By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

February 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The basis for nutritional balancing therapy are a number of important concepts, many of which are quite different from other methods of healing the body and soul.  They are:




1. Maximum safety through balance, non-toxic foods and supplements, mineral testing, regular retesting, specific brands of supplements, hydration and oxygenation.


2. Yang and yin (balancing the oxidation rate and sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral test only.)


3. Downward movement of subtle energy.


4. A whole systems analysis and approach, not remedies.


5. Mental and spiritual development.


6. Merkabah development (more advanced development).


7. Transformation, not just restoration.  Etheric reset is related to this concept.


8. Retracing.


9. Trauma release.




1. A low-toxicity diet (avoidance of most herbs, most fermented foods, most nuts and seeds).


2. The oxidation type diets.


3. The critical importance of vegetables.


4. Importance of animal proteins.


5. The highest etheric energy diet and cooking.


6. The remineralizing diet (but not colloidal, fulvic, humic, sea minerals, Ayurvedic, Chinese, clay, Angstrom, most herbs or green superfoods.  Either these are toxic or too yin.)


7. The hydrating diet.


8. Spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water and none other in most cases.


9. Simple food combinations for enhanced digestion and use of digestive enzymes for everyone.


10. Avoidance of yin foods (all fruit, too much juice, green superfoods, smoothies, avocado, coconut, most fermented foods.)




1. The need for supplements for everyone, even newborn babies when the mothers are on a nutritional balancing program.


2. Methylation enhancement for everyone.


3.  Minimalist supplementation. (only what is most needed and avoid antagonists and questionable brands of supplements).


4. Integrated supplementation (Cannot combine with other supplement regimens.)


5. Multiple uses of all supplements (for example, zinc is used to balance the oxidation rate, balance the Na/K ratio, to shepherd and replace toxic metals, as a placeholder, balance the autonomic and voluntary nervous systems, and more).


6. Completeness of supplementation in line with our theories (do not add other products, as this usually ruins the programs).


5. Non-toxic supplementation (few herbs, no hormones, no IV vitamins, no chelators, etc.).




1. Red heat lamp therapy.


2. Use of sweating as a healing modality. 


3. Use of coffee in enemas and genitally.


4. Use of reflexology, correspondence and polarity therapies based upon the fractal and holographic nature of the body and brain.


5. Use of oxygen enhancement with ozone, in particular, or hydrogen peroxide baths (but not usually O2 or hyperbaric).


6. Kelp wraps for remineralization.


7. Use of a specific type of mental exercise for healing, relaxation, awareness, witnessing, grounding, centering and development.


8. Importance of structural balance and relaxation.


9. Anti-gravity therapies (pushing down, inversion table).


10. Gentle exercise only (not a vigorous exercise approach).  Toning occurs through healing.


11. Toe breathing and the neck pull.




1. Living by faith and grace, and the Judeo-Christian perspective.


2. The love tetra - 1) love God, 2) love others, 3) self-discipline, and 4) wisdom and knowledge.


3. The love philosophy of Jeshua Ben Joseph.


4. The wellness concept of health (health is a state of high resistance to disease, and is much more than the absence of symptoms and diseases.)


5. Human transformation toward a more etheric or developed state (sometimes called conversion in Christian thought.)


6. Spirals and their role in physiology.


7. Affordable health care and able to be done at home, although it requires supervision.



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