by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

August 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


The basic military departments are:


Liason. (white).  This department handles:

- coordination between all of the large beings in cooking, defense, weapons, doing the program, transformations and all problems.

- coordinating our movement so we move smoothly and quickly.  To help, they control the tail.

- coordinating our plans so we all go in the same direction.

- coordinating communication.


Supply. (white).  This department handles:

- Weapons

- Backpacks and their contents

- Vehicles

- Other equipment of all kinds.

- Designing, building and protecting factories to make the above.

- Cooking equipment

- Domes

- Miscellaneous

- Protection of the above


Fighter Supply.  (camo).  This large department handles all the different types of fighters:

- Regulars (small and large)

- Specialists – wire, circ, weed, commandos, smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch, other.

- Protection of all


Transportation. (green).  This department handles:

- Birds, bats, rays, fish

- Ships

- Storage and other facilities

- Radar and other sensing

- Scheduling

- Protection of the above


Communication. (blue).  This department handles:

- Alerts and warnings

- Requests for supplies and other

- Sending and receiving messages

- Constructing and maintaining all communication equipment.

- Protection


Security. (aqua or blue-green).  This department handles:

- Inspections of everyone.

- Inspection orientation of new arrivals.

- Checking for shields, cloaks, bases, recs, ibri, and millions of bases and weapons.

- Responding to security breaches.

- General protection of everyone.


Intelligence. (grey).  This department handles:

- Spying, in general.

- Looking for fleets, blockades and other obstructions.

- Looking for enemy infiltration.

- Information technology, computing

- Monitoring our speed, direction, guides, 1-4.
            - Help with security and protection


Medical/Rehab (white).  This department handles:

- Mental problems.

- Physical problems

- Protection of inmates


Development. (gold).  This department handles:

- Overseeing food, water and producing supplements for all

- Producing, distributing and repairing all development equipment.

- Overseeing the factories and other places where people do the program.

- Making and keeping up the development schedule.

- Notifying all of their development times.

- Research and other issues to do with development.


Legal. (silver).  This department handles:

- Disputes between beings, including judging and punishments.

- Revising, explaining and keeping signed pledges.

- Processing some department assignments and changes in departments.

- Possibly holding elections or referenda.

- Overseeing all judges in our group

- Protection of the above.


Music. (white).  This department handles music for:

- development

- weapons

- tune-ups

- other



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