by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            This article is an introduction to what I have been told is coming for the planet earth in the next 1000 years or so.


A higher consciousness. What is coming is a more inclusive and spiritual understanding of life.  There will also be more joining.  This word is similar to the words joy and joist in English, as to their meaning.

Joy is joining to one’s soul.  A joist is a piece of construction timber or metal that runs across a building, joining the walls in order to support a floor or ceiling.




At this level, a person is more interested in helping others and somewhat less concerned with his or her own wellbeing.  This is what is meant that it is more “advanced”.




Souls.  Souls will more often join with their twin soul, if at all possible.  This is on a soul level, and usually not on a bodily level.  This means that a person will have within his or her body both his or her soul, and the twin soul.

It is much more difficult to have the twin of one’s soul in another person who is of about the same age, of the opposite sex, and who gets along and is attracted to you enough to live together.  This occurs at a later stage of consciousness for most people.

Some people today are living with their twin soul, but very few.  Most do not even know where their twin soul is, and in many cases he or she is not even on this planet.    For much more on this subject, read Twin Souls on this website.

Souls will also form more composites.  For more on this topic, read Composite Souls on this website.




When anything, in this case, souls are separated and scattered about randomly, it is a more yin condition.  As souls join together to form composite souls, they organize together and exist in much closer proximity to one another within their group.  This is a movement that is yang in nature. 

            This is important because becoming more yang when one is too yin, as is the case today,  means that one becomes a little smarter, stronger and more effective than those who are separated or scattered and alone. 




            The individual in the future will be more important.  This means there will be less slavery.  Slavery does not only mean bound in chains and being whipped daily.  Slavery also means rule by elites who deceive people and use them for their own benefit.

There will be greater self-government, greater self-rule and personal control over one’s life.




            In America, an amazing upset recently occurred in the political sphere.  A business man with no political experience was just elected as the president of the nation.

This is amazing because it has never occurred before in this nation’s history.  Normally, people elect a statesman or career politician as president because it is thought that only such a man or woman has the experience to lead the nation.

            The news media and other elite groups in the United States absolute hate what is going on because it threatens them.  So they lie about the president every single day and do all they can to ruin him.  Sadly, many people believe the lies and twisted stories.

The election of Mr. Trump indicates that people want something new and different.  It means that the current leadership of both political parties is completely out of touch with the needs and wants of the people.  It also means that people will trust a man with no experience rather than put up with the corruption of the old order.

            It is a joining of a man of the people with his people.  This is different than an elite putting in their own person to rule over the people.

            Some feared that Mr. Trump will be a crazy dictator.  This as been proven absolutely wrong.  It is pure nonsense and scare talk.  He is a man of the people, for which reason alone he was elected.  But this is positively frightening for the elites who are used to having control over the “masses”. 

At the same time, Europe is dismantling its failing European Union.  This may seem yin and disintegrating, but it is a movement in the same direction as that occurring in the United States.  The old elitist, centralized order is falling apart.  That is the similarity.

It is indeed an exciting time to be alive, and it will not be dull as the old order will seek to reassert its power and influence while the people clamor for more common sense, responsible, honest and efficient government.




            Another feature of the future of earth is more development.  This has virtually stopped on earth at this time.  It is being made easier and more accessible, so more people will undertake it.

            This website is one of very few that discuss development.  For more on this important topic, read Introduction To Development and the many other articles about it on this website.




            Another area of change that is very important is an improvement in the nutrition of the people.  This is necessary, for many reasons.  These include for development, for greater intelligence, and for safety from disease.  This is already underway in the greater interest in natural food, organic food, and the interest in vitamins and minerals.



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