By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            In our experience, most everyone is malnourished.  This is due to a combination of factors including:

- Most children are born malnourished because their mothers are malnourished.  This is very clear from the hair mineral tests of newborns and infants.

- The overuse of medical drugs and vaccines that damage the intestines, stress the body and deplete nutrients.

- Food processing that removes many nutrients from our food.  This includes the use of white flour, white sugar, white rice and more.

- Chemical additives in food that add no nutrition and damage the body.

- Depleted soils in many areas of the world that does not contain enough minerals.

- Hybrid crops that are not bred for nutrition.

- Chemical agriculture that does not return the minerals to the soil enough.

- Stress, which increases the need for many nutrients

- Improper diets, such as vegetarian, raw food, no cooked vegetables and others

- Improperly cooked food

- Weak digestion

- Illnesses that interfere with digestion or increase the need for nutrients.  These include ‘leaky gut’, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal infections and more.

- Improper eating habits such as eating in your car or while on the phone.

- Traumas.  These are physical or emotional shocks to the body that alter it deeply and tend to cause a lot of nutrient depletion quickly.

- Other toxic conditions that deplete nutrients and/or increase the need for nutrients.  These include ionizing radiation from nuclear power plants, and radiation from cell phones, computers, television sets and more.


However, in addition to the above, several hair analysis patterns are associated with serious malnutrition.  These are:


1. Some cases of a bowl pattern. This pattern is a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 9.5 AND a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5.

In acupuncture, the pattern is called yin deficiency/blood deficiency.  It is often associated with inadequate protein in the diet.

A stuck pattern.  Interestingly, protein is the food component associated with movement of the body and mind.  People with a bowl pattern often feel stuck, or unable to move.  For more details, read The Bowl Pattern.


2. Some cases of double low ratio pattern.  This pattern consists of a calcium/magnesium ratio less than about 4 and a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5.  This pattern can be associated with inadequate cooked vegetables in the diet.


A double give-up or slow death pattern.  Interestingly, we find that eating enough cooked vegetables is essential for life and health today.  The double low ratio pattern is associated with giving up and with a slow death.  For details, read Double Low Ratio Pattern.


3. Some four lows patterns.  In some cases of four lows, the person is quite malnourished.  A cause for this may be eating a lot of “junk” food or fast food that is highly processed such as white bread, white sugar, chemicals, soda pop and unfresh food.

At this time, we don’t know how to tell which four low cases are due to malnutrition and which are due to other factors.  For more details about four lows, read Four Lows Pattern.


4. Some cases of trauma patterns.  For example, one we noticed was a person with a high calcium shell.  Her calcium level was above 400 mg% (or a petrified pattern) AND her phosphorus level was less than 10.  This is a more recent discovery and needs confirmation.


5. Other.  We believe there are other malnourished patterns on a hair mineral test of which we are not yet aware.



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