger space so think carefully about how much space you need.  Do you need a separate waiting room, for example?  Do you need a storage room or a lounge area with a cot so you can take a rest?  Do you need a display area to sell products?


Sharing an office.  Advantages are cost savings, safety if another will be present, and it may be more enjoyable if you like the person.

Possible problems are personality conflicts, financial or other irresponsibility, cleanliness issues, more traffic and noise, and problems if the other person wants to leave and you are left with a large rent payment.

You must know the other person well or donŐt share an office – particularly women.  Also, both people must sign the lease so you are not left with it yourself if the other person leaves.  Also, make sure the other person can pay their share of the lease.

Suites.  These are offices that offer secretarial and perhaps cleaning services included with them.  Having another person around such as a receptionist is safer.


Landlords.  Try to size up the landlord.  Talk with him or her for a few minutes, at least.  Some are wonderful and fix things promptly, and keep their promises.  Others are not helpful and donŐt keep up their properties.


Leases.  Especially at first, try to get a shorter term lease such as 1-2 years.  This way you will not be stuck as much if your business does not work out or if you change your plans and donŐt need the office.

It is best to have an attorney or some other knowledgeable person read your lease before you sign it.



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