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            During the healing process, and especially when one follows a development program, the body moves through seven possible phases of healing. 







              This phase is primarily a detoxification phase.  It always involves the kidneys and often the liver.  Often, a settling down pattern appears on a hair mineral test during this phase of healing.

The result of this phase is a person usually feels more grounded, more confident and more relaxed.  This is largely due to the elimination of toxic metals and the elimination of ‘amigos’, which are toxic forms of many minerals.  For more details about them, read Iron, Manganese, And Aluminum – The Amigos.

A supplement that is helpful for this phase is kidney glandular or Renamide by Endomet Labs.

Yin and the phases.  A purely #1 phase is actually uncommon.  Usually, a #1 phase is combined with one of the other phases, such as #2, #4 or #6.  The latter are the most common healing phases that people move through.  The reason for this is that the bodies are quite yin today.

The word yin in Chinese and Japanese means cold, expanded and ill in certain other ways.  Phases #2, #4 and #6 have more to do with healing yin qualities of the body.  For more details, read Yin Disease, Yang And Yin Healing and other articles about yang and yin on this website.




This phase always involves the adrenal glands and often the thyroid gland.  The focus is on building up one’s energy reserve and stamina.  Often, a coming alive pattern occurs on a hair mineral test during this phase.

The result of moving through this phase of healing is one of greater energy and power.  This is largely due to improved adrenal and thyroid glandular activity and, at time, improved ATP production in the mitochondria of each cell.

Supplements that are most helpful for this phase are adrenal glandular and perhaps thyroid glandular, as well.  These are Endo-dren and Thyro-complex from Endomet Labs.




This phase always involves improvement in the activity of the third energy center located in the solar plexus area of the body.  This phase does not occur as often as some of the others.  In part, this is because improvement in this center occurs automatically as phases 1 and 2 occur.  For details about the energy centers, read The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.

Often, the result of this phase is an improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral test.  Also, one often feels more in control of one’s life.  People report feeling more empowered and less overwhelmed and confused.  Digestion also often improves, with less constipation, fewer food sensitivities, and improvement in other digestive symptoms.

Supplements that are helpful during this phase include extra digestive aids such as ox bile and pancreatin, or GB-3 from Endomet Labs.




This phase always involves strengthening of the heart and often improvements in the heart and often improvement of the entire cardiovascular system of the body.  This includes the arteries, the veins, arterioles and capillaries.  The capillaries become less fragile, among other changes.

The result of this phase is improved circulation.  The body is often warmer, especially the extremities.  One often experiences improved energy, better thinking and other advantages of improved circulation.

One also may experience the return of one or two of the controller creatures.  For details, read The Controller Creatures and Other Guides.

At times, the oxidation rate speeds up on a hair mineral test as a result of passing through this phase of healing.  A hair mineral test will usually reveal a much higher magnesium level if one or two of the controller creatures return to oneself.  This can result in a hill pattern on a hair test, in some cases.

Supplements that can help one move through this phase more easily are the development diet, which is rich in cooked vegetables that provide a lot of alkaline reserve minerals needed for many bodily activities.




This phase of healing and development is not as common.  The reason is that correction occurs in self-expression automatically as one goes through the other healing phases.  Occasionally, however, there occurs a healing focus centered around self-expression.

The result of passing through this phase is a greater feeling of self-confidence and a stronger identity or feeling of having “found oneself” or of having “found one’s voice.”

Often, there is improvement in the thyroid gland during this phase.  A hair mineral test may reveal an improved oxidation rate or an improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio.  A coming alive pattern on a hair mineral test is also associated with passing through this phase of healing.

A supplement that is often helpful for this phase of healing is thyroid glandular or Thyro-complex by Endomet Labs.




This phase always involves the brain, and perhaps other parts of the nervous system such as the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

The result of going through this phase is improved thinking, better memory, and often insights about oneself, one’s family and other things.  One can feel quite emotional during this phase.  Feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and other feelings often surface for processing and release.

During this phase, a hair mineral test will usually reveal the presence of anchor patterns and pivot patterns.

A supplement that is most helpful for passing through this phase easily is sunflower lecithin, although soy lecithin works, as well.  Lecithin found in egg yolk is not as helpful, for some reason, although eggs are fine to eat during this phase of healing and development.




This unusual name means that one is in better touch with the higher brain centers and with one’s oversoul or ‘higher self’.

This phase of healing always involves the brain, and the seventh energy center, in particular.  This is located in the area of the crown of the head.

A hair mineral test during or right after this phase may reveal a settling down pattern.  One often feels more “connected”, more integrated, and often more sure of oneself.  It is a very wonderful feeling that often leads to a better life in many ways.

Supplements that are most helpful to pass through this phase more easily are sunflower or soy lecithin, which can be added to one’s program.  It reduces anxiety and smoothes healing at this phase.




These activities are elimination, building and gathering energy.




One can usually tell if one is in this phase because symptoms of elimination occur.  These may be headaches, insomnia, rashes, aches and pains, or other symptoms.  Some have emotional symptoms such as crying, fears, anxiety, anger or other mental or emotional reactions.

            Hair test patterns.  Usually, if one does a retest at this time, the test will reveal changes in the toxic metal levels.  These are caused by the metal elimination.

              The oxidation rate may be fast or slow, depending on which toxic metals are being eliminated.  For example, if boron is eliminated, fast oxidation often occurs.  If copper is eliminated, often slow oxidation occurs.  The oxidation rate may also switch back and forth.

            In some cases, zinc will increase on a hair mineral retest because it acts as a “shepherd” to help remove toxic metals safely.




            At this time, the body is creating new tissue very quickly.  One may be more tired, at times, and need more rest and sleep.  One may need more food, as well, particularly meat, which is high in zinc.

            Hair analysis patterns.  Often the oxidation rate increases, and may go into fast oxidation.  The zinc level often decreases because zinc is retained when building new tissue.  Other vital minerals such as chromium and selenium may also go lower if they, too, are being retained to build new tissue.

            Toxic metal levels may even decrease during this phase because less toxic metal is coming out through the hair and skin at this time.




            Here the body is not yet building itself up.  Instead, it is increasing its adaptive energy level so that it can continue to eliminate toxic metals and build new tissue.  One may not feel elimination symptoms at this time, and one may feel a little more tired.

            Hair analysis patterns.  Often, on a retest mineral analysis, the sodium/potassium ratio will increase.  This indicates a better adaptive energy level, which is required for both building and eliminating toxic substances from the body.

            Often mercury will decrease, as well.  This also helps increase adaptive energy.  The arsenic level may increase at this phase, which is also indicative of an elimination of this metal, which assists with energy gathering.

            The oxidation rate usually slows down in this phase.  It is somewhat of a resting period for the body while it gathers energy.

The phosphorus level may decrease a little.  This is a pattern called gathering firewood, which is the same as gathering energy.




Many people move into some rather dramatic hair test patterns during the above phases and bodily activities:


1. Four lows on a retest.  Some move into a four lows pattern for a while as they heal.  It can be a type of hiding or protective pattern.

This pattern or biochemical posturing is required, at times, to heal certain imbalances.  Specifically, it is necessary, at times, to resolve traumas that have to do with parents.  This pattern always involves an Intervention to assist deep healing. 


2. A calcium shell on a retest.  This is another rather dramatic biochemical posturing that some people move into for a time to accomplish certain types of healing.

The hair tissue calcium level often rises extremely high – often up to 200 mg% or higher.  This provides a certain type of protection that is needed at this time.

This may have to do with healing issues about support and protection from childhood.

3. Dramatic oxidation rates or dramatic sodium/potassium ratios.  These are also possible, and these posturings are apparently needed to heal certain imbalances and toxicities in the body.

4. Dramatic armoring.  In this posturing, the hair levels of some or many of the toxic metals become extremely low for a time.  This is also a protective posturing that we call armoring or putting on one’s armor.  This literally and chemically shields a person and helps to resolve some traumas.




The above phases of healing can last a few days to a month or more.  The time and the order of the phases is completely personal and individualized according to one’s needs.  These can be the need to resolve traumas, the need to remove toxic metals or the need to correct  one’s nutritional deficiencies.

The phases do not alternate in any particular order.  This is important to know.  In fact, it is quite impossible to predict which phase you will enter next, for this reason.  Which phase comes next is completely under the control of the souls of the body only. 

However, the phases #2,#4 and #6 occur more commonly.  This is because these have to do with more yin bodies, which describes all the bodies today.  The other phases often take care of themselves when these are addressed.




            Often, no program changes are needed during these phases.  However, here are a few exceptions:


1.  A dramatic change in the oxidation rate.  It may speed up or slow down, and can change from one oxidation type to another.  In these situations, a program update is needed.  Until this is done, you will usually not feel well and may experience new symptoms caused by taking the wrong supplements.  Until the program is updated, it can be best to stop taking your metabolic pack, your glandular supplement if you are one one, and your zinc or Limcomin.

For example, if the oxidation rate increases, you will usually feel anxious and hyped up.  If the oxidation rate slows a lot and you are on a fast oxidizer diet and supplement program, you will usually feel tired or depressed.


2. A dramatic change in the sodium/potassium ratio.  If it increases a lot, you may feel irritable, have headaches or other symptoms.  If it decreases a lot, you also will not feel well.  Symptoms vary.


3. A dramatic toxic metal elimination.  Often, you will feel worse if you take all of your supplements.  You will need to slow the program down by taking fewer supplements until the stage passes.

You may need to do more coffee enemas, as these often help.  However, you may need to reduce sauna therapy, as this can bring out more of the toxic metal for some reason.



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