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            This bulletin is a collection of recent nutrition news stories.




            C.W. lives in Chicago and considers nutrition her avocation.  For 16 years she ate vegetables and grapes from her organic garden.  She has always been in excellent health.  Friends tell her she looks ten years younger than her age.

            Last summer, C.W. began experiencing insomnia, falling hair, fatigue, forgetfulness, difficulty remembering words, and began transposing words when writing.  Alarmed, she asked her physician for a hair analysis.  The test revealed elevated lead and aluminum.

            C.W.'s physician was of little help in finding the source of the lead.  C.W. does not dye her hair, and had no known exposure to either lead or aluminum.  Her entire family ate the organic vegetables, but C.W. was the only one to eat the concord grapes that grew on the fence between hers and the neighbors' property.

            The mystery was solved when one day C.W. remembered the peeling paint on her neighbor's garage.  The paint had been allowed to slowly peel off for the past 16 years.  Heavy rains would at times flood her garden with water that runs off from the neighbor's property.

            A soil sample from her organic garden revealed 60 times the normal lead content (306 parts per million).  A test of the neighbor's soil revealed 264 times the normal lead level!  (The soil test did not include aluminum).

            C.W. has stopped eating out of her garden.  She is on a supplement program to help eliminate the lead and is slowly regaining her health.  C.W. has consulted with many others, and states that lead in home gardens from old paint is a more common problem than is acknowledged.




Other common sources of lead are some lipstick and a few dark-colored hair dyes.  This is quite shocking, as both these are quite toxic products.  Any time a hair mineral analysis indicates a very high lead reading over about 1 mg% or 10 parts per million, one must suspect some product or lotion that may contain lead.  It is surprising the FDA allows this.  Lead may or may not be listed on the ingredient label. 




            Many readers are familiar with blue-green algae.  Many people experience increased energy on this product.  However, several hair analysis practitioners found they had to take their clients off this product in order to balance their body chemistry.  A paper from the Internet may provide the reason why.

            All foods contain toxins in small quantities.  Some people can handle them, while others cannot.  Mark Thorson has written "An Anatoxin-A Primer".  Mr. Thorson writes that blue-green algaeproduces a potent neurotoxin called anatoxin-a.  Its properties are comparable to a synthetic anatoxin-a derived from L-cocaine.  He cites scientific references to support this.

            Anatoxin-a is a neuromuscular blocking agent that interferes with the activity of acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is a calming neurotransmitter.  Therefore, he says, the algae has a stimulatory effect somewhat like cocaine.  One could imagine that for tired slow oxidizers such a product would be very appealing.

            A Potent Poison.  According to the article, blue-green algae can contain up to 1% of its weight in Anatoxin-a.  The toxin is between three and 50 times more potent than nicotine, and 20 times more potent than acetylcholine.

            Sales information from Cell Tech describes the energy boost people feel on the product.  Comments are similar to complaints the FDA has received.  Stimulatory effects such as an inability to sleep are followed by a crash when one goes off the product.

            Mr. Thorson said he contacted Celltech.  They test for shellfish toxins and several others, but not for anatoxin-a.

            The message is not that algae is poisonous.  However, neither is it or anything else the 'perfect food' that some would have us believe.  Foods and food supplements can have complex effects.  What nourishes one can indeed be toxic for another. 




            It sounds unbelievable, but 33 states have approved the disposal of toxic metals by adding them to fertilizers.  Toxic metals are expensive to dispose of.  The federal EPA in conjunction with federal and state agricultural departments hatched this horrible plan. 

They decided to ease the disposal problem by returning heavy metals to the earth in fertilizers.  They even allow them to be used as “organic” fertilizer.  This sham only proves once again that our federal and state governments either do not understand what organic agriculture means. 

However, it is more likely they do understand and just decided to bow to some lobbying pressure and approve the idea anyway.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell who is using these toxic fertilizers.

Many readers are familiar with the attitude about chemicals that "a little bit can't hurt".  The logic is that the cost of waste disposal must be balanced against the amount of illness a toxin will cause, and a compromise is then struck.

            The problem with this kind of thinking are several.  The main one is that measuring the costs of such a policy are extremely difficult.  The effects of the poison may be subtle or delayed.  The effects may show up only in children born to mothers who were exposed.  This is the case with most toxic metals, which accumulate slowly and are passed easily from mother to child.

            The benefits to the companies are visible and easily calculated.  But who knows the costs and horror of such policies?  The cost is spread over thousands of people who for the most part cannot even trace the source of their bad health, birth defects, learning disabled and violent children and other problems that result from eating the contaminated food.

A Private, Free Market Solution.  Honest people in the organic field want a private organic label on our food.  I feel this would be thousands of times better than the present USDA organic label.  We could also have both systems and the people who care about their health would have to look for both labels or frequent stores that only carry produce and other products that carry both labels.

Hair mineral analysis, by the way, helped uncover this despicable scheme.  A group of farmers and their families became seriously ill in the small town of Quincy, Washington.  The families experienced symptoms ranging from skin rashes and emphysema to fatal cancer.  This story was given to us by Dr. David Vaughn of Seattle, Washington.  It will be exposed on television, hopefully this month.

What Can You Do About This?  First, support a private organization organic label.  There could even be several organic associations that would label food.  Do not support more USDA efforts to support organic agriculture or any agriculture.  They are thoroughly infiltrated by what is called “agribusiness” and this will never change. 

Ronald Reagen tried to abolish the entire Department of Agriculture, but unfortunately did not succeed.  This would be the ideal solution.  Other things you might do are:


1. Grow you own food.  Just be careful not to buy just any “organic fertilizer” as it may contain toxic metals.

2. Keep your chemistry balanced.  This will enhance your body's ability to excrete toxic metals.

3. Maintain your intake of healthful minerals.  If given a choice, your body will tend to absorb the good minerals instead of the toxic ones.

        One can enhance mineral nutrition by the use of condiments containing kelp, good quality sea salt, and drinking quality spring water.  The earth filters it quite well of most toxic metals.  Drinking filtered tap water or “alkaline water” is not nearly as good and has caused plenty of problems for some people.  One reason is that many toxins in the tap water go right through a carbon filter. 

Distilled water is even better for the first year or so that you are doing a nutritional balancing program as it will promote the rapid elimination of toxic metals and toxic chemicals. 

            4. Use a sauna every day.  The best kind is a near infarred light sauna.  The next best type is a far infrared sauna..  The conventional sauna is not as effective, though it is better than none at all to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body.

            5. Read our articles about nutritional balancing programs.  These are the most effective way we know of to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals. 

            6. Eat organic from reputable sources.  However, if your food does not make you feel well, it is possible it is laced with toxic metals or chemicals due to the insane fertilizer laws.  Try a different brand or different food if you do not feel well on it.  Some people are sensitive enough to be able to test their food in the supermarket to see if, in fact, it is healthful.  Some commercially grown food is healthful, but less than the organic food, in my experience.




            Many readers have heard a popular cassette tape entitled "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".  The tape is used to sell colloidal minerals.  However, the tape contains some false and misleading statements.  Also, colloidal minerals tend to contain a lot of toxic metals.  Often it is indicated on the label itself, in fact.  However, they are usually present whether or not it is on the label.


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