by Lawrence Wilson

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            A narrative is a conversation or story.  It is what people are talking about.  In the context of this website, our narrative also means our worldview or perspective on the world.




            People spend a lot of time thinking and talking about certain issues.  By default, they do not think about or discuss other issues that may be more important.  One’s narrative thus influences one’s thinking a lot!

            Who sets the narrative is important because the narrative defines what is news, what is true, what is important, and what we should all know and talk about.  If we let others decide the narrative, we are immediately thrown out of control.  Today, we are also deceived.

            For example, the mainstream news media in the United States currently has as its narrative a set of phony issues:

- Climate change or global warming

- Identity politics, which means separating groups of people by their skin color, race, nation of origin, gender, sexual preference and sexual identity.

- The supposed evils of capitalism and the supposed virtues of socialism and communism.

- The evils of the Bible.

- In the USA, the evil-doing of Donald Trump, most or all of which is lies.

- The mainly fake wonders of the medical system.


            The mainstream news channels spend countless hours discussing and debating the above issues.  They want you to do the same – to worry, fret and discuss with your friends and family the issues they set before you.




            According to this website, the narrative above is completely false and just a clever way to divide people, weaken people’s minds, and control the people of earth. 

The narrative of this website is:


- We are interested in spreading love and timeless teachings of wisdom, including those found in the Bible.  For example, we are all souls and we are all children of God.  In fact, we are much more alike than we are different.

- We want to bring more advanced sciences to the people of the earth.  In particular, we teach about the full genetic potential of human beings, which we call development.

            Other advanced sciences include capitalism or free market economics.  This is by far the best economic system available on earth.  It produces great wealth and teaches many excellent lessons about providing service to people.

Socialism and communism, by contrast, are just modern names for tyranny and authoritarian rule.  They produce poverty, laziness and war.  For details, read Capitalism And Freedom and Socialism.

- We want to restore the health of the planet, her people, and all living things on the planet.  The planet needs a lot of cleaning up, and this website details what needs to be done.

As for the mainstream media’s narrative, we say:

- Climate change always occurs and has nothing to do with driving your car, burning coal, or your ‘carbon footprint’.  The climate and sea levels are regulated by advanced beings for the benefit of all the creatures and plants on earth.  The planet is fine and we are not “killing the earth”.

            - Identity politics is completely superficial and rather insane.  In fact, it is designed to divide the people, turn them against each other, turn people into victims, confuse people, and make them easier to control.

            - The Bible is not evil.  It teaches wisdom and absolute moral values, which are good, even if some people don’t like it.  It does need updating, however, and we are doing that in a few articles such as the Introduction To This Website.

            - There was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.  After two years of investigation, absolutely nothing was found.  Mr. Trump is a businessman and has worked in Russia, but that is not collusion to rig an election.

            - Donald Trump is not perfect, but neither is he full of scandals.  He is doing an excellent job, and this is terrifying to some who don’t want the best for planet earth.  So they are looking for any excuse to get rid of him.  For details, read List Of President Trump’s Accomplishments.

            - The world’s medical system is not working well, often harmful to health, and much too costly.  Disease levels are high and many problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are rampant.  In 2019, The average lifespan in America decreased for the second time in the past two years.

In fact, the medical system is one of the largest cause of death in Western societies.  Statistics show that the chance for harm from doctors is about 9000 times greater than the chance of harm from gun violence!  However, you would not know this from listening to the mainstream television or internet news stations.

Problems with the medical system include that the doctors are taught that nutrition hardly matters, and they are not taught natural healing methods.  Instead, they are taught to use poisons for healing.  Drugs do not build health, and drug residues now pollute every major water supply in the Western world.


            These are two opposing narratives.  You can choose which you prefer, and this website will help you if you are open to a new perspective.



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