by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  The word octave means a repeating cycle of eight items.  In fact, the word is confusing because it is really a set of seven items that repeats over and over. 


Example: Octaves on the piano.  Musical notes are arranged in octaves.  Pianos, for example, have about 8 octaves of whole notes.  Most instruments have fewer.  An octave is a repeating pattern of seven notes, with each new octave at twice the frequency of the previous one.  The notes are sometimes names do, re, mi, fa, so, la, and ti.

The multiple octaves sound beautiful when the notes are struck properly and combined properly.  It creates beautiful harmonics, beautiful chords and beautiful melodies.  Perhaps music is here to remind us of the amazing concept of octaves.




The octaves concept is related to another philosophical idea.  The famous Greek philosopher, Hermes stated it as:“As above, so below”.  By this he meant that life is scaled, like the octaves on a piano.  At each level, similar or the same laws apply.  For example, the same physics laws that control planets and stars also control the tiny cells of our bodies and the even smaller atoms or elements.

            The 20th century author, Manly P. Hall wrote about this idea as follows:


“… there is an entire universe within the human body – that it has its worlds, its planes, and its gods and goddesses.  Millions of minute cells are its inhabitants.  These are grouped together into kingdoms, nations, and races.  These are the bone cells and the nerve cells, and millions of these tiny creatures grouped together become one thing composed of many parts. 

The Supreme Ruler and God of this great world is the consciousness in man, which says “I am”.  This consciousness picks up its universe and moves to another town.  Every time it walks up and down the street, it takes a hundred million solar systems with it, but being so infinitesimal, man cannot realize that they are actually worlds.

            In like manner, we are individual cells in the body of an infinite creation, which is hurling itself through space at high speed.  Suns, moons and stars are merely bones in a great skeleton composed of all the substances of the universe.

Our own lives are merely part of that infinite life, throbbing and coursing through the arteries and veins of space.”




For example, the Periodic Table Of The Elements, first proposed by Dimitri Mendeleev in 1869, is organized in this fashion.  Our genetics is also arranged in a repeating 7 pattern.  For details, read Genetics And the 7 System. 

Minerals are also arranged in an octave fashion in other ways.  For details, read Minerals And The 7 System.




Nature works with repeating whole number patterns to generate or create all life forms, including our bodies and that of all the animals and plants.  Forms created this way are called fractals.  This is another confusing term, because it sounds like fractions, but it has nothing to do with fractions.

Octaves are a special case of a fractal that consists of repeated patterns of seven items.  For details, read Fractals.




A basic understanding of fractals is essential to properly interpret a hair mineral analysis.  The reason is because this is how we are made by our Creator.

For example, many people ask, “How it is possible that a single ratio on a hair mineral test, such as the sodium/potassium ratio, has so many meanings?” 

On its surface, this does not make sense.  We know it indicates the balance of the hormones, but it also has electrical meaning, psychological meaning, vector meaning concerning the direction the oxidation rate is moving, and more.  It just depends at which octave or level one is considering.  The essential point is that our interpretation method works because all living bodies, including ours, are built using repeating octaves, which is a fractal design.

For example, one can interpret the test biochemically, looking at the levels and ratios of the major minerals and deducing or learning the meaning of the patterns in terms of physical illness and biochemistry.

            However, one can skip up an octave and look at the same levels, ratios, patterns, and progressions from a mental and emotional health perspective.

With some practice, one can skip up another octave and identify what are called Movement patterns, which have to do with a person’s life path or karma in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.  This is one way the octave concept is used in development science.

            Each octave is similar to the one below it, yet different, like playing the same piece on a piano in a different octave or even in a different key.  It sounds similar, but not quite the same.  This is also how the interpretation of a hair mineral analysis may be viewed.

Without knowing about the octave concept, it seems almost magical that one can interpret the test from so many perspectives.  The octave concept simplifies all this, and it makes sense.



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