By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            At times, I hear complaints about the nutritional balancing alkaline reserve mineral diet.  Here are the main ones, followed by suggestions to remedy the problem:


1. It brings up issues and traumas.  Yes, this can occur.  The reason is that the diet heals the body and brain at a deep level.  This requires clearing traumas, grudges and other mental and emotional ŇbaggageÓ that is in the way of your health.

            The solution for this complaint is to forgive everyone for everything.  I suggest reading and re-reading the articles on this website entitled Forgiving and Forgiving Parents.  In addition, an excellent program for women is called Total Forgiveness.  To find it, just type Total Forgiveness on Google.


2. No sugars or fruit.  The diet prohibits these foods because they are extremely yin in macrobiotic terminology.  This is a type of toxicity that is subtle, but very damaging.  Yin especially stops development, one of the primary goals of a nutritional balancing program and the reason the programs work better than most other healing programs.

Very few other healing methods and programs do not cause development.  As a result, they donŐt care if a food is yin.  This is also why they frequently recommend eating some fruit.  However, we care very much.


3. Too much work.  One has to cook, and some people do not like cooking.  In fact, I prefer that you keep the diet very simple.  One way is to purchase an electric food steamer and steam all your vegetables.  Alternatively, use a crock pot and make vegetables in it.  It will take a few weeks to a month to work out the bugs and feel comfortable cooking your food, and then it becomes second nature and easy.

If you eat out, be sure to do so in Oriental or other restaurants where cooked vegetables are plentiful.  You will likely have to ask for double or better, triple portions of vegetables to obtain enough, but most restaurants are happy to comply with this request.


4. The diet does not contain enough carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta.  You may have bread and pasta made without wheat.  Both these are widely available today.  Most people tell us they feel much better avoiding wheat.

Switching away from all wheat products may take a few months.  Instead, have blue corn chips and blue corn tortillas.  You can also have some millet, quinoa, amaranth and a little rice (not much because it has some arsenic in it today).


5. There is nothing to eat.  This is hardly the case.  There are at least 25 vegetables to choose from.  They can be classified in three groups – the roots, the cruciferous vegetables and the greens. 

Eat a variety of vegtables.  If you donŐt like the taste of a vegetable, mix it with some carrots or onion, both of which are very sweet and will mask the taste of other vegetables.

Protein foods include lamb, chicken, turkey, sardines, a little beef, eggs, cheese, yogurt, kefir, almond butter and some legumes such as lentils and other beans.  Whole grains have been discussed in the section above.

Excellent fats are butter, olive oil, toasted almond butter, egg yolks, and meat fats.  You can have some other vegetable oils, but donŐt have too much as they are not quite as good quality.


6. Little raw food.  The myth of the need to eat a lot of raw food is one of the modern nutrition lies.  Other lies are the need for a vegetarian or a vegan diet, and the need for fruit in the diet.

Cooking has many benefits, no matter what anyone says.  The two main reasons for cooking most food are:

1. It makes the food much more yang in macrobiotic terminology.  This causes the body to become more yang.  This is absolutely necessary for development, one of the main goals of a nutritional balancing program.

2. Cooking breaks down tough vegetable fibers so that one can obtain more minerals and phytonutrients from foods.  This is also absolutely necessary today, and far outweighs any benefits of raw food.

3. Other benefits are that cooking kills many bacteria, viruses and parasites that are on food, and it concentrates some foods so you can eat more of them.


Fats are damaged the most by cooking.  The nutritional balancing diets suggest eating some fats and oils as raw as possible.  These include dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt.  The yolk of eggs is an excellent fat that should be runny, which is basically raw.  Olive oil can be eaten raw.

Meats and meat fat cannot be eaten raw because of bacterial contamination problems.  Also, our clients who eat raw meat always have an unbalanced sodium/potassium ratio, so please cook your meat, and cook eggs for three minutes or poach them so the yolk is runny.



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